Diet shakes for weight loss: recipes home and review ready

How to make fat burning smoothies in blender and ready to choose

How to say goodbye to a few extra pounds and not to harm their own health? To give your body beneficial vitamins and enrich your diet with healthy drinks, vegetables, fruits, dairy, greens! If you have never tried a diet drink, it’s time to try a healthy drink, prepared with his own hands.

The use of diet smoothies for figure

Apple diet shakes

Not all methods of weight loss are equally useful, and the desired result does not come immediately. Exercise, like diet, should be individualized, based on the state of health and contraindications. Often a tough diet and food restrictions lead to a deterioration of health, exacerbation of chronic diseases. But diet shakes for weight loss become excellent Supplement these nutrition programs, saturating the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Composition healthy drinks to figures balanced so that helps to satisfy hunger, gives energy, improves health. Fruit, berry, vegetable or dairy extravaganza of taste and mineral water, fresh juice, kefir or natural yogurt that helps to bring to reality the dream of a slim figure, firm skin and flat stomach. Briefly about the benefits of diet smoothies for weight loss, nutritional drinks with low calories for a long time to cope with the appetite.

Recipes of fat-burning cocktails at home

How to lose weight and not feel constant hunger? Along with sports training will include weight loss program a healthy energy drinks based on vitamins. Diet shakes for weight loss should Supplement your diet, not only the fairer sex. Men who aspire to build up muscle mass, too, can find useful recipes to overcome hunger and give your body the necessary energy.

Variants of preparation of dietary cocktails so much that your daily diet will work to diversify not one, but several different from each other with drinks. Prepare delicious smoothies for weight loss at home can be based on different products, and to make the drink correctly, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Calorie diet cocktail per 100 ml shall not exceed 50 kcal! Only under this condition are guaranteed a great result in the fight against excess weight.
  2. To eliminate the addition of sugar, honey, canned berries, fruits, and vegetables. Not to be based on store-bought yogurt, whole milk, cream, because it increases calorie and fat-burning cocktails.
  3. For making dietary drink that is equally delicious and will become effective for losing weight, suitable for either fresh or frozen foods.


Protein shake for weight loss

Fit this drink for athletes, and prepare it as follows: cocoa pour water, add sweetener, cook for a few minutes. Then, the liquid base is combined with cottage cheese, yogurt, knock, and prepare a protein shake for weight loss can be based on the following products:

  • kefir – 300 ml;
  • cheese – 200 g;
  • water – 70 ml;
  • cocoa – 30 g;
  • sweetener – to taste.


Green diet cocktail

Fast way to rejuvenate, to enhance the process of weight loss. The basis of the cocktail is taken in mineral water or low-calorie yogurt, and all «green» ingredients grind in a blender, and then combine them and make a smoothie. To prepare a drink at home, you will need products:

  • cucumber, green Apple – 1 PC.;
  • celery – 2 stalks;
  • spinach leaves – 1 bunch;
  • ginger, red pepper – a pinch.


Helps to quickly relieve the feeling of hunger, and for making juice drink is suitable only skim milk. Liquid Foundation whipped with a blender, adding any kind of berries, which helps to enhance the taste of the drink. For preparation you need to take:

  • milk (skim) – 200 ml;
  • berries (fresh, frozen) – 100 g;
  • fiber – 1 tbsp.


Yogurt-cucumber cocktail

This fat burning drink has a distinctive taste. Contrast lactic sourness and fruity nuances leaves the finish, which permanently dulls the feeling of hunger. The recipe can vary if each time, whisking the yogurt with cottage cheese, add other fruits or berries. For making cocktail at home recipe take:

  • yogurt (nonfat) – 1 Cup;
  • cheese – 2-3 tbsp. spoons;
  • Apple – 1 PC.


Feature of this dietary cocktail: relieves fatigue, cleanses the blood, prolongs youth. Drinking vegetable juice does not cause a spike insulin, and if you cook it regularly, it will significantly improve your health. To prepare diet cocktail, you need to take such vegetables to make fresh juice and mix:

  • carrots – 200 g;
  • beets – 70 g;
  • celery – 50 g.

Vegetable smoothies for weight loss


Helps to normalize the functioning of the digestive system and helps to prevent colds. Perfect as a dessert for anyone watching their weight or wants to lose weight. For making smoothies at home suitable blender or mixer, and the easiest recipe for a healthy treat the following:

  • kiwi, green Apple – 1 PC.;
  • red grapes – 10 berries;
  • pineapple – 50 g.

The most effective the ready-made shakes for weight loss

Alternative homemade drinks – ready to buy fat burning weight loss smoothies. Manufacturers care about the quality, so part of the energy or nutrient drinks balanced in fat, protein and carbohydrates. On the effectiveness of ready drink for weight loss little inferior to what home, but they have the advantage, when there is no time to cook, but need to satisfy hunger and not to exceed the calorie intake. Ready-made diet shakes (Drug, Oriflame, Gerbolayf) you can find the most effective for weight loss.

Energy diet

Products energy diet

Cocktails French company help reduce appetite. Collection energy diet presented a great selection of products with a unique formula of components. By using energy drink, you should monitor the amount of fluid which must be at least two liters a day, and another important aspect is the consultation with the doctor before taking. Tool for weight loss diluted with milk, to allow your body to fully absorb nutrients.

Chocolate slim

Another ready way to lose weight on the basis of cocoa powder. Effortless is a dry powder, the composition of which is exclusively natural ingredients. Along with cocoa promote weight loss help coffee beans, Goji berries, acai and sponk (wood) mushrooms, but limit the use of effortless products for poor blood clotting. Taste fat burning drink reminiscent of hot chocolate, easy to prepare, and one package is enough for a week-long course, but it is advisable not to consume the drink on an empty stomach and not more than three times a day.


Drink for weight loss, which will easily help you survive the fasting day. Like many prepared diet shakes for weight loss, Turboslim helps to quickly satisfy hunger, its composition eliminates the content of preservatives, and the price reflects the middle price range. To effectively fight obesity, you need to take a glass of water and a bag of ready protein cocktail. The body easily learns a set of valuable substances, for a long time coping with the feeling of hunger.


Cocktail Herbalife for shodana

The most famous diet cocktail for weight loss, which contains biologically active additives. Among the products under this trademark there are complexes that will become the body’s source of complete vegetable protein, which explains the popularity of the product among vegetariantsev. To prepare the powder mixture can be mixed with water, non-carbonated mineral water, yogurt, milk. Some protein shakes Herbalife could become a full replacement for several main meals.

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Reviews and results after weight loss

Andrew, 35 years: Protein shakes – mandatory products in my diet, when it comes to drying time. To have the strength to workout, I supported pre-protein shake and not ready, and made by hand. Products can taste to find, time to prepare is almost not necessary, but at least know what you drink. In the four years of training still never this approach did not disappoint.

Marina, 28 years: Always backed up by some fruity cocktail before training. Prepare a drink by myself, prefer grapefruit, kiwi, banana or peach. It turns out very tasty and no hunger, and if you need to quickly lose a few extra pounds, the best means to find.

Irina, 33 years: After the birth could not lose weight and not to gain more, yet trust him, stopped on dietary cocktails. Cooked cucumber, banana and yoghurt, sometimes a fruity drink with an Apple or apricot, especially frozen for the winter. Surprisingly, helped. Did the fasting days, and even lost a little weight.

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