Ginger drinks for weight loss recipes

75322A lot of spices and useful plants we inherited from the East. Many of them feature an exquisite flavor, color and smell, making our kitchen more varied and colorful. One such spice is ginger, also known as «horned root».

The use of this plant cannot be overestimated in its composition contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and essential oils. On the basis of ginger for hundreds of years for preparing a variety of medications from all sorts of diseases, but became particularly popular drink with ginger for weight loss. The doctors of China and neighbouring States encouraged to regularly take ginger drink for weight loss people suffering from obesity or have problems with metabolic processes in the body.

In our time on this wonderful product recognized relatively recently, but already managed to appreciate all its amazing properties. Today we are talking about how to make a ginger drink, which will contribute to the «melting» of the extra pounds, and you do not need to follow a strict restrictions.

Properties of ginger, the basic guidelines indications and limitations of use

Ginger is a perennial plant grown mainly in India and East Asian countries. In our country, it can be purchased in all major stores and supermarkets.

Serious scientific research on ginger and its effects on the human body were not conducted, nevertheless, is famous for its amazing beneficial properties of this aromatic plant, and this is confirmed by numerous rave reviews. Ginger promotes weight loss due to following properties:

  • the normalization of the functioning of the digestive system;
  • balance normalization of bowel function, eliminate indigestion;
  • improvement of blood circulation, acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • cleansing the body of toxins and impurities;
  • improving liver function, accelerating the breakdown of fats;
  • the release of the bile channels from stagnation;
  • opposition to the accumulation of cholesterol and plaque formation.

Today increasingly recommended the use of ginger, and of its contents, people suffering from obesity or want to get rid of cellulite.

Because ginger is quite a strong effect on the internal organs, getting into the body, especially the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, therefore, the use of this spice is contraindicated in people with:

  • peptic ulcer disease or gastritis;
  • esophageal reflux;
  • stones in the biliary tract;
  • liver diseases (cirrhosis, hepatitis).

Ginger dishes are not recommended in the presence of high temperatures, as this product helps produce extra heat in the body. However, if the disease is not superfluous to consume the drink with ginger, honey and lemon, it perfectly fights viruses and germs and boosts the immune system.

How to use ginger in food, see the link /imbir-dlya-pohudeniya-retseptyi/

Before you start to consume the drink or water with ginger for weight loss, make sure you have no contraindications and allergic reactions to the ingredients.

How to drink ginger for weight loss?

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight, with caution choose their daily menu, «trims» fatty foods, sweets and confectionery. But pay attention to how much and what they drink? Full drink — a prerequisite for effective weight loss. Choose the right drinks during the diet is also important, because hardly hateful pounds to leave you, if you constantly indulge in the soda and sweet juices. So we want to offer you a great fat burning drink from ginger in different variations and on any occasion.

Ginger with coffee

The vast majority of people prefer to start their morning with a Cup of coffee. It should be noted that caffeine in tandem with ginger is a great remedy that will help break down fats, speed up metabolic process and weakens the feeling of hunger. If you for example want to test the effect of flavorful and healthy coffee, remember that the ingredients of the drink should be natural, grained, ground coffee and fresh «horned» root. So to cook for themselves and their families of morning refreshing drink, take a small peeled piece of ginger root approximately 2×2 cm, grate it on a fine grater and put the pulp in Turku in brewing your favorite coffee.

Ginger water for weight loss

To normalize the water balance in the body, suppress the hunger, to activate the stomach, and just to quench your thirst and have fun will help ordinary water with ginger. It should be drunk for 20-30 minutes before meals all day, except late in the evening, as the drink invigorates and nourishes unknown force and energy, which can cause problems with sleep. The easiest way to prepare such water is to pour a few tablespoons peeled and grated root with boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. Equally popular ginger-lemon drink, simply add water to the prepared juice of one lemon or orange. In summer, you can experiment by adding ginger water with black currants, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries and save the «juice» in the refrigerator to quench your thirst.

Ginger and cinnamon for weight loss

If someone still believes that spices need only to flavour dishes, you are wrong. Herbs and spices are very beneficial to the body. Plants that are more pungent aroma and rich taste, which is the ginger and cinnamon, as a rule, «disperse» the blood, participate in metabolic processes, and are beginning to spend your own fat reserves, turning them into energy. So, at a pace you can inadvertently get rid of excess fat. Often ginger and cinnamon combine with the tea. To do this, a pinch of grated ginger and ground cinnamon to brew with boiling water, let stand and drink if you wish, you can add dried mint leaves or lemon wedge. Even more pleasant taste of cinnamon and honey for weight loss. It is necessary to insist in the hot water ground cinnamon, to add to the drink a few spoons of honey, drink half a Cup several times a day.

Trendy and healthy cocktail with ginger

In recent times, a cocktail with ginger or many known water Sassi is gaining popularity among those who want to lose weight or just watch her figure people. Includes this drink for weight loss ginger, cucumber, lemon and mint. Made cocktail on the basis of ordinary purified water with the addition of all of the above ingredients. Drink a refreshing taste, especially love in the summer. Water Sassi has a diuretic effect, eliminates bloating and normalizes the gas, accelerates the breakdown of body fat. You will need 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, a spoonful of chopped root ginger 10 mint leaves and 2 liters of water.

Drink with ginger and lemon for weight loss

Not accidentally, most often in drinks for weight loss found combination of ginger + lemon, these components long been used for weight loss and are recommended in permissible quantities nutritionists in order to bring the excess fluid and toxins from the body, stimulate digestion and accelerate the metabolism. There is no single recipe of ginger with lemon for weight loss, we will advise you the most popular available.

Drink from ginger, lemon and honey recipe. Put in a thermos of crushed ginger, add fresh lemon juice and honey, pour boiling water and let it brew. You can drink instead of tea during the day and chilled to quench your thirst.

Mix «ginger, lemon, honey, garlic» For cooking, mix 2 cloves garlic with grated ginger root, add the citrus juice and lodges. honey. Pour a liter of boiling water. Take a drink before eating, thus forcing the body to get rid of accumulated excess fat. And importantly, this natural elixir is perfectly fight clogged arteries, cures colds and lowers cholesterol. This recipe for weight loss pretty violent, so start taking it with small doses, gradually increasing to the habit not to feel «fire» in the stomach.

Tincture of ginger with lemon and honey is alcohol-based. For this you need to slice ginger root slices, roll the lemon through a meat grinder, the resulting mixture add a spoonful of honey and pour the vodka (or alcohol in a way that covered the entire mass. The mixture should be put into the refrigerator and leave for months. At the end of the term, it should be taken 2 times a day by the spoonful or add to tea or coffee for 40 drops of This spirituous tincture of ginger root safely used as an external tool, you can add it to a hot bath or to treat problem areas and cellulite.

Now you know how many useful properties has the best, natural plant — ginger. Drinks to add it will help make your figure more slimmer and more positive mood.

And what kind of ginger drink for weight loss and the recipe you used? Share your results, experiences and interesting ways to lose weight.

Enjoy their beauty!

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