Egg diet for 7 days

Really lose weight eating eggs? Again, there is a special diet for 7 days, then the answer is Yes. And not to hurt yourself and to achieve tangible results, it is necessary to understand all the intricacies of this method of weight loss.

Features and rules of diet on eggs

Boiled eggs

As with any diet, egg 7 days, there is an important requirement before idea of losing weight consult with your doctor to assess the condition. Eliminate the presence of pathologies in the body, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, Allergy to chicken egg protein. Otherwise, the Supplement will be problems with health and appearance. Egg diet is contraindicated:

  • People who have disorders in the enzyme systems of the gallbladder and liver.
  • Protein diet, which includes egg, is prohibited in kidney stones.
  • Chicken egg protein refers to foods with high allergenicity. Even if you have not had any adverse reactions with moderate use of eggs, 7 days a cruel joke can play the effect of the accumulation capable of pulling a cross-Allergy to other products.

How many pounds can you lose in 7 days? As with kefir, diet eggs are not forced to wait long for the results by the time it ended, you will notice a decrease in the typical «pockets» of fat on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. With regard to the number of the discharged pounds, this figure depends on the starting data. The more body fat in reserve, the greater will be the numbers on the scale. The average values vary in the range of 4-10 weight.

Feature egg diet for 7 days – no dinner in the last two days, which greatly enhances the effect, and the richness of eggs will not kill the feeling of hunger is your intention to lose weight. True here and the generally accepted rules of all systems weight loss: it of excessive drinking, elimination of salt, a ban on sweets and flour, coffee and black tea with milk all 7 days of the diet.

It is recommended that the egg is half-baked – for example, making some eggs or cook it over easy, but to avoid the risk of contamination with intestinal bacteria, it is better to eat boiled until cooked. Chicken eggs can be replaced by quail, at the rate of one chicken and 2 quail. It is undesirable to eat after 9pm the function of the pancreas is reduced in the period from 21-23 hours. The meal is divided into 3 times a day, without snacking.

Menus and recipes for every day

Dish for egg diet

Egg slimming system for 7 days not quite a mono-diet, and has a balanced character, but without the simple carbohydrates. Allowed meat and fish low-fat varieties, cheese, yogurt, fruit (except grapes, bananas, mango and dried fruits), non-starchy vegetables (assorted cabbage, leafy greens, onions, garlic, zucchini, cucumbers). Of fats can be of vegetable unrefined oils are cold-pressed. Popular egg-citrus diet, speeds up burning of deposited in the body excess calories.

Classic egg diet for a week

Sample menu for 7 days:

Days Breakfast lunch dinner
1 egg with sour green Apple
2 2 eggs boiled meat with greens egg a Cup of yogurt
3 fish with steamed vegetables vegetable salad
4 cottage cheese with Apple salad
5 meat boiled with herbs vegetables
6 egg, Apple yogurt
7 the fish is steamed or boiled greens

Egg-orange diet for 7 days

Sample menu for the week:

Days Breakfast lunch dinner
1 2 eggs orange meat* egg with orange a Cup of yogurt chicken*
2 a glass of citrus juice 2 orange egg with orange
3 orange orange fish* egg and water with lemon
4 citrus juice cheese yogurt meat*
5 orange fish or meat* greens egg with orange
6 in the form of an omelette with herbs egg orange mineral water
7 orange orange, fish with salad.

* Fish, meat, chicken fillet steamed or boiled.

Egg-grapefruit diet

This system of weight loss has a pronounced effect. Grapefruit – famous assistant in fat burning. Menu for 7 days:

Days Breakfast lunch dinner
1 2 eggs grapefruit 1 egg, chicken breast*, orange meat*, yogurt
2 grapefruit juice chicken*, 2 orange 1 egg grapefruit
3 1 egg Water with lemon meat* and grapefruit 2 eggs mineral water
4 egg-white omelet salad chicken breast*, lettuce 1 egg 2 grapefruit
5 2 eggs grapefruit juice cottage cheese, orange fish*
6 2 grapefruit meat*, lettuce, greens mineral water
7 lettuce, greens fish* grapefruit

* Fish, meat and chicken steamed or boiled.

The egg diet for 7 days did not seem gloomy, experiment with ingredients. For example, like this:

  1. Recipe for meat salad: shred cabbage, finely chop the boiled meat (better chicken), chopped up cucumbers, a small onion. Then add lemon juice to give a zesty acidity, a little vegetable oil. The second option is no lemon, sauerkraut. This simple salad will provide delicious weight loss.
  2. The recipe for a few fish in garlic sauce fish fillet to steam, pour garlic sauce. Sauce: squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic 2 boiled egg yolks, add a little vinegar or lemon juice, vegetable oil, finely chopped herbs, mix well. Proteins can be sent to the dinner by cutting them up with green onions, tomatoes and wrapped in a roll of lettuce. Tomatoes do not overdo it on a diet they can be eaten occasionally (sugar, starch).
  3. Recipe of cheese cakes without flour, pressed low-fat cottage cheese mix with egg, blind small balls (that didn’t collapse when baking), to send on a lightly oiled baking pan until Browning. If you do not want to bother with sculpting, you can prepare the casserole, evenly spread out an even layer of egg-cottage cheese in a baking dish.

Diet in diet

Girl eating salad

With the rapid reduction of body weight after 7 days egg diet weight quickly dialed, if you do not adhere to healthy and moderate diet. Important gradual withdrawal – during the week switch to products that were used in the diet egg, grapefruit, oranges, boiled meat, fruits, vegetables. So the body will be able to avoid stress and disruptions in digestion.

Reviews and results thinner

Olga, 31 years:

Looking back at my photos from the festival, Narada. Girls, egg diet works! Urgently needed to lose weight before prom kid from daycare (just for a decent view, I do not think) to fit into a gorgeous dress hanging in the closet without a case for a couple of years. For the week on milk markedly decreased belly and ears on the sides. It’s all good!

Anastasia, 25 years old:

Egg is nonsense, and not a diet. Devoured these hated eggs and oranges for 4 days, the 5th was similar to lisiou cat. The weight is gone, all covered with spots and pimples. And before that fateful day never had any allergies! Antihistamines do not help. Sitting at home, the door ashamed to go out! Talked me into this diet noticeably slimmer girlfriend. In General, this is not for everyone.

Larissa, 27 years:

Beach season, and to me even the river can’t get out. Hips blurred, waist level with the shoulders, the shorts only on the nose. And all that I love. Ugh! Took himself in hand, sat on the classic egg diet. Without afternoon tea, snacks. Plus daily Jogging and weight training. 7 days! The result –minus 12 kg (there were 67 with the growth of 165 cm), slim body and elastic skin! Terribly afraid ago)

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