Menu, Apple, buckwheat, oats and cottage cheese diet for rapid weight loss of 10 kg

In today’s society with the problem of excess weight faces every second woman, hoping to lose 2-3 pounds and more. In the imagination there is always a tasty diet to reduce weight, which will allow you to look good and not starve. But how to find such an effective method of correcting weight?

How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg without harm to health

The doctor's advice

The variety of diets gives hope for harmony and grace. But not all options are effective, and some methods even worsen overall health, remind of the old diseases. Choosing a diet for weight loss 10 kg, it is useful to know the basic rules of nutrition, to consult with a dietician and a therapist:

  1. So useful to lose weight, you need after waking up to drink on an empty stomach a glass of warm water. This is a useful habit to a diet that starts the digestion, helps him to Wake up. The same manipulations hold for half an hour before eating to calm carousing appetite.
  2. When dieting it is necessary to exclude from the day diet simple carbohydrates, crude fiber, fats, focus on protein-rich foods. Essential vitamins and minerals are in fruits and vegetables, the yogurt and the antioxidants in fresh greens on the table.
  3. The amount of fluid in the diet should correspond to 2 liters a day, and we are talking about mineral water. Can herbal teas, berry juices, low fat yogurt as a source of useful vitamins.
  4. Breakfast diet should be hearty, lunch – useful, and dinner is easy to make for a night not to overload the digestive organs, thereby slowing down the natural metabolism. Fast food and snacks on the go are required to remain in the past, but the yogurt in the breaks useful.
  5. If you choose a diet in the winter, there is a need to purchase multivitamin complexes. The reason is that natural vitamins are absent, progressing seasonal vitamin deficiency, is detrimental to health.
  6. Even light diet should be complemented by physical activity, cardio. This can be running, Cycling, swimming or rhythmic dancing.

When choosing a diet for weight loss of 10 kg does not hurt to ask about their health, to find out the presence or absence of occult disease, for example, of the digestive tract. In many cases, weight loss may harm your health, it is necessary to approach the choice of the method with the mind and knowledge of performance analysis and ultrasound of internal organs. In the process of the diet also should be no complaints about the state.

The choice of the most effective diets and menu

A list of the existing techniques for weight loss is huge, but not all the options proposed to provide lasting results. Below are the Express diet for quick weight loss, which in severe restrictions in the diet guarantee a wasp waist, sexy curves. So how to find diet for 10 kg? How to get the result?

Products for kefir-Apple diet

Strict kefir-Apple diet for 5 days

Choosing the cheapest system weight correction, ingredients of diet composition in which 1.5 kg of apples and 1 liter of nonfat yogurt, you will achieve a lot. Other food diets are supposed to be in the amount of 700 kcal per day. To eat 5 days is recommended every 3 hours in small portions, drinking plenty of fluids (can yogurt). Before going to sleep does not hurt to drink kefir, but nothing is on a diet. In this hard mode is going to last 5 days, after which is supposed to smooth the output of the selected power system.

Menu of this diet looks like this:

  1. Breakfast: an Apple, half an hour later a glass of skim kefir.
  2. Second Breakfast: unsweetened Apple, fat-free yogurt in the volume of one glass, a boiled egg.
  3. Lunch: light soup with chicken broth, apples, yogurt.
  4. Afternoon snack: egg, hard-boiled, 50 g low-fat cheese, Apple, yogurt.
  5. Dinner: a serving of tea or coffee (kefir), egg.

Hard cheese mono-diet for a week

Hrechana Krupa

In such a diet are allowed 2 ingredients – boiled buckwheat without spices, salt and oil, nonfat yogurt (unsweetened yogurt). The amount of calories is minimal, so the body to obtain necessary energy is to recycle your own body fat. Diet result will be unambiguous: a week out of 4-5 kg, yogurt normalizes intestinal flora. Method of preparation of diet menus the following:

  1. Pour in the pan glass of buckwheat.
  2. Pour 2 cups of boiling water without added salt, spices, oil.
  3. Cover with a lid, wrap the pot in a blanket and wait for complete cooling of the finished porridge.
  4. To eat at a time for 3-5 spoons, drinking kefir (can be buckwheat, pour the yogurt and use as milk soup).

Cheese after 10 days minus 10 kg

Ideally, this diet is designed for 3-5 days, but you can extend to 10 days, every day getting rid 1 kg weight loss. The daily portion of pure cottage cheese without added sugar – 300 g, it must be split into several approaches. You are allowed to drink not only water, even kefir, yogurt, herbal, green tea as a natural antioxidant.

When choosing a weight loss diet 10 kg is important in conjunction with a dietitian to exclude disturbed stomach acidity. If you want to lose weight to 8-10 kg daily menu for 10 days is as follows:

  1. Breakfast: 150 g of cottage cheese with no sugar, one fruit, and yogurt.
  2. Second Breakfast: low fat yogurt (kefir).
  3. Lunch: fruit salad, dressed with low-fat yogurt (kefir).
  4. Afternoon snack: unsweetened fruit.
  5. Dinner: fruit salad, yogurt, serving of cottage cheese 150 g

Oatmeal for two weeks

To avoid problems with digestion on diet, it is recommended to Supplement the daily diet with cereals. Oatmeal is one low calorie food that is being cooked in water, gets rid of extra pounds, cleanse the intestines, normalizes chair, approved for weight loss patients with problems in gastroenterology. Diet lasts for two weeks, but in the end can be easier on 8-10 kg

The basis of the diet are lean oatmeal on the water, which is allowed to consume 2-4 times per day with water. Additional foods on the diet can be fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt in limited quantities. The daily portions are not limited to, as to eat a lot of fresh cereal without added salt and spices just will not work.

Set of vegetables for a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian for a month

If you limit the consumption of meat, it is possible for a month to lose up to 7-10 kg without damage to health. The body lacks protein, but on a diet, you can fill it with vegetable fiber, natural antioxidants (fruits, vegetables). Those valuable components that normalize digestion, eliminating him from food poisoning, toxicosis.

Variants a vegetarian diet, some even include the consumption of fish, eggs. Allowed diet is advisable to discuss with the dietitian, determining the benefits of each product in dietary intake. To avoid vitamin deficiency fish and seafood can become an inexhaustible source of protein in the diet. Nutrition full, hearty, allowed yogurt.

Simple diet for onion soup

Onion for diet on the soup

It is important not only fast, but also correctly to lose weight, protecting the digestive system from relapse. Dietary properties of onion soup, which is also useful for health. For preparation will need:

  • tomatoes – 3 PCs.;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 2 PCs.;
  • onions – 5 PCs.;
  • cabbage – 1 PC.;
  • celery – 1 bunch.


  1. To prepare 2 liters of vegetable broth, boil.
  2. Clean all vegetables and chop.
  3. Drop into boiling water, cover with a lid.
  4. Cook until tender, about 10 minutes.
  5. 2 min. to disable the fire celery to chop and drop into a pan.
  6. To the table serve with greens, per day relies 3-4 servings.

Effective weight loss program for 10 pounds with Diet Energy

If to lose weight these methods fail, a photo and the reflection in the mirror, as before concerned, it’s time to go to drastic measures. The proposed programme from the Energy Diet is a reliable method to get rid of fat, systematically using innovative cocktails. They can replace other drinks, while moderate physical activity will only strengthen the final result of the diet. The question how to lose weight is simple and delicious.

Video: how to lose 10 kg in home

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Marina, 25 years: When studying diets for weight loss of 10 kg was chosen for buckwheat with yogurt. It was thought that such a diet impossible to sustain, and day, but wrong. Per day diet would eat a Cup of fresh buckwheat without butter and salt, washed down with kefir. The day I went to one kilogram, and for the week lost 6 kg, and digestive problems did not arise never.

Light, 41 years: Looking for an effective diet to replace a healthy diet when you have a stomachache. Chose the oatmeal with yogurt. Pleasant enough, but really thin, with no exacerbations of his chronic gastritis. Sat on a diet, drinking kefir, the result dropped 6 lbs

Sabine, 33 years: Month suffered a vegetarian diet, ate only raw, roasted and steamed vegetables. If properly prepared according to the recipes, the dishes are tasty and hearty. The menu is my favorite chicken useful bell pepper, cabbage, green onions, lettuce, zucchini, yogurt. At first it was strange.

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