Diet Week menu by day and reviews of results

Diet A Week

On the eve of important events women dream to lose a couple pounds, look spectacular. When time is running out, and the result I want to achieve, then there are hunger strikes and special diets. A week on a diet easy exercise plan.

Features and rules of dieting

Foods high in protein

Diet for a Week quick way to lose weight which has its recommendations: each day you can use a specific set of products. The number of calories should be minimal. To retreat from the rules is impossible. By alternating food the body is in a stressful situation, he has to look for energy, which is filled by destroying fat reserves.

To lose weight in 1 week is possible, but the amount of weight loss will depend on many factors: the magnitude of overweight, the functioning of the metabolism and others. It is known that the rejection power can move, not everyone. For such a case there is a light diet Week menu which looks like the following:

  1. Breakfast should be complete. For this portion of the buckwheat or oatmeal, cooked with water, without adding butter, cream and milk.
  2. As a second Breakfast you can eat up to 300 grams of fresh fruit, dressed with low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  3. A complete meal includes salad, chicken soup and a piece of boiled fish, but not more than 300 g.
  4. Kefir dinner for a couple of hours before bedtime will relax the gastrointestinal tract.

Such a diet will not allow you to lose a large amount of excess weight, but to get rid of a few possible. However, diet for weight loss is not for everyone. It is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods

Fat burning drink

How to choose a menu for the Week will tell a simple table:

Permitted foods Prohibited products
Fat-free yogurt Cereals
Egg Sweets
Lean meats Potatoes
Fresh vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, celery, cucumbers, etc.) Spices
Fruit (grapefruit, Apple) Cakes
Cheese Bread
Liquid (mineral, drinking, purified water) Fatty foods
Grapes, bananas (1 piece)

Detailed menu for week days

Meals for dieting the Week

Use ready-made power scheme:

Day The stage of the diet Diet
1. Drinking The preparatory phase of the diet where you need to cleanse the body of toxins by consumption of large amounts of fluid. You can use clean water (minimum 2 litres) and green tea, sometimes unsweetened coffee and fresh juice.
2. Vegetable Stage of the diet, as you can guess, adds to menu vegetables, always fresh. Not to sit with a sheet of cabbage, you can cook a variety of salads, the recipes of which everyone knows.

From fatty dressings (mayonnaise, sour cream) will have to give up, but are allowed to use lemon juice.

Note: to pickle foods you can’t. It is known that this Supplement delays the fluid inside the body that inhibits weight loss. About drinking to forget is impossible.

3. Drinking Day diet is unloading, and the diet coincides with the first. If it’s hard to spend hours in the water alone, allowed to drink fat-free yogurt.
4. Fruit During this day allowed to eat any amount of fruits. Perfect apples, citrus, berries, but not high-calorie. Banana can be taken a maximum of one thing. On this day, there is a saturation of the body with beneficial vitamins that can significantly improve a person’s mood.
5. Protein As the body is purified and formulated with vitamins, it is time to introduce nutrients – proteins. During the day you can consume boiled lean meat (chicken, Turkey), cheese, and even lean fish (steamed). The volume of food consumed is not limited.
6. Drinking «Water» day diet during which you need to use a large amount of fluid to develop the gastrointestinal tract.
7. Transition The final stage of a light diet. Most importantly, it does not pounce on the food, and try to keep a small portion. On this day allowed a light Breakfast consisting of two eggs or fruit. For lunch it is better suited to chicken broth made from fresh meat, without skin. To finish the day, you need a light vegetable salad, lightly sprinkle with oil.

Video: how to lose weight in a week 5 kg

In the illustrated rollers reveals the secret recipe weight loss for the week, which allows you to get rid of excess weight. The rice diet is a godsend for people wanting to lose weight quickly. Only three days and the body will get rid of excess fluid, toxins. Protein diet helps to not only lose, but also to keep the weight obtained. This is due to the decrease in the number of consumed carbohydrates. Kefir diet gives attractive result (up to 14 kg), but is only good for healthy people.

Effective diet for a week

Easy diet for a week

Kefir diet for weight loss

Reviews and results thinner

Venus, 25 years: I have tried many different methods of weight loss, but good performance is not observed. For the next experiment my score was minus 5 kg, have helped me with this diet for a Week. I have to say that this method is suitable to people with great strength of will. During the diet was hard, constantly hungry, occasionally dizzy, but I managed.

Alexander, 31 years: are unable to withstand a week-long fasting (diet) and fell for a fifth day. When eating meat, on the machine grabbed a piece of bread with butter. Note that managed to throw 2.3 kg, but to secure a result – no. For starters it is better to choose a lighter version. He will assess your strength and prepare the body for such stress. For diet Week problem.

Margarita, 36 years: to lose Weight for my sister’s wedding – that was the task. Saved diet, called Week. Thanks to her I not only got rid of the extra weight, but felt a lightness. My result was -4,76 kg. Note if the family will support you, to bear such a diet is easy, but if on the table the fragrant meat – Oh how difficult. I helped the man, who agreed to lose weight together.

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