Diet for elevated blood cholesterol in women; what is harmful

Most people think about diets when they want to lose weight. But there are other situations, for example, associated with poor health. Diet for high cholesterol aims to reduce its levels in the body and help in the treatment of certain diseases, particularly atherosclerosis.

Who shown diet to lower cholesterol?

Often a diet for high cholesterol prescribed by a doctor. This happens when a person has a serious health problem. Therefore, the main part follow a similar diet – patients with cardiovascular disease. It is worth saying that special diet is able to get rid of excess cholesterol only partially. And if the doctor prescribed treatment with medicines, you cannot give them up, hoping diet to overcome disease. But to downplay the role of a healthy diet is not necessary, because, according to the experts, it allows to lower cholesterol up to 10%.

Diet to reduce cholesterol in the blood is also practiced by those who serious diseases is not suffering, but wants to prevent them. This type of food will help to stay longer healthy and active. In addition, this diet is a pleasant «side effect». Since the diet eliminates most fats begin to decrease body weight. Adhering to this diet, and health store, and from several extra pounds to get rid of.

Harmful products

Diet to reduce cholesterol in the blood implies the complete exclusion from the diet of certain foods. They are composed of saturated fats, most often of animal origin. These fats are a source of «bad» cholesterol that can cause deposits on walls of blood vessels and, ultimately, prevents the normal circulation. A healthy body can process saturated fats, but in limited quantities. And people, diagnosed with vascular disease these fats better not to get food really.

Banned foods when you cholesterol diet are:

    • Fatty meat varieties, fat, offal and sausages. Should abandon pork and pork fat. When used in food poultry (chickens, ducks, geese) need to get rid of the skin and subcutaneous fat and it is best to eat only the breast. The by-products include liver, kidney, brains that are excluded from the diet. Will have to give up and against all kinds of sausages, steamed, and smoked.
    • Eggs. Diet to lower cholesterol prescribes a menu for the week to include a maximum of 3 egg yolks. In yolks contain cholesterol, but egg whites can be consumed without restrictions.
    • Dairy products high fat. Cream and sour cream should be deleted altogether.
    • butter, margarine, mayonnaise. These products are not allowed. Fans of salads with mayonnaise, you can cook it yourself, with a small amount of egg yolks.

Mayonnaise is too fat for high cholesterol in women

  • Bread and pasta from flour. Not to abandon the pastry is not necessary. You only need to select a pasta from durum cereal, and bread from wheat flour.
  • Coffee. Oil coffee bean contains saturated fat, therefore from drinking brewed coffee should be abandoned completely. Soluble harm less, but benefit from it a bit, so its use should be minimized.
  • Fast food and confectionery. Because of the high fat content will have to give up sweets and cakes and all sorts of the purchase of hamburgers. But the house version of delicious sandwiches with bread from wheat flour, greens and lean meats are acceptable.

Useful products

Diet for high cholesterol involves eating foods with unsaturated fats. They are able to reduce cholesterol level to normal. The fact that the human body has a need for the «good» cholesterol. It is involved in cell repair, promotes the production of important hormones and normalizes the process of digestion.

Allowed (and even required) healthy foods diet that you want to include in diet daily:

    • Vegetable oil. Especially a lot of unsaturated fat, contains olive oil, but you can also use sunflower, soya, corn and other species.
    • Lean meat. Veal and lamb low-fat varieties, and the Turkey is considered a dietary product, will provide the body the required level of animal protein.
    • Fish. Its regular use will allow you to get a useful dose of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. Especially useful sardines, cod, salmon, tuna. In an extreme case, the fatty acid omega-3 can be obtained by taking fish oil capsules.
    • Dairy products low-fat or low-fat. Milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese allowed up to 1.5% fat. Cheese is also better to choose low-fat varieties, up to 35%.
    • Fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can eat fresh vegetables, like in salads, but you can steam, boil, bake. If fry only in vegetable oil. You can eat dried fruits.
    • Bread flour, biscuits, bran, pasta from durum cereal. These products are a useful source of carbohydrates, saturating the body with energy.
    • Legumes. Beans, soy, beans, peas required in the diet to lower cholesterol. They contain a lot of protein and an alternative to meat, the amount of which with this diet is somewhat limited.

  • Nuts and seeds. Oil, many nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and seeds of pumpkin, flax) contains high levels of unsaturated fats.
  • Tea. Has a beneficial effect on the condition of the vessels. Useful tea of any sort, but of moderate strength (1-2 teaspoons per 200 ml of water).
  • Alcohol. The benefits of alcoholic beverages for the prevention of atherosclerosis have many causes bewilderment. Nevertheless, it is true, scientific studies confirm that alcohol in small doses increases the level of «good» cholesterol.Experts have identified a useful norm for men 30 ml of spirits (brandy, whiskey, vodka), 200 ml of wine daily. Diet for high cholesterol in women allow, respectively: 20 ml and 150 strong and weak alcohol. You need to understand that the daily rate cannot be «add», abstaining all week and then drinking a lot of alcohol beverages at one time. In this issue you should consult with your doctor, as alcohol may cause damage in other diseases.

Following the dietary guidelines for high cholesterol can improve their health and keep active until old age!

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