Diet when drying body for girls: the menu for the week, nutritional guidelines, schedule, exercise

As a rule, the purpose of sports is not only the elimination of body fat, but and beautiful «relief» muscles. Yield positive results can help build muscle in the right places. However, the process of weight loss, «delayed», as both these processes are not one and the same time.

The first set of workouts losing weight bodybuilder usually consists of strength exercises, during which fat is burned slowly, and the muscles get used to the load. When they finish, it’s time to move to the next stage, drying of the fat and improve the terrain of the body. Most often, the bodybuilder «sits down» on hard no carb diet consisting of proteins. However, for girls and women this way of eating has its own quirks, which we describe. So, the plan of the article:

The General concept of drying the female body

Diet rules in detail

Who should not be allowed to use it?

All about the diet

Menu the first week-7 days

— Week 2

— 3 week

— 4 week

— Week 5

Other diets when drying — what?

What to do exercises? Video

Reviews of women’s drying

The pros and cons of the diet. Video

What is drying of the body?

By itself, the drying process is a fat burning with simultaneous relief set muscle mass. Just be sure to exercise. However, in bodybuilding, there are nuances, namely:

  • not to get «relief» exercises too sharply. This threatens to possible problems with the cardiovascular system in the future. Take a break between weight lifting and early relief training so the transition was as seamless as possible. The same applies to a special diet;
  • about the rest — within three to five days, decrease the amount and intensity of your regular strength exercises for 10, 25, 20 percent. The necessary gradual transition to relief training;
  • not to increase aerobic exercise. It is clear that the more you do aerobics, the more goes to fat, but muscle is also go! Do aerobics at the program;
  • not to limit myself drastically in carbohydrates. Make a «preduschelnoe» diet, which will be a gradual reduction of carbohydrates that enter the body with food.

The main rules of the diet for drying the body

In bodybuilding under drying of the body means almost complete abandonment carbohydrate menu, that is, food that is «quick energy.» Why? The fact is that, getting into the body from the food you eat carbohydrates are quickly processed into glycogen and carbohydrates if fed too much, the liver doesn’t manage it «handle», and as a result body fat. But there is a «gotcha».

If you completely give up carbohydrates in the body will lack of glucose, and this process will contribute to the formation of so called ketone bodies — undegradable fats which are toxins and into the blood, poisoning the body.

What should I do?

Of course, do not sit for long protein-free diet! That is, it can not last more than 5 weeks, and each week has its own quirks, which we describe below.

Theses diet

  1. use water in large quantities. The body needs to «wash» ketone toxins and products of fat breakdown. In addition, water is essential for the structure of muscles, because it essentially is the main solvent for amino acids, and is a chemical a «party» and transporters.
  2. to count calories. In particular, it is recommended to drink a day not more than 12 kcal per 1 kg of body weight women, and the lion’s share of the diet should consist of «natural» proteins — cottage cheese, eggs, milk, cheese, fish, etc. for Example, a woman weighing 65kg can eat a day not more than 780 calories, or about 160 grams of protein.
  3. menu diet when drying body for girls carbohydrates are present, but in small quantities, and in any case not in the form of simple carbohydrates, i.e. sweets, flour, butter, sweet, etc. It should be vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, cereals. Protein bars be careful, please. So if you want, then no more than 15% of the diet per day.
  4. fats in very small amounts are permitted, but not on the day of training. And better if it will be part of the natural food — cheese, milk, for example.
  5. meat (beef) is permitted in the days between workouts. It is better to leave at the time of training for muscle growth. Now the light body with the necessary proteins.
  6. proteins it is recommended to have in a diet in the first half of the day, plant food can be left for the evening.

Contraindications to this weight loss

No carb weekly diet you can use:

  • diabetics
  • knowledge workers
  • pregnant
  • nursing
  • for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract

What should be the diet?

As already mentioned in the first week of carbohydrate starvation should not be too hard. The main «blow» is done on 2, 3 and 4 week. We offer you options. So.

First week diet menu by day detail

Gradually decrease the amount of carbohydrates consumed. For example, a woman weighing 60 kg can eat no more than 120g of carbohydrates a day, reducing at the same rate each day by 10%. Be sure to record all your calculations! The best option of carbohydrates — whole grains, such as buckwheat, for example. It is also recommended to eat eggs, chicken, white fish, cottage cheese. Try not to season your food and use spices. If you really «unbearable», grab a green Apple (better grades Semirenko), or 100g of grapefruit. You can use this menu:

1 day. Breakfast: three boiled eggs (two eggs to remove the yolk), green tea without sugar, banana

Lunch: 100g boiled chicken, salad of cucumber and greens (to fill with lemon juice), orange juice

Dinner: 100g boiled white fish, 1 orange

Day 2. Breakfast: 200g oatmeal, green tea without sugar, banana

Dinner: 200g baked chicken breast, cabbage salad, grapefruit juice

Dinner: 100g low fat cottage cheese, 200ml of herbal tea

Day 3. Breakfast: omelet of three proteins, 200ml low-fat yogurt

Lunch: 200g steamed white fish, salad of cabbage and cucumber, seasoned with olive oil, orange

Dinner: fruit salad (banana+grapefruit), 100g. cheese, herbal tea

Day 4. Breakfast: raznoplanovye muesli, green tea without sugar, 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: 250g of boiled chicken, vegetable soup

Dinner: buckwheat on water+200ml yoghurt

Day 5. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with 1 tomato and 3 eggs green tea without sugar

Lunch: baked white fish 250g, buckwheat on the water

Dinner: 150g cottage cheese, orange, herbal tea

Day 6. Breakfast: glass of skim milk, 1 banana, oatmeal

Lunch: 250gr of boiled squid, 100g of boiled pasta from durum wheat, cucumber salad

Dinner: 150g cooked white fish, orange juice

Day 7. Breakfast: 200g muesli to taste, green tea without sugar, 1 egg, cooked hard-boiled

Lunch: cauliflower soup without potatoes, 250 grams of boiled chicken, salad from cabbage

Dinner: 150g cottage cheese, fruit salad (orange+banana)

The second week of the diet: continue

After the body has adapted to the initial stage of the diet for drying the body for women, need to strengthen it. Now should almost be excluded from the diet of fruit. The formula for calculating the proceeds of carbohydrates will now be in the form of «per 1kg of body weight — 1G of carbs», that is, a woman weighing 60 kg can be included in your menu no more than 60g of carbohydrates a day. In addition, this number should be reduced.

Proteins in the body should consume 4/5 of diet, fat — 1\5. The evening menu should be left cheese, yoghurt, boiled chicken breast, no seasoning, carbohydrates and fats, the latter should be included in the morning and afternoon diet.

Interestingly, the dieting process is already much easier than in the first week, the body gradually gets used and is not protesting).

Third week: what not to forget?

Carbohydrates are almost absent from the menu, the maximum that you can afford is 0.5 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight. Now follow the body’s response to two weeks of carbohydrate starvation may adversely affect the condition, for example, you may feel dizzy or appear acetone in the blood (you’ll smell it if it appears). We recommend you to start taking vitamins.

How to help themselves? At the first sign of such ailments drink a glass of fruit juice. The menu remains milk, cheese, chicken, eggs, bran. Exclude cereals/grains. Water you can’t drink more than 1,5 l per day.

Fourth week: continue

Menu next week may be similar to the diet of the third week. Follow General health. If you feel that uncomfortable, use the menu for the second week.

Fifth week: «leave the state»

Gradually make the body to recover. Repeat menu the first week. «Return» a large number of still water, continue to train individually in the gym.

Recommended diet when drying body for girls not more than five weeks!

You can use other diets when drying? What?

Of course, there is an alternative, however, this is not a diet for the lazy. For example, the 16/8 diet, which is recommended not to eat anything for 16 hours, and 8 hours to eat as it should. It is important that 16 hour fasting began as soon as the man woke up. For example, Mary went to bed at 22: 00, got up at 8.00, 14.00 and can safely eat. Tea and coffee without sugar are permitted within reasonable limits. Of course, it should be to give up fatty, spicy, smoked, fried, etc vegetables, fruit, meat, cereals.

What exercises for drying the body to use? Video

We offer you to get acquainted with the exercises that is recommended for women during the drying of the body:

Who helped drying and a special diet? Reviews

Mark. 26 years old. «Was on a diet for drying the body for a few days and dropped 3 pounds. of Course, training. Wanted so much sweetie! Bread and watched with hungry eyes… No side effects felt weight is still kept normal. Highly recommend the diet.»

Maria, 25 years. «I was on a diet for two weeks is very difficult… there was always something missing, constantly dizzy… Dropped a few kg, but now my diet is just a balanced diet.»

Margarita. 30. «In 4 months lost 10 pounds, hair and nails. For a year not lose weight on this method, and to recover I can’t…»

Lily, 35 years. «For me it was a shock, of course. But in time I began to drink vitamins, fish oil. Of course, there were problems and dizziness, but the result is very pleased. I recommend before you go on a diet, work out at the gym first.»

The pros and cons of diet drying of the body for women

Those who still doubt, we recommend you to watch the video and read his comments:

A good weight loss!

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