How to lose weight on a diet of alternating days from Polina Gagarina

To lose 40 kg in a little over six months, really? Ask Polina Gagarina, it will definitely give an affirmative answer. After pregnancy, her options became clearly not a stage that could affect success. Pauline took himself in hand and reduced the weight by almost half.

How thin Polina Gagarina

Singer Polina Gagarina

In his youth, the girl was very skinny, her weight ranged from 56 to 60 kg at growth of 164 see Pauline led an active lifestyle and adhered to a proper diet. However, during pregnancy a famous singer has taken on too much, because appetite kept her very often. Postpartum weight Gagarina was 88 kg. Pauline made a decision, you should do your figure! The girl did it: simpleton she turned in a spectacular slender blonde.

Detailed description of the method

Diet Polina Gagarina based on alternation. This way of eating was developed by famous nutritionist Margarita Koroleva, the method is called «9 days». During this time, you need to eat only three products: rice (carbohydrates), chicken (protein), vegetables (cellulose). Diet is very rigid, it is suitable for those who want to speed up weight loss. Pregnant women, nursing women, teenagers, people with anemia, eating method is not suitable. Frequency of administration – 1 time per six months. However, according to rumors, Polina Gagarina followed the diet much longer.

It is important to drink water – 2-2,5 liters per day. Vegetable and rice days allow you to eat 3 teaspoon of honey. Other prohibited foods and drinks, the last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime. The diet must be gradual: gradually included in the menu of useful products. In an interview with Polina Gagarina says that it is difficult in the early days, as a very acute famine. Then the body is retracted. It is important after such an Express diet to train yourself to eat the right foods. Pauline refused flour, sweet, fatty foods, and alcohol.

An important place in the life of Gagarin is a sport. To lose weight helped active types of activities – fencing, stage choreography. Training in the school-Studio of MKHAT took time, effort, which is also reflected in the balance Polina. Constant alternation of types of physical activity boosts fat burning. Image change – the transformation blonde – has only accelerated the process of losing weight. Then 10 kg disappeared unbeknownst to Polina Gagarina.

Sample menu and recipes for a week

Dish of diet singer

The main diet of the singer Polina Gagarina has such a menu:

  • Rice days. You need to eat only basmati rice or Golden. In the evening pour 250 g of beans with cold water. In the morning rinse well with cereal, add 500g water and cook for 15 minutes. Divide the amount for 6 servings. Eat them the whole day. Rice diet lasts three days.
  • Unloading on the chicken. You need to cook the chicken (1,2 kg) per pair. When the meat is ready, remove it from the skin. Separate from the bones, mix white and red fibers. Divide the entire amount for 6 servings. So eat for another three days.
  • Final three days: vegetables. Per day need eat 0.5 kg of fresh, steam or braised in water vegetables without salt.

Dish of rice to diet alternation

Strictly follow this diet, and you will no longer wonder how people manage to lose 40 lbs. You’ll be able to get rid of this and even more weight (if any). The main thing is to persevere, and perseverance. The second option of the diet Polina Gagarina 7 days:

  1. During the day, eat boiled brown rice without spices. Can afford green tea without sugar, other fluid – pure non-carbonated water.
  2. Boiled chicken breast without skin. In the evening eat a fresh cucumber or tomato.
  3. Non-starchy vegetables. Eat them fresh, stewed, steamed.
  4. Vegetable soup. For cooking you need cabbage, carrot, celery, tomatoes, greens. Season the soup with a small amount of natural spices and lemon juice.
  5. Strip. Equal portions of head cheese and yogurt, add the chopped green apples. Whisk foods in a blender until smooth.
  6. Repeat the diet the first day.
  7. Menu for the week ends with a repetition of the second day. This diet can be followed for a long time.

Crumbly boiled rice

How is the singer currently

Today, the weight of Polina Gagarina is 48 kg. the Singer continues to follow the figure, but sometimes gives himself a weakness. Healthy eating remains a priority, but any body gets used to the limitations and begins to Deposit excess fat even with moderate use products. In this case, you need to expose the body unusual conditions for it.

Polina Gagarina has solved the problem of stagnation: from time to time the girl is practicing cheating – carbohydrate loading. Once a month or a little more of the singer allows himself to eat favorite harmful product. To Pauline this of the potato chips. Sometimes she eats the fries or the Burger. If the weight exceeds the norm, to help Polina Gagarina comes kefir diet. Now she can not deny myself coffee, sometimes drinking 15 cups a day.

Video about slimming Polina Gagarina after childbirth

Photo Polina Gagarina before and after weight loss

Looking at the pictures of the simple beauties to weight loss, can you believe that now she is bold, beautiful, successful young mother, a famous singer and actress? Polina Gagarin showed his great strength of will in the desire to lose weight. The singer did it more as well. It is worth noting that Pauline had coped with the problem of excess weight itself, without the help of nutritionists.

Polina Gagarina before and after weight loss

Feedback about the results after dieting

Angelina, 29 years: Polina very inspired, I have almost the same options as hers immediately after birth. I used to sit on «energy Diet», is a good thing, but I didn’t really fit in for various reasons. Diet Gagarina easier to implement, for me it was relatively easy. 9 days left 8 kg, than I’m happy. Then he supported the result of proper nutrition.

Marina, 25 years: the recommended duty for me was too complicated. How can three days to eat one rice, do not understand. I have done differently: one day rice, another meat, and the third vegetables. So were on duty 9 days. Lost 5 kg, but this is a good result. The best part was afterwards, on maintenance stage where you could eat up «vkusnyi».

Albina, 35 years: I didn’t expect such a steep slope! The rice like meat, too, to vegetables tolerant. Decided to repeat the successful experience, why not. After the first rice cycle took 3 kg. Then another 2, and in total 12 kg (including subsequent proper nutrition during the month). Six months later, repeat again on a nine-day course weight loss.

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