Fruit diet for weight loss

Fruit diet for weight lossDiet fruit one of the most effective, useful and extremely pleasant ways of losing weight. Fresh fruits are an excellent source of many vitamins, minerals and fiber, which is essential for health, and has the ability to swell in the stomach, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, which is important for losing weight. Of course, the feeling of fullness will last long, but it’s much better than a whole day to walk like a hungry and angry aunt.

Want to lose weight easily, inexpensively, indulging yourself in your favorite praktikami and get a good result? Fruit diet for weight loss for you.

The advantages and disadvantages of the diet on fruits

About the benefits of fruit has long been known, many of them contain huge amount of nutrients, what will be the day to replenish our body. This means that after this course fruit weight loss will not have problems with brittle nails, hair loss and poor health. By law, fruit diet it is possible to recognize an excellent method of weight loss with health benefits.

In addition, there are the undeniable list of positive qualities such diets, here are the main ones:

  • Due to high content of fiber in the composition of the fruit, from the body safely remove waste products and toxins, thereby achieving an extraordinary feeling of «lightness»;
  • The body is saturated with vitamins, and consequently, the immune system of a person;
  • Some kinds of fruit contains a special acid that promotes the breakdown of fat cells, dissolving some of the «unnecessary» carbohydrates;
  • Frequent consumption of fruit leads to getting rid of cellulite and improve skin condition, its color and structure;
  • For one course you can lose from 3 to 7 extra pounds;
  • Diet fit and an avid sweet tooth, because most girls love to pamper yourself with fruit dishes;
  • If the feeling of hunger does not calm down at night or late in the evening, we can safely eat fruit or make a salad diet, and not to be afraid of then get extra inches in volume.

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Like any other kind weight loss, fruit diet has its drawbacks and contraindications. The main limitation may be individual intolerance, as some fruits are classified as allergenic foods, such as citrus or strawberries.

Also not to say that abuse fruit diet for more than 2 consecutive weeks can lead to protein starvation, which in turn leads to a decrease in mental and physical activity, decrease in immunity and, in severe cases, to atrophy of the muscles.

Another caveat, which they say all nutritionists of the country, some types of fruit are contraindicated for people with diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract with high acidity of the stomach and other digestive disease, so menus weight loss must coordinate with a nutritionist or gastroenterologist.

In General, reviews and relation to fruit types of diet positive, like the experts, and many have tried this method myself. You are still in doubt whether you can lose weight on fruits, choose for yourself the best option menu and be content with the results.

What you need to follow the rules when fruit diet?

To fruit weight loss pulled only good for the body, you need to follow some rules during your diet:

  • to observe the correct drinking regime, to avoid dehydration, the day should be ingested no less than 1.5 liters of liquid;
  • not necessarily to eat fruit only fresh, they can be braised or roasted, also in the menu you can make fruit salad for weight loss, jelly;
  • you need to eat as and when hungry, stick to a fractional food 5-6 times per day;
  • during the diet forbidden to use pastry, alcohol (as an exception occasionally allowed to drink a glass of dry wine);
  • to give preference to better fruits with less calorie content.

What fruits can you eat if you diet to achieve maximum results:

  • oranges and grapefruits;
  • apples and pears;
  • pineapples;
  • watermelons;
  • peaches;
  • mango and papaya;
  • dried fruit (prunes, dried apricots, dried pears and apples).

With extreme caution should be taken to grapes and bananas, as their use in large quantities may lead to the opposite result, weight gain, occurrence of constipation and active gassing.

There are several varieties of apples and grapes for weight loss, there are:

  • Mendieta based on the specific kind of fruit;
  • mixed diet, allowing the use of several types of fruit or vegetables, it is also possible the presence in the diet of dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese and small amounts of meat and chicken.

What fruits to eat for weight loss, is determined depending on the selected diet and menu. Will offer you several popular types of diets with fruit.

Fruit-kefir diet

Diet with fruits and dairy products for approximately 5-6 days. During the course, you can drink kefir and other fermented milk drinks with a low percentage of fat. Per day can be consumed up to 1.5 liters of yogurt and eat about a kg of various fruits, except bananas, figs and grapes. This diet tolerated quite easily, the body at this time receive the necessary nutrition, and digestion is improved through the consumption of milk beverages.

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Vegetable and fruit diet

Today, with the existence of numerous diets, many still prefer it to one that is based on fruits and vegetables. Distinguish a strict diet in which alternate days the use of only fruit, then only vegetables. There is a more gentle version of weight loss, its menus are balanced and varied. During the day you can eat any diet fruits, vegetable salads, seasoned with lemon juice, vegetable and fruit juices and cocktails. Calculated fruit and vegetable diet for 7 days.

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Fruit and protein diet

This kind of also refers to mixed types of diets. It involves eating mostly protein products pure form, that is, without any toppings, additives, and sauces, with periodic alternating with fruit. All starchy and fatty foods during the diet must be excluded, also need to keep salt consumption to a minimum. Form the menu of the following products: chicken breast, lean beef, nonfat cottage cheese and cheese, eggs, fish. Fruit is better to give preference to pineapple, kiwi, apples and citrus. not recommended are peaches, apricots, persimmons and pears. The sequence menu allows you to choose your own. For example, if in the morning you ate the fruit, then for lunch you can eat a little meat or chicken, then fruit for dinner. etc. to Stick to a diet need about 10 days, after a two-week break, the course can be repeated. Protein and fruit diet is a good option for people who want to quickly lose 3 to 5 kg, such as before the opening of the beach season or long-awaited vacation.

Dietary fruit salads

Menu during the diet can be very diverse, delicious and healthy. There are many recipes of salads that you can eat not only during weight loss, but also to bring to the table for your friends and loved ones.

«Salad with melons». For preparation you need: two apples or pears, 10 plums, or prunes, half aromatic, purified melon and yoghurt. All the fruit peel and seeds, cut into small cubes, place in a salad bowl and add the unsweetened yogurt.

«Fruit salad for dinner.» This delicious salad has long become a favorite among followers useful and low-calorie diet. To create it you need to finely chop apples, kiwi, peeled orange. To the fruit add a couple of spoons of muesli, all the ingredients, season with low-fat drinking yogurt, to taste, you can add dessert boxes. honey.

Fruit diet for weight loss and its menu is one of the most pleasant, delicious, and so so loved and popular methods of losing weight and cleaning the body. Also, eating a diet fruits for weight loss, you get a boost of energy and good mood.

Be beautiful and graceful, and let a proper diet will become a way of life.

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