Diet Maggi cheese menu for 4 weeks in detail for each day

From the variety of diets is one that is worth paying attention to who want to lose weight «comfortably». This diet Maggi. It is popular due to the fact that once it is successfully applied herself to Margaret Thatcher. Unlike normal starvation, this diet is a nutrition system, through which all the power is directed to the formation of the correct operation of the body’s metabolic process and excretion of excess fluid. We present you the diet of cheese Maggi and her menu for 4 weeks.

The content of the article:

  1. Principles of the diet Maggi
  2. Permitted and prohibited products
  3. Preparation for diet
  4. Detailed menu for 4 weeks every day
  5. Nuances you need to know about
  6. Contraindications
  7. Reviews about cottage cheese diet Maggi

The main aspects of the cottage cheese diet Maggi

The development of the power system studied English for nutritionists, so in addition to weight loss, it seeks not to harm the one who uses it. You need to consider that it belongs to the category of low-carb high-protein diets and can be used for burning weight people whose weight exceeds the norm by 10-20 kilogram. If the person is challenged to lose a few pounds, then the most correct option would be to resort to sports training and diet to leave for more serious cases.

The duration of curd diet Maggie is exactly 4 weeks, each of which leads to certain results, but in the end the weight should be reduced, as evidenced by numerous user reviews.

It is important to know that if in the process of losing weight rules of the system are violated, it is a good chance that the weight will remain, and this means that everything will have to start again. This does not apply to small individual errors, but their permanence is already underway as a deviation from the plan. Therefore, before to begin a diet, you should always think a month ahead, so as not to exhaust yourself with permanent restrictions in food because of the inability to immediately implement a monthly program.

There are two options diet Maggi cheese and egg. Here it all comes down to matter of taste and contraindications, which are written below. In any case, whichever option is chosen, it will lead to a logical result, in strict compliance with the menu for each day.

It is interesting that some people are trying to come up with analogues of certain products, replace the meat with chicken or cheese curd mass. It is fundamentally wrong, as the substitutes a very different composition, which has a different effect on the body, not the one that is needed. Therefore, cottage cheese diet Maggie is called a power system which you must follow in order to obtain a positive effect.

That is possible, what not to eat?

To started the case ended with a positive result, and the extra pounds forever left its owner, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • in the day you should drink plenty of water, ie at least 2 liters;
  • salt and other seasonings are elements that inhibit the elimination of fluids from the body, for this reason it is better to refrain from their use or significantly limit the period of the diet;
  • when cooking oil and grease not to apply, the best option is stewed in water, vegetables and meat;
  • products such as mayonnaise and sugar should be eliminated from the diet, as well as sweet fruit;
  • the result was a more noticeable need to support it with exercise.

Among fruits you can eat all kinds of citrus, kiwi, melons, peaches, sour apples, apricots and pears. Should avoid grapes and bananas, dates and figs.

Potatoes in the diet is contraindicated in any form, and all versions of the soups.

Their meat is completely excluded lamb. The fish can be periodically replaced with boiled shrimp.

Cheese is best to take fat-free or low proportion of fat, but you can substitute low-fat cottage cheese.

Eggs can only be boiled or baked, no butter. Fried omelettes and scrambled eggs banned.

Vegetables can be eaten as a fresh salad, and stewed or baked form.

With a strong desire to drink a glass of white wine, but it is only as an exception in rare cases. During weight loss the body is exposed to stress and excess alcohol will only cause additional harm.

Diet Maggi cheese plentiful with a rich diet. So in 4 weeks weight loss hunger should not torment losing weight and the most difficult is the strict observance designed menus for each day.

There is one important rule that cannot be broken. To pass, transfer, or change the menu for days in some places strictly prohibited.

Proper preparation of the diet

Before you begin a diet, it is important that the body was healthy, and people feel good. This means that it is not necessary to start losing weight during flu and colds, or immediately after surgery.

Special training diet is not required. If you wish you can cheer up yourself a little relief, but it will not affect the final result. And we should start with, to fix their own settings on the morning of the first day of the diet. It is necessary to measure the waist, hips and other parts where adjustment is necessary, be addressed and record all the figures.

Depending on how the metabolism of each person, the weight will go individually. Someone twist will happen gradually, day after day, 300-500 grams, and someone will see rapid sudden weight loss 1-2 pounds for three or four days. In any case, you need to know the original data that was with what to compare the result. The best time for the next intermediate and final measurements this morning before Breakfast.

Diet Maggi cheese menu for 4 weeks of every day in detail

1st week

All week Breakfast remains unchanged and consists of a serving of cottage cheese with any fruit that you can mix in blender or eat as a salad.

Drink perfect black coffee or tea without sugar, natural juices and non-carbonated drinking water. The ideal option is drinking water with lemon.

The first day

Lunch consists of fruit, and for dinner beef steamed with vegetable salad. From beverages to choose any of the above options.

The second day

Lunch consists of chicken, necessarily peeled. For dinner you need to eat fish with a side dish of vegetables, a piece of bread and citrus.

The third day

Lunch will be cheese, bread and tomatoes. Cook for dinner roast beef, to which add the vegetables.

The fourth day

For lunch you can eat any fruit and dinner is prepared similarly to the third day.

The fifth day

For lunch, we should eat two eggs (a serving of cheese) and a salad, and dinner consists of fish and vegetables in any form, you must also add one citrus fruit.

The sixth day

The menu is fully consistent with the diet of the fourth day.

The seventh day

Lunch consists of chicken breast, tomatoes and oranges, and dinner is boiled vegetables.

2nd week

Breakfast the second week is fully consistent with the first is a cheese with any fruits are allowed.

The first day

Lunch should start with cheese and complemented with vegetables. For dinner is fish with vegetable salad and one orange or grapefruit.

The second day

For lunch is to cook the meat with fresh vegetables. Dinner follows the Breakfast.

The third day

Daily diet mimics the menu of the second day.

The fourth day

Lunch will be cottage cheese with a salad of vegetables, and for dinner, perfectly satisfies hunger meat or fish stew with vegetables.

The fifth day

Dinner starts with salad and ends with a piece of fish. Dinner do fruit and cheese.

The sixth day

Lunch will consist of beef with tomatoes, and for dessert, one orange. For dinner you need to cook fruit salad.

The seventh day

Lunch and dinner are the same and consist of chicken meat, fresh tomatoes or boiled vegetables. For dessert, the perfect orange.

3rd week

The third week is interesting because it disappears from the clear distinction between Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The proposed strict list of foods that should be eaten throughout the day. We should not forget about drinking. Liquids should be drunk in sufficient quantity (about two liters).

The first day

The menu consists of a variety of permitted unsweetened fruit that can be eaten alone or in salad.

The second day

The daily diet consists of fresh and cooked vegetables, salads. It is worth remembering the full contraindication potatoes.

The third day

This day, like fruits and vegetables in any form.

The fourth day

Fish day. Its menu is fish, shrimp and vegetables, both fresh and stewed.

The fifth day

The day you need to combine beef and boiled vegetables.

The sixth and seventh days

within two days, eat only fruit.

4th week

The principle of power-meets the third week.

The first day

Per day to eat 200 grams of chicken or beef, two cucumbers and three tomatoes. In addition you need to eat a jar of canned tuna without oil with a slice of bread. For dessert there are fruits.

The second day

The daily ration corresponds to the last day.

The third day

In this day menu includes servings of cottage cheese, soup plates of boiled vegetables. In addition, you need to eat two fresh cucumber, tomato, a slice of crispy bread and to top it all any fruit.

The fourth day

In this day you can eat as much chicken as you want, and complement it all with a slice of bread, one cucumber and three small tomatoes. For dessert, waiting for the invariable fruit.

The fifth day

In this day menu consists of two eggs with vegetable salad and fruits.

The sixth day

During the day you should eat chicken breast, about 125 grams of cottage cheese. Also on the menu 2 tomato and cucumber, fruit and a glass of curdled milk, which can be exchanged for a glass of low-fat natural yogurt.

The seventh day

During the day you can eat a serving of cottage cheese, a jar of canned tuna without oil, and a portion of stewed vegetables. Also, you need to eat two of cucumber and tomato with a slice of bread.

So, it was a detailed menu for 4 weeks cottage cheese diet Maggi. Now you should tell the nuances of this power system, you need to know.

Egg-egg diet Maggie: features

For fans of strict regime slimming system Maggie will be a real boon. The exact compliance with all the regulations provides the highest result.

Traditional diet consists of eating both raw and eggs and it is not suitable for some people, for example those who have high cholesterol or are allergic to eggs. Therefore, nutritionists suggest themselves to replace eggs with curd along with the fruit and gives an amazing combination of taste and healthy properties. The result of this diet change will not impact, but supporters of the diet can significantly increase.

Action diet is interesting that the result of a combination of certain foods in the stomach, chemical reactions occur, which start burning excess fat. While muscle mass is maintained that does not cause degeneration.

Most attracted to diet the fact that it doesn’t make you starve. Diet Maggi cheese menu every day, which at first glance seem monotonous, but with the proper and correct approach can be made from a variety of fruits and vegetables, both fresh and baked.

A distinctive feature of the diet is its effectiveness and saved health. It does not lead to anorexia or other nervous disorders, did not knock, but on the contrary will result in the order of metabolism, and also has other positive side. Most importantly, not misused diet in pursuit of the perfect weight, and doing some breaks before starting a new stage of the four-week epic.

And that result remains for a long time, it is important to secure it. To do this on fried and fatty foods and carbonated beverages will have to forget. Limiting the consumption of sweets and flour products will also lead to a positive effect. If you wish to eat them can afford a little sweet in the morning, before lunch.

To maintain your shape will help regular exercise. There is no need to exhaust yourself early rise, but morning gymnastics or yoga classes three times a week would be very helpful.

you should Definitely eat Breakfast, timely lunch and dinner. Diet improves metabolism and accelerates the elimination of toxins, prevents the development of edema.

All these simple procedures will give you ease and will provide a good mood for the whole day.

Who should not use this diet?

Before you start any diet you should definitely consult with your doctor. Egg diet Maggie is not an exception. The restriction and the sharp change of diet have a strong influence on the body and therefore it is necessary to listen to opinion of the expert.

This diet is completely contraindicated for Allergy sufferers with intolerance to citrus fruits and eggs. Also, you should be wary of diet for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease or has problems with the genitourinary system.

the maximum load during slimming system Maggie falls on the liver and kidneys, so they should work and output the accumulated toxins and excess fluid.

It should be borne in mind that increased acidity also will not allow to follow this diet, as the cheese will quickly increase it significantly, which will cause heartburn and other troubles with the gastrointestinal tract.

Age restrictions the power supply system has not, so it can be applied to any person who is overweight.

And most importantly, that applies to all people, dieters, that at the slightest change in the condition, ailment and unusual reaction of the organism should stop and seek medical advice.

Adherence to these simple recommendations will help you to keep healthy and get rid of extra pounds once and for all.

Feedback about the results

Irina, marketer. «Sitting on a diet of Maggi after I stopped breastfeeding. I liked the result. I lost 7 pounds and back to weight, which stood on the account at the beginning of pregnancy. Together it was 62, was 55.»

Nastya, Secretary. «Any sort of hormone therapy and after long to lose weight about 2 years. Here stand only 4 weeks on the system Maggie, surprised when I found that lost 10 kg.»

Ales, a housewife. «Six months ago I decided to try this diet and I was right. The initial weight of 110 kg for the two monthly repeat with a break between them in two months, said goodbye to 19 pounds. Great!»

Inna, teacher. «I never thought about losing weight, but health problems took over. Decided to diet Maggie. Never thought that would be such a result, but 12 pounds on a plane to anywhere, and a great feeling came back to me.»

Marina, a teacher. «It’s not a diet, but just fun. Eat and the pounds go away. Eat, and the weight does not increase. From 78 kilos was down to 62. How I like it.»

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