Diet for a week. Menu for the 7 days

diet menu for a weekWhat if before an important celebration or a beach season, your body and the numbers on the scales are not pleasing to you? You can quickly lose pounds without grueling training? This can help week diet for weight loss. Here we look at the different options of diets and their menu for the week.

Effective diet for a week

There are so many one and two-week diets, to understand which to choose for yourself one and only thing will help the following settings:

  • Choose a diet with affordable products that you like.

If weekly diet will be filled with, for example, hated the buckwheat you, chances are that you will not last a fixed period or will suffer all 7 days.

  • Choose a diet, given my work schedule.

Most of the dishes and the right diet menus for a week preparing a relatively long time and in small quantities at one meal. Keep this in mind when choosing a diet for a week. Otherwise, you can also easily break, being late on business and grabbing a sausage sandwich.

  • Consult your doctor

Some diets and menus for the week have contraindications. Especially people who suffer from gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system, should check with a physician the possibility of carrying out a particular diet.

The following is a list and brief description of the most effective diets for a week.


Lasts 7-10 days, during this time, you can lose weight up to 10 kg Based on the fact that different varieties of cabbage have low calorie content: cauliflower – 33 kcal, white – 26 kcal, and sauerkraut and is 19 kcal.

Cabbage soup diet strictly prohibits only flour, alcohol, salt and sugar. The rest of the meals are quite reasonable: allowed lean meat, tea, coffee, other vegetables, eggs, fruit, yogurt. But the main emphasis is done on all types of cabbage, it should be in all meals (except Breakfast) and feeling throughout the day hunger, better to satisfy it also with fresh cabbage leaves.

Menu for the week no carb diet

A waiver or partial waiver of carbohydrates causes our body to expend fat reserves for energy production, that is why there is weight loss. The advantage of this diet – that you do not have to starve, we need only slightly revise the method of preparation and to exclude from the diet of some products, such as:

  • Flour;
  • Sweet;
  • Starchy vegetables: potatoes, corn, carrots, etc.;
  • Frozen fast food;
  • Cereals;
  • Bean;
  • Sweet cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • Some fruits (banana, grape);
  • Alcohol.

In addition to these products, make an emphasis on protein. Here is a sample diet for a week during carbohydrate diet:

  1. Morning: nonfat yogurt with diet-bread a bit of sugar, green tea. Second Breakfast: boiled egg and a piece of lean meat. Day: rice and chicken without salt. Snack: vegetable salad. Evening: low-fat cottage cheese with apples.
  2. Morning: nonfat yogurt with 50 g of nuts (peanuts or walnuts). Second Breakfast: a pomegranate. Day: chicken soup, no butter, and roast and boiled mutton. Snack: 2 boiled chicken eggs. Evening: Roasted vegetables, boiled egg, tea.
  3. Morning: oatmeal, drenched with boiling water with an Apple and herbal tea. Second Breakfast: an orange. Day: bean soup from the Turkey without the contents, yogurt. Snack: salad of carrots and cabbage with oil. Evening: buckwheat and roast pork with fresh tomato.
  4. Morning: omelet with ham or meat, and coffee without sugar. Second Breakfast: 2 apples (pears). Day: baked fish with vegetables and natural juice. Snack: low fat cottage cheese. Evening: baked pumpkin.
  5. Morning: cheese and biscuits from bran. Second Breakfast: salad of tomato and cucumber. Day: Turkey broth and vinaigrette. Snack: 2 apples (pears), herbal or green tea. Evening: steamed vegetables.
  6. Morning: oatmeal, drenched with boiling water, tea. Second Breakfast: cheese. Day: chicken soup with vegetables without the contents, boiled pork. Afternoon snack: fruit. Evening: baked pumpkin and tea.
  7. Morning: omelet with tomatoes and cooked sausage. Second Breakfast: the kefir. Day: salad of vegetables and chicken. Snack: plum or apples. Evening: rice and baked vegetables.

A strict diet for a week

For those who are confident in their strength of will and determined to lose weight, fit a strict diet. This is the type of weight loss, when hunger becomes a familiar feeling. It is also important to remember that a sudden dietary restrictions have contraindications and are not suitable for everyone.

Give diet menus for weight loss for a week, based on a contrast-alternation of protein, vegetables and fruits. Divide all of the daily norm of products of 6 meals. Any day you can drink unlimited amounts of clean water.

  • 1 day. 400 g of boiled lean meat (veal, chicken, rabbit), green (herbal) tea.
  • Day 2. 6 fresh cucumbers, 6 tomatoes, 5 bell peppers, herbal or green tea.
  • Day 3. 400 g of boiled meat, green tea.
  • Day 4. Apples, kiwi in an amount necessary to satisfy hunger, 2 bananas.
  • Day 5. 300 g of boiled meat.
  • Day 6. Cabbage, bell pepper, zucchini, tea.
  • Day 7. 300 g of boiled meat, apples, tomatoes, tea.

Be careful leaving the diet, the lost weight can return even more if you start to overeat.

Effective diet for a week

This diet combines several properties, which primarily focus on reducing weight. This week diet can take you 5-10 kg, depending on your starting weight.

As for the diet, you should stick to the given schedule, then diet for weight loss days will be balanced and you will not cause harm to the body.

Another important fact that is ignored by most diets, but it is well respected in this diet is-the-week is smooth out of the diet.

Do not think that if you will sit for 7 days on a balanced but lean diet and lose a certain number of pounds, and then begin to eat as before, still the weight will not return.

Or desirable to carry out such diets regularly or to reconsider its constant power for the benefit of the minimum consumption of sweet and starchy foods. So, in order not to have a reinforced overeating after week diet a almost a full day.

Proper nutrition, diet for the week:

  • Mon. Drinking day. You can drink not only pure water but also teas, herbal teas, fruit drinks, yogurt, milk, juices, and even soup. However, all drinks must not be composed of sugar. So juices are meant cooked myself.
  • W. Vegetable day. When the feeling of hunger ate his vegetables in various combinations: salads, steamed, fresh. Clearly, the mayonnaise can forget diet, salad season with lemon juice or nothing at all. Make a commitment to a green day on the cabbage, but the potato is better not to dream. To drink on this day is allowed only clean water.
  • CP. Again drinking day.
  • Thu. Fruit day. Stock up on all possible fruits, except bananas and grapes, and indulge in them throughout the day. Remember that the fastest burn fat pineapples and grapefruits, but because of their strong acidity on an empty stomach you shouldn’t.
  • PT. Protein day. It is recommended to eat boiled chicken, veal, eggs, some fish, yogurt. To drink only water.
  • SB. Again drinking day.
  • Sun. Day out of the diet. The diet combines food for the whole week: Breakfast is responsible for the protein day, the second Breakfast – fruit, lunch, drink soup, in the afternoon – more fruit dinner – salad with a small amount of salt and vegetable oil.

As you can see, it is a relatively easy diet for a week, but it brings a pleasant result, this once again proves you don’t have to starve in order to lose weight.


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