Buckwheat diet for weight loss menu for 7 days, reviews, results, types, questions

Buckwheat diet is one of the most useful, simple and at the same time effective mono-diet. The apparent loss of weight when adherence to the diet is combined with improving the appearance of a man who has experienced its effect. Dignity it is so obvious and attractive that the weight loss program every day is an increasing number of fans both among ordinary people and from the world of show business. Ordinary women and stars tolerate buckwheat diet reviews thinner while more than enthusiastic. This diet is almost a perfect solution to lose weight for women after 40 years.

What is the use of buckwheat diet on her?

Buckwheat maintains a large supply of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to human health. Pros:

  • vitamin C helps to fight viruses, improve skin elasticity, the hardness of the nails and hair quality, PP – helps to fight stress and protect against depression; folic acid helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and heart, is responsible for the blood-forming process;
  • high fiber content helps to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • buckwheat for its high nutritional value has a low calorie content. So pleasant plus diet is that porridge can be consumed in unlimited amounts, and starvation will not be felt;
  • a significant plus for which people decide to go on a diet – a high performance and speed of weight loss per week in average you can lose up to 6 kg weight loss;
  • weight loss on the buckwheat diet in most cases is accompanied by tightening of skin and reduction of cellulite deposits;
  • important factor is the budget necessary for diet products. And buckwheat, and a valid component of the diet yogurt – you can easily find on the counter of any store for a small price;
  • the simplicity of the diet. The menu for the day easy to plan, it does not complicate the process of losing weight selection of products and preparation of special dishes – the ingredients in the classic diet is only 2. Time of reception of the next portion is strictly not fixed – requirement «have the hour» is missing. In addition to diet in any place and at any time. Even at work – just grab a container of prepared cereals and yogurt.

Overall, this method of weight loss when properly configured to adhere to is not difficult, and get nice results without wasting time and nerves.

There are drawbacks diet?

Despite the impressive list of advantages, there are also disadvantages about which you should know before to begin its compliance with the diet. The disadvantages of this method of weight loss:

  • How salt-free diet, buckwheat promotes the excretion of large amounts of fluid. In some cases this may cause weakness, headache and fatigue. Therefore, experts recommend that the 1 trial fasting diet to understand how it fits in the particular case;
  • The classic diet is quite hard and involves the use of only cereals and yogurt. To withstand such a meager monotonous diet is not within everyone’s accustomed to fatty meat and sweet rolls;
  • In the period of the diet possible aggravation of existing chronic diseases and reduce pressure.

To achieve significant performance and quality weight loss is possible only under condition of observance of the basic rules to lose weight on buckwheat.

Rules «buckwheat diet»

  1. Buckwheat is prepared without the use of salt, pepper and sauces. Sabriana cereal milk, butter is prohibited.
  2. To use a new batch of buckwheat can be as want. But the final meal should be not later than 19.00. If hunger does not retreat, you are allowed to drink a little low-fat yogurt.
  3. The volume of fluid and a half — two liters (tea, water all without sugar).
  4. Alcohol consumption during the diet is unacceptable!
  5. Having completed the course, it is important to observe the amount of food eaten and enter the previous products in small portions.

The details: what to pay special attention to?

The essence of buckwheat diet is to run active mechanisms of fat burning, which occurs only on day 3. Up to this point the body get rid of excess fluid. More substantial weight loss starts with 4 days, so significant weight loss is better to stick to the diet, calculated at 3 and 7 days more successful and effective.

In addition, despite the high content of easily digestible protein, it has a vegetable origin and are not fully able to displace the value of meat and fish in the human diet. Therefore, buckwheat diet should not continue for more than 14 consecutive days. If the desired result was not achieved, re-implementation is possible only after 1 month.

How to cook grits?

One of the first demands of the diet on buckwheat – groats do not need to boil, and steam it. For this, 250 g of buckwheat put in a deep bowl and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. The bowl tightly close lid, wrap in a towel and leave to steam for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Allowed to stir the pot in a thermos. In this case, the cooking time is reduced to 35-40 minutes.

What are the different types of buckwheat diet?

Nutritionists have developed numerous options of diet, the basic component of which is buckwheat groats. The most strict system involves the use of only one steamed grains and allowed to drink (plain water, weak tea, herbal infusion). This diet lasts only 3 days, but to sustain it under force not to everyone, even genuinely wish to lose weight people. Therefore, more widespread light weight buckwheat diet for weight loss menu which included a modest Supplement that provides the daily use of the same cereal.

1.Buckwheat with yogurt

the most popular combination. Adding a fermented milk product increases the usefulness of the diet. Kefir is rich in vitamins, an excellent source of protein, calcium, improves digestion and overall normalizes the work of GASTROINTESTINAL tract. To comply with kefir-buckwheat diet you need to:

  • buckwheat is sufficient for complete saturation of the volume
  • do not drink more than 1 liter of 1% yogurt
  • drink plenty of fluids (at least 1.5 l) green and herbal teas, sparkling water.

Kefir ideally, you should drink 30 mins before or after meals. It is desirable to combine diet with intake of vitamin products, they will recommend a doctor. The duration of this diet for a week. To lose 10kg in that time is possible.

2.Buckwheat + dried apricots (raisins/prunes, figs – any dried fruit)

Not only healthy, but delicious way to lose weight, staying in good mood and cheerful mood. Dried fruit variety to the diet will give the body natural sugar, essential for good brain activity, vitamins and fiber. Buckwheat diet with dried apricots and other dried fruits tolerated much calmer, allowing you to resist the temptations and firmly resolved to withstand the diet for the entire time weight loss.

Recipe buckwheat diet with dried fruit similar to the previously described embodiment. The main place in the menu again is steamed buckwheat, but now you can add dried fruits – up to 10 pieces a day. Allowed in the diet of the same liter of low-fat yogurt. Rules of the meal remain the same.

3.Buckwheat + soy sauce

The ideal chance of losing weight for those who are not able to forget about long for salty food. In this menu buckwheat diet for weight loss remains prepared on the basic recipe buckwheat. Before each meal to grits add 1 tsp. regular Chinese soy sauce. Cereals can be taken with any liquid. The last portion of porridge should drink 200 ml of kefir. Food remains scarce, so to continue this diet only 5-7 days, you can remove up to 14 kg of excess weight.

4.Buckwheat + vegetables

An easy option diet on buckwheat, sustain it very easily. Thanks to the possibility to include in the diet of various vegetables, the diet with mono-a multicomponent, not boring and becomes more like the usual type of food. In addition, vegetables provide the body with plenty of fiber and enhance the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The recipe of this system is somewhat harder than the previous one, and the menu varied.

  • The first 2 days of the diet are the hardest. Allowed to eat only buckwheat, whole volume (with 250 g of dry grains) to eat for 4 doses. Porridge with green tea or non-carbonated mineral water
  • over the next two days to the buckwheat add any cooked vegetables, fresh herbs. Eat for 4 doses
  • In the fifth and sixth day of the diet is cooked, you must consume raw vegetables (200 g/serving)
  • The final day will delight those that lose weight all the same buckwheat that can be watered with a small amount of oil and add the vegetables in any form.

Week buckwheat-vegetable diet really to lose 5 kg weight, to put in order the skin and figure.

Menu buckwheat diet for a week detail

As previously noted, the optimal duration of the diet on buckwheat, regardless of its version – 7 days. During this time, people have time to adapt to the new diet, you start the process of weight loss and persistent as the entire body experiences less stress. In an effort to lose weight, it is important to prepare the required foods to avoid disruption of food. This will help in sample menu 7 day diet.

Buckwheat diet menu strict

Comply with its harder than 3 day, so allowed to indulge yourself with greens, green apples, dairy products.

  • Breakfast – a portion of buckwheat, 250 ml of herbal decoction
  • Second Breakfast – 220 ml yogurt
  • Lunch – soup of groats of buckwheat and 150 ml of kefir
  • Afternoon snack – low fat yogurt, unflavored, 1 sour Apple
  • Lunch – a portion of buckwheat
  • The second dinner – 220 ml yogurt
  • In between – water, tea in unlimited quantities.

— buckwheat diet for 7 days. With good response of the body allowed the extension of the specified diet menu for 14 days.

Lax diet

Softer and free option – the so-called «therapeutic» buckwheat diet for 7 days. Its menu is more varied helps to cleanse and heal the body, lose two or three kg weight.

  • Breakfast – 1 serving of porridge, 100 ml of yogurt, 2 thin slices low-fat cheese
  • Lunch – 1 part of buckwheat, 100 g of boiled chicken, 100 g of vegetable salad no dressing and seasonings
  • Afternoon snack – 1/2 Cup low-fat yogurt, any fruit (except banana)
  • Dinner – 1 portion of cereals, 100 g of boiled vegetables[BR]the Same menu persists for weeks. In the next few days is permitted to substitute the chicken for Turkey meat, lean beef, white fish. Instead of cheese – consumed 50 g of cheese.

Out of the diet on buckwheat — how?

At the end of the diet return to normal diet gradually. Otherwise, the dropped pounds come back with more speed than was lost, and the body will experience a new stress.

To save the obtained results, it is important for the next 14 days to keep eating buckwheat in one of the meals – Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Contraindicated, as before, starchy and sweet past conservation products, fried foods. Gradually in the diet should be to introduce light vegetable soups, stews, steamed vegetables, low-fat meats and white fish in moderation. On the third day, you can indulge in bread (with bran, wholegrain but not white), low-fat broth.

Overall caloric intake from the beginning should be no higher than 1800 kcal. After 2 weeks increase it to 2000 calories, going to a familiar diet. But this does not mean that you can eat pies and cakes, roast pork and bacon. These products should gradually be eliminated from the power supply system of a healthy person, along with mayonnaise and alcohol. Incorrigible sweet tooth, you are allowed to eat dark chocolate, honey and fruits instead of excessive consumption of confectionery and sugar.

It is important to continue adherence to established drinking regime – drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid daily. It can be green tea, sparkling water, herbal tea and unsweetened berry fruit drinks.

Loading the body at a heightened exercise and sports immediately after the diet should not be. As in the case of food, to return to normal activity is necessary gradually, accompanying the process by taking multivitamin preparations.

expect What results?

No special formula weight loss not give diet. Results thinner always will be purely individual. Overall weight loss the stronger, the greater was the initial weight losing weight on a buckwheat diet. It will, however, say that when overweight frequent loss of up to 15 kg for 2 weeks minimum up to 3-4 kg per week. On average, even when introducing small errors in the observance of diet, weight loss up to 4-6 kg in 7 days.

Changes in the volume evenly observed in all parts of the body – reduces the circumference of hips, chest and waist. The average results weight loss in 2 sizes (up to 4 cm in girth). That is diet for weight loss for those who decided to make the shape of any one shape.

Another important result – diet breaks are concerns about a possible sagging of the skin due to the rapid withdrawal of extra pounds. With its completion, under the condition of following the recommendations, the skin not only does not hang down, but even seems more elastic.

Buckwheat diet: before and after

Are there any contraindications to the diet on buckwheat?

Start any of the diets must be approved by a dietician after considering the specific cases and critical assessment of health status and abilities of the body lose weight.

With all its pros and diet on the buckwheat has and contraindications, the presence of which serves as a signal to the selection in favor of another method of reducing weight.

Diet on buckwheat is contraindicated in:

  • diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract (ulcer, gastritis, bowel disorders)
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • diabetes, high blood pressure
  • kidney diseases
  • previously conducted operations on the abdominal organs

To diet in General and buckwheat particular, should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, women during the critical days and of menopause, adolescents, athletes and people with severe psychological state. To refrain from diet it is important moments that require high concentration and the utmost of care and periods of intense mental or physical work, heavy physical exertion. In other words, if in the near future dieters have exams, participating in competitions or long stay behind the wheel of the diet will have to be postponed.

Effective, affordable and so varied – buckwheat diet for weight loss are the ideal way to become leaner and healthier body. Importantly, the right approach and compliance with diet. On other simple diets for weight loss (what are they and who are suitable) can be read here.

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