Effective exercises for weight loss at home

Every person wants to have beautiful, toned, athletic body that would please the owner and others. No superdata will not give the necessary effect if you do not do sports. Not everyone has the time and possibility to go to training in such cases it is possible to use a set of home exercises.

How to lose weight through exercise at home

Girl does exercises for weight loss

The main difference between training at home from classes at the hall – equipment and sports equipment. Not every apartment is able to accommodate a treadmill, stationary bike or a bench with a barbell. As a rule, without damage to the interior person can use dumbbells and a yoga Mat. The important thing is that this is enough to lose weight at home. Without aerobic exercise can not do, so you have to go Jogging on the street, or buy the simulator.

People who want to effectively burn excess fat at home, immediately buy drugs and pills, choose a diet, more like a hunger strike. This is absolutely not the right approach that harms the health, because for the full and effective workouts the body needs to be energy. If you do not like weight training and Jogging, you to achieve the result it with the help of yoga, callanetics, Pilates.

The basic principles and rules of the classroom

To quickly and effectively lose excess weight, adhere strictly to principles of fat burning. All effective exercises for weight loss at home are based on the fact that the day a person will consume fewer calories than they spend. The body will get energy from fat, actively splitting it. It will do this only in case other supplies of energy sources will be exhausted.

A prerequisite for effective weight loss at home system. You cannot miss classes, give yourself indulgences in the diet, to do less volume than indicated in the exercise program. This is the main problem of all people that decided to train at home: laziness and self-pity. You need to immediately realize that it won’t be easy, you don’t have to lose 20 pounds in a month and will have to work hard. The right attitude is half the battle.

A set of exercises for weight loss at home

Woman doing exercise for weight loss at home

In the list of efficient exercises for weight loss at home may have different options, but they are United by one rule – minimum inventory, maximum HR (heart rate). The last parameter strongly influences how quickly you will lose weight. The frequency of contractions should always be in the range of your standards. It is easily calculated by: 220 minus your age (for women taken from 214). The result is your maximum safe rate. You need to work in the area of 60-70% of this value, for example:

  1. You’re a girl, 25 years.
  2. The calculated upper limit heart rate: 214-25=189 beats per minute.
  3. For efficient operation keep 70% of this value: 189*0,7=132 beats per minute. To measure this indicator you can use a special device (heart rate monitor, modern electronic watch).
  4. During exercise heart rate should not be below 120-132 beats per minute.

Effective set of home exercises for weight loss needs to be based on desires. If you want to pump up the whole body, perform exercises for all muscles. Girls often task is the elaboration of the hips, remove the belly and flanks. Then exercises for shoulders, chest and hands can be given less attention. Note that the human body cannot lose weight in a particular place, body fat goes from all sectors but with different intensity.

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Girl doing exercise strap

Beautiful belly, narrow waist equally look beautiful in men and women. Someone wants just a flat press, while others want to pump up the cubes, but often make the same mistake. Extra fat on waist, sides, definitely need to lose weight, because that will not help lower body exercises to get rid of the extra pounds they generally need to give relief (those cubes).

In some cases, it turns out that the person shakes the abdominal muscles that increase (increases), however, he is not losing weight and the volume weight is added to the volume of the abdominal muscles, the stomach becomes even more. This does not mean that exercise is not necessary, it is important to understand that losing weight without a diet will not work. To give the press a beautiful terrain to make it flat will help the following exercises:

  1. Twisting on the floor. Effective and simple workout belly. Lie on a Mat, bend your legs. Preferably socks to cling to the sofa, the battery or something stable. Most importantly for this exercise at home – not just to raise the body, you must reach the chest to the pelvis so that was the tension of the abdominal muscles.
  2. Twisting diagonal. The initial position is repeated with the previous exercise, but extend your elbow to the opposite knee, then Vice versa. The burden falls on the oblique muscles, firming the sides.
  3. Strap. Effective static exercise that shakes the muscles, but strengthens them, making the stomach flat. Lie on the floor stomach down, raise up on your elbows so that they were under your shoulders and lock the position. Keep the body completely flat, to rest against the floor socks. Hold the position as much as you can.

For buttocks and thighs

To train separately the two parts of the body is almost impossible, so all the exercises give stress to your buttocks and thighs at the same time. To perform them have enough of their own weight. To prevent damage to the muscle, be sure to perform warm-up and observe technique. At home for slimming thighs and buttocks, follow these effective exercises:

  1. Squats. Exercise follow, strictly observing the technique. The feet are shoulder-width apart, squat as if you were going to sit on a chair that is behind (at first you can actually put a chair). Make sure that the knees do not go beyond socks. To descend, until thighs will be in parallel with the floor.
  2. Attacks. The main burden of the exercises will get the upper, posterior surface of the thighs, buttocks. Make a wide step forward and descend to the floor so that the foot, standing in front, forming a right angle at the knee. Take the initial position. Do the exercise on the other leg.
  3. Side lunges. The purpose of the activity is the same as that described above. But the load goes on the inner part of the thigh. Make a wide step to the side and sit on your leg, then return to starting position.

Girl Jogging

For arms and shoulders

  1. Push-UPS. The most effective method to swing the arms, shoulders, chest. Depending on the width setting of the hands will shift and load. Narrow – trains the triceps and inner chest, medium – gives the load on the shoulders, arms and chest, wide – loads the outer side of the pectoral muscle, shoulders. It is important to avoid deflection or bending of back, lower back, need to fall as low as possible for greater efficiency.
  2. Mahi with dumbbells. For pumping the shoulders will need dumbbells, because without weighting it will not work. Instead, they also fit water bottles. Perform the swing to the side and in front of him. Raise your hands to shoulder level or eye, make sure you do not swing, do the exercise only by the muscles of the shoulders.
  3. Reverse push-UPS. This exercise for weight loss effectively strengthens the triceps, anterior bundle of deltas. Stand with your back to the bed, sofa or chair, put on the edge of the hand. Pull the legs forward, bending your elbows, lower yourself to the floor and come back.

For the back

  1. The thrust to the belt. To perform exercises at home need more weight. You can use dumbbells, backpack with something heavy. Bend your legs slightly at the knees, lean forward, keep the deflection in the lower back. Relax your arms, lower down. Using your back muscles, pull the weight to the belt.
  2. The pull-UPS. The bar is easy to find on the street, you can purchase a home option. The wide grip pullups effectively load a wide, circular and rhomboid muscles of the back. It is important not to sway when performing exercises and reach for the bar with the chest, not the chin.
  3. Hyperextension. Effective exercise at home for muscles of the lower back, but you need help. Lie down on a sofa or bed belly down to the edge of your thigh, body svecite down. The assistant takes the place of you have on your feet to lock them. Raise the body up through the muscles of the lower back. It’s like exercise for the press, but in the other direction.

A young mother doing exercises with the child

For feet

  1. Lifting on socks. Effective exercise for the development of calf muscles. Standing on one leg, climb as high as possible on the toe. Repeat on each leg the same number of times.
  2. Run. Most effective exercise for weight loss. At the same time load the leg muscles, burns excess fat.

Training video tutorials for beginners

The whole technique of losing weight at home is based on intense workouts, proper diet and the observance of the course of lessons with no gaps. It is not always possible to understand the technique of effective exercises for weight loss at home yourself. On YouTube you can find a lot of video. Some of the most effective ways to lose weight presented below the video.

Physical exercises for women — home fitness

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Breathing exercises for weight loss

How to remove belly fat and pump up the press at home

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Reviews and results

Nastya, 26 years: prior To entering College was engaged in dances, then the schedule is not allowed to devote time to sports. Now I noticed that he began to appear cellulite, it is not effective without exercise. The real result of the reduction the orange peel came out only after 2 months of training at home.

Leroy, 23 years: for the year Increased by 6 kg. Exercise – it’s not mine, don’t like it when they look at me, but practicing at home I was quite satisfied. However, the effectiveness of them is lower than from training in the gym. Found the recipe tasty protein shake. In the morning I have a mandatory charge, and in the evening doing home exercises for weight loss. For a month I lost 3 kg

Elena, 30 years: Movement is life. With this motto I live, but after the birth of a child does not have enough time at the gym. Picked up an effective complex of exercises at home and do it every day. Are in great shape, quickly regained his weight before birth. After weight loss weigh 54 kg

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