Egg diet for 4 weeks

Protein foods considered to be especially valuable for muscle tissue that are burned during a strict diet. If to lose weight the eggs should be broken only body fat. Is it really so? Can egg diet be called competent and safe?

What is the essence and the General rules of dieting

Dish for egg diet

The main advantage of this method of losing weight is the lack of constant hunger, because the egg is a very nutritious product. Most of the methods based on them, do not allow the exclusion of other food, so the diet is relatively balanced. However, any egg diet for 4 weeks or on the day – prohibited to persons with problems of the biliary tract, liver, kidneys.

How much can you lose egg diet for 4 weeks? Depends on your body: someone loses 2-3 kg, someone takes more than 10 kg. Follow volume, not weight. Can I continue playing sports? The egg diet does not restrict caloric intake and provide sufficient amount of protein so you can maintain physical activity.

What you can and can’t eat

As with any system weight loss egg diet for 4 weeks requires to abandon pastry and confectionery, to forget about how to fry foods in oil. Is undesirable and the presence of alcohol even in small quantities. If you for some reason don’t use eggs you can use quail, given that 3 quail is equivalent to 1 chicken. Important: the egg yolk is not used in the diet, only protein.

Permitted foods Prohibited products
Vegetables (except potatoes) Canned
Fruits (except figs, dates, mangoes, bananas, grapes) Smoked products
Boiled fish, beef, poultry Cereals, nuts
Tofu cheese or Adyghe Pasta, bread
Cheese (100 g), kefir The dairy group, oil
Grain bread (2 PCs) Cocoa products

Detailed menu for each day in the table

The girl on a diet

Keep in mind that the following meal plan is an example and should be modified throughout the month. It consists of approved products and standard of daily calories – not less than 1200 kcal for women. Persons exposed to high physical loads, the bar needs to raise it to 1600 calories. The menu is not taken into account the water balance, which does not depend on the type of egg diet.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Baked eggs, 1/2 grapefruit Trout boiled, cucumber Yogurt
Tuesday Cottage cheese, orange Bean salad, tomatoes and cucumbers, whole grain bread, 2 boiled eggs Pollock on a couple of greens
Environment Any fruit, 2 boiled eggs Beef in the oven, lettuce leaves, cabbage Low-fat cottage cheese, orange
Thursday Carrots steamed egg Braised zucchini, tomatoes, chicken breast (150 g) Grapefruit, boiled egg, slice of cheese
Friday 2 baked eggs, wholegrain bread, Apple Baked flounder, sweet pepper, greens Yogurt, orange
Saturday Cottage cheese, orange Meatballs from ground Turkey steamed green beans Boiled eggs, cucumber
Sunday Fried on a dry pan, a salad of peppers and tomatoes Any fruit, grain bread (2 PCs) Cheese with herbs

Diet in diet

Girl diet

The above menu is not hard, so consolidation of results will be quick. Doctors advise to prolong the release for a week, during which the diet will be back cereals, milk group, vegetables and fruits, bread. Using again the canned and cured meats is not recommended, but if you really want to, do it in 1.5-2 weeks after egg diet. So:

  • First, get the oatmeal without milk, rice, buckwheat, millet.
  • Add the boiled potatoes, was not used in the diet fruit.
  • Enter the dairy food group, pasta.
  • Last, start eating bread, butter, nuts, canned.

Other options menu egg diet for a month

All these methods of losing weight based are similar because have in mind a standard set of a few eggs and citrus fruits, meat, fish, some vegetables and fruits. The variation of the components of the diet occurs, in the opinion of professionals, almost haphazard. Egg and grapefruit diet for 4 weeks, egg-protein, chemical and other with careful analysis are different names for the same technique. Below are suggested few of the most diverse schemes to eliminate excess weight.

Egg diet Maggie for 4 weeks

Almost identical to the previous option soft weight loss where you can lose up to 15 kg. the Rate of weight loss depends on the initial data: since the beginning of the girl’s slim figure lose more than 4-5 lbs. With obesity can take up to 20 kg, of which almost half is liquid. The alternative name of method – hard chemical 4-week egg diet because the weight loss is due to the proper selection of products. Caloric intake remains within the normal range:

  • Every morning you need to eat 2 boiled eggs and grapefruit, or replace it with orange. Breakfast will be standard within 4 weeks.
  • Lunch – yogurt and grain bread or plain dried bread (1 slice).
  • Lunch – 2 tomato/cucumber, boiled meat (100-150 g), lettuce.
  • For noon again take a boiled egg and an orange, dinner is always kefir (300 ml of 1 times).
  • 3rd week on the strict diet: follow one one day with low-calorie fruits, vegetables, mixed. Then with boiled vegetables and fish, with boiled vegetables and meat. Output is provided for mono-diet of fruit.

The egg-protein diet for a month

Products for egg-protein diet

Eat according to this principle simultaneously easier and more difficult: almost no carbs is bad for the glucose level, but a «dry» body. Important: sports egg drying technique is not! Diet on egg whites, boiled meat and cheese (cheese) can lead to ketoacidosis and dehydration, hypoglycemic seizure, so you first need to consult a doctor.

  • On the day, «issued» 4-5 thermally treated chicken eggs (only protein), 300 grams of meat (poultry or beef), 300 g of cottage cheese (5%). Last, you can replace the Adyghe cheese or tofu.
  • Vegetable group miserable, consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, zucchini, lettuce. A day total of no more than 400 grams of vegetables.
  • Among fruits only unsweetened apples, kiwi, citrus fruits (except tangerine) – up to 250 g in total.
  • The liquid is water or a weakly brewed green tea.
  • All the products are allowed to be boiled, fried or baked, with salt and seasonings are added.
  • If overtaken by a severe famine, we can take 1 Apple or grapefruit.


Products for egg diet

Again, the alternative name of the main diet, however, there is a shorter and more rigorous version that deserves attention. It offers every 2-3 hours (depending on appetite) to eat 3 egg whites and 1 orange, drink green tea and water. Due to this diet, it received another name: protein diet for quick weight loss. How you can lose weight with it? A week lost up to 3 kg, significantly reduced waist.


Identical to the previous, therefore, to elaborate it is not necessary. Oranges are replaced by grapefruit, the number of fruit and not weight, so the amount of food remain the same. The maximum period of weight loss with this diet a week due to heavy unbalanced diet and negative impact on the body. In this form of egg diet for 4 weeks may not exist!

Reviews thinner

Tatiana, 33 years:

Want to lose weight, like egg-orange diet for 4 weeks. To withstand failed, gave up on the second. Plus hunger is almost not there, the digestion reaction was normal, but to repeat the feat do not want. Eggs and oranges will long dream. Lost 4 kg and the appetite of the bargain, then good nutrition will «Polish» your figure.

Irina, 25 years old:

Never try these diets! Sat on the egg-orange (or Maggie – same thing), honestly, I suffered all 4 weeks. First, obviously, earned gastritis, because the stomach aches 2 months after the diet. Secondly, constantly dizzy, although hunger was not. A small loss of 7.5 kg, but the price is too high.

Elena, 29 years:

Not to say that actively recommend to all egg diet, especially the option for 4 weeks, but the chances of life she has. For example, only lasted 5-7 days to further the transition to proper nutrition without harmful products – perfect. Weight loss is small, but the stomach is reduced. Long enough to sit on egg diet – only in absolutely healthy body.

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