How to lose weight, remove belly and flanks, the man in the home on a diet

Husband rarely sits on a diet, isn’t afraid to get well and rarely shy beer belly. Often excessive potolsteyu becomes the cause of diabetes, increased cholesterol or severe obesity. Diet help men to avoid diseases, but each has its own characteristics.

The basic principles of nutrition and weight loss for men

Meals for men diet

A distinctive feature of any diet for men is the calorie, which exceeds the number of calories in the women weight loss options. Optimal daily menu should contain 2000 kcal, while male body weight reduction is easier with this food intake. For this reason, it is not recommended to choose a radical diet and dramatically reduce calories or to starve, because can increase the metabolism will not work. Basics of nutrition for men is:

  1. Protein – basic component of the diet of the diet that is muscle building. Contains in cheese, meat, eggs, cheese, and nuts.
  2. Fats – they should not be entirely excluded from the diet. Such oils as vegetable oil, avocado or olive saturate the organism with necessary microelements.
  3. Water per day the amount of fluids you drink must not be less than 2 L.
  4. The portions are on a diet they should be small, and the meals are frequent, that is up to 5-6 times a day.
  5. Carbohydrate foods can be consumed only slowly broken down to the body have been provided with energy for a long time.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods

Husband is on a diet

How to lose weight man at home? First you need to rid the diet of harmful products and instead introduce beneficial and help to lose weight. Cooking methods also need to change to boiled, broiled, steamed, not fried in oil. A list of recommended and prohibited foods for men diet shown in the table.

Permitted foods Poultry meat in steamed or boiled

A glass of fresh beer to 2 times a week


Grains (cereals, wheat germ)

Pastry flour

Dried fruits




Boiled beef

Unsweetened tea or coffee

Prohibited products Fatty beef pork and lamb

Spicy ketchup, mayonnaise

Sugar, confectionery

Fried, spicy, smoked and salted food

Fatty fish


Menu options and recipes for men diet for burning fat

People on a diet

Diet for men should be rational, that the body was missing derived from food energy. For this reason, this power system is a gentle treatment, because the constraints are not too severe. To get rid of excess weight and to remove belly fat male it is only necessary to follow the recommendations, while the combination products may be very different. The main thing with this diet is the daily rate of calories. For weight loss it should be 1700-1800 kcal. Depending on the diet menu for the week looks different.


Men, for the first time a diet, it is best to try the classic version, because it is more gentle. The food when it is used 4 times per day. This diet is indicated for urolithiasis, prostatitis, candidiasis, i.e. thrush, cystitis and myocardial infarction. Among the Breakfast options you can choose:

  • 2 eggs, portion of oatmeal;
  • fruit salad, 50 grams of chicken fillet, slice of cheese;
  • Apple, toast, steam fish cutlets, a glass of fresh juice.

For lunch we recommend the following dishes:

  • serving hot soup on low-fat broth, a potato, a slice of cheese;
  • chicken liver with mushrooms and greens, a serving of buckwheat;
  • portion of lean beef, boiled potatoes, low-fat yogurt.

Snack between meals can be the following:

  • scrambled eggs, piece of bread, greens, tomato;
  • cheese, whole wheat bun;
  • vegetable salad, a slice of low fat ham, a Cup of yogurt.

For evening meals, there are the following dishes:

  • 150 g beans, Apple, a slice of cheese;
  • spaghetti or soup broth with vegetables, toast;
  • serving steamed fish, paraprof.

Here are a few diet recipes for men:

Buckwheat for diet

  1. Buckwheat porridge. Pour 40 g cereals 100 ml of water, after swelling cereal add butter, herbs or braised mushrooms.
  2. Oatmeal with nuts and berries. Half a Cup of cereal, brew a Cup of boiling water. Season the pulp with honey, fresh or frozen blueberries, walnuts or cashews.
  3. Sandwich with chicken. Boil the chicken, chop into small pieces. Season the meat 1 tbsp of soy sauce. Take wholegrain bun, cut it in half and fill with ground chicken grated carrots or greens.


Dairy products are used for weight loss not only among women, after all kefir diet for men also gives faster results. There are several variations of this method to lose weight in minimal time:

  1. Diet for 3 days. Allowed to consume only 1-1,5 l of kefir, and this number should be divided into 5-6 times. In addition, the need to comply with equal intervals between meals. It is impossible to increase the duration of the diet, or the diet will only bring harm.
  2. Diet for 6 days. In addition to 1.5 liters of yogurt can be administered in the diet to 1 kg of vegetables or fruits, it is better to choose any one kind.
  3. Diet for 7 days. The easiest and less demanding option. In addition to 1.5 liters of yogurt in the diet each day, you need to add certain foods – 5 boiled potatoes, 100 g chicken, 100 g of beef, 100 g of stewed fish, fruits, vegetables, and the last day – mineral water.

Kefir diet for weight loss belly for men is the perfect way to quickly lose, and then go on a proper diet and to make it permanent. Among the recipes you can only choose this option – in the days when the diet allowed to add fruit, cut them into medium cubes and pour the yogurt. Would make a great salad with a sour dressing.

Protein or protein

Husband drinks a protein shake

For men who seek relief press, suitable carbohydrate-free diet. Her diet consists of 4 meals, and it lasts for 10 days. It is based on protein products, which saturate the body, that frees people from the constant snacking. Due to jumps in blood glucose to follow her to be careful and not longer than the specified time. Daily diet menu can be as follows:

  1. Breakfast – 2-3 hard-boiled eggs, glass of low-fat yogurt, tomato, Cup of coffee or green tea.
  2. Lunch – 150 grams of lean fish, fruit salad, toast, 2 boiled potatoes.
  3. Snack – potato with beans or kidney beans or a light omelet.
  4. Dinner – vegetable salad, chicken liver, slice of bread, glass of juice.

For cooking the protein diet recipes use the following:

  1. Scrambled eggs with cheese. Take low-fat cottage cheese, mix with 2 egg whites. Add a little water, herbs and spices. Bake in the oven for about half an hour.
  2. Salad protein. Connect chopped boiled squid with chicken breast and 2 boiled eggs.
  3. Dessert sour. With a mixer beat mixture from a liquid fat-free cottage cheese and Apple pieces, orange. Contained in the mold the mass of ice below the finished dessert was like ice cream.
  4. Soup with meatballs. Cook chicken bone. In the broth, add the meatballs and twisted chicken, sliced bell peppers, greens and beans.

What is the most effective diet

Man holding dumbbell and fruits

Diet for men directed either to drying of the body, ridding it from excess fat below the relief was more visible, or a set of muscle mass. Occasionally they alternate, first of all you need to get rid of excess, and then build muscle. To achieve each objective, there are several different diets that have positive reviews, menu, drying or weight gain.

For drying the body

Drying body for men – an important step in achieving a healthy weight, especially when combined with fitness in athletes, when in a short time you need to get the muscle definition. For this purpose you can use the following methods:

  1. Kremlin diet. Is low-carb, resulting in the body gradually consumes its own fat stores. Allowed to consume a vegetable-protein foods. Analog is the Dukan diet or Atkins.
  2. Buckwheat diet. Based on the eponymous cereal, but because of the rigidity can stick not more than 2 weeks. Experts recommend to combine buckwheat diet with boiled eggs, low-fat yoghurt, kefir, fresh juices. Fats are cleaved by eliminating fast carbs.
  3. Japanese diet. Strict low-carb diet. Allowed to use not more than 2 times a year. The diet should be three meals a day, and the last time food to take to 19.00. The basis of the diet is cabbage, eggs, tomato juice and boiled fish.

For a set of muscle mass

Not just to increase the mass of muscles and increase the level of hemoglobin, it is necessary to enrich the diet, especially protein foods. Sports diet is based on food such dishes:

  1. Breakfast – cottage cheese with fruit, a portion of buckwheat, muesli with Apple and milk, oatmeal with a grapefruit, orange or peach juice.
  2. Additional Breakfast – yogurt with peach, cottage cheese with fruit or any fruit.
  3. Lunch – boiled chicken, steamed or baked fish with rice, soup with low-fat broth with vegetable salad.
  4. Snack – dried fruits, cheese, nuts, fresh juice or fruit salad.
  5. Dinner – boiled beef, cheese, raisins, seafood salad or vegetable.

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