Effective diet perlovka 10 kg per week; reviews, results

Diet barley is one of the most simple. Besides long to sit on a strict diet is impossible, experts recommend to limit it to one week.

Can I lose weight on the barley?

All those who ever engaged in counting of calories, it is known that cereals can not be called low-calorie. Therefore, many question whether the a diet of barley brings results? To answer this question, you need to analyze the properties of pearl barley.

In perlovka contains:

  • vegetable fiber,
  • amino acids
  • vitamins and other useful minerals.

Diet barley porridge effective due to such a rich composition of grains. Fiber helps to clean the intestines, remove toxins, eliminate edema. Amino acid (lysine) contribute to the rapid saturation, reducing the feelings of hunger. Vitamins have an overall positive effect on the body. Thus, pearl barley has all the ingredients to regulate metabolism, while not exhausting the person.

To barley porridge benefited, it is necessary to properly prepare. First rump washed in running water. Then soaked for a few hours (convenient to do it at night to morning grits were ready for cooking). Prepared pearl barley is poured into boiling water and boil for about half an hour. If it did not manage to soak the barley, it will take more time to cook from 45 minutes to an hour. It is worth noting that with diet porridge don’t add milk, salt, sugar and oil.

Barley water is the basis of the whole diet.

Diet barley 10 kg per week is realistic with excess weight. But most people who tried it are saying about reducing body weight by 5 kg Is a very good result, as nutritionists against the sharp weight loss. It is better to spend a few «courses» barley diet, designed for 7 days, taking breaks than to achieve a result, eating a mess for weeks. The latter option is not safe for health.

Ways to lose weight for barley

There are several options for barley diets. They differ in the timing and restrictions. Here are three main types:

  • the five-day diet
  • seven-day diet
  • is free food.

Yogurt with barley diet

The first method is the strictest in terms of restrictions. Should be consumed barley porridge cooked on water without salt, sugar and butter. This dish need to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, the permitted daily use of small amounts of unsweetened yogurt or low-fat yogurt (200 g) and one sour Apple. The main disadvantage of this option – not all can sustain it. But it gives stunning results: loss of 1 kg daily. More than five days in such a way to eat as the body needs and other foods to maintain strength.

Barley diet for 7 days is the most popular option. It is not so severe and also short on time. While compliance is necessary is unsweetened and unsalted porridge on the water, but adding in the diet of other products. During Breakfast eat porridge with fruit, for example, in first day – Apple, the second – with the prunes, the third with the dried apricots, etc. In lunch for porridge add a small piece of boiled chicken meat or beef.

You can also mix the meal with a vegetable salad (cucumbers, celery, cabbage). Dinner, except barley, are complementary to cheese and yogurt low fat. This diet gives weight loss of 5 kg, but can be repeated after a break of several weeks, reaching the desired result.

The third option of losing weight with barley porridge – the most gentle. You can eat different foods and products, preferring, of course, useful and low-calorie. Need to give up starchy foods, fatty and smoked in favor of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and boiled meat with fish. While barley eat every day, but not only in the form of regular meals. You can prepare a delicious side dish by adding mushrooms and vegetables, cook cereals, or soup.

This diet can be followed for a long time, up to two months. Free diet with barley effective by reducing fats and carbohydrates in the diet, and cereals helps to improve digestion. This is a very comfortable way to lose weight, weight loss is slow.

Benefits and harms of barley, contraindications for diet

Barley diet, according to reviews, gives good results. And this is not surprising because the beneficial properties of pearl barley doubtless. This applies not only to the process of losing weight, but positive effects on the body.

  • Fiber rids the body of toxins and in General has a beneficial effect on digestive processes.
  • Lysine, which refers to amino acids, strengthens the immune system. The same effect and vitamin a, is contained in cereals.
  • Barley lowers cholesterol. Permanent inclusion in the diet will prevent unnecessary cholesterol without drugs.
  • Trace elements, included in cereals, a good influence on the condition of the hair and strengthen nails.

The harm of barley is in the gluten content. There are people with individual intolerance to which this grain is contraindicated. Also for gluten in barley is not recommended for small children (under 4 years) and pregnant women.

In connection with the many useful properties of cereals barley diet has very few contraindications. These include:

  • gluten intolerance,
  • the acute form of gastro-intestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcers etc.).

Feedback on the results of the diets barley, some also say there is a flatulence, bowel disorders or constipation. It also occurs in the presence of gluten in the composition. If such problems are present, it is better to reduce the consumption of barley porridge to two times a week.

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