Diet for blood group

Some nutritionists believe that the most correct and effective method of losing weight is the diet according to their blood groups. The content of the theory is the separation of all the products in a harmful, neutral and necessary for a person depending on what his blood group.

What are the features and dieting

Blood analysis in lab

Diet for blood group is based on the cellular structure of a particular organism. So, it is the same food can be both good and bad for different blood types. For example, meat meal will provide a person a type 0 (group 1), normal digestion, and the owner type A (2 group) – weight gain. Compliance with this diet will help to heal your body, exclude from the diet are poorly digested foods or those that are toxic to humans. Relieving the the digestive system, you will be free from toxins and excess body fat.

Permitted and prohibited products

The different blood types differently interact with the lecithins, which are important building blocks of the body. They are almost all body tissues and act together with food. However, the chemical composition of lecithins from meat and plant foods is different. Through diet for blood group each person can choose the food you need with lecithins to lose weight or to get rid of diseases. To this end, all products were divided into prohibited and permitted for holders of a specific type of blood.

Table foods for blood group

It is believed that many health problems it is possible to get rid of eating right. Everyone has their «weaknesses», for example, the owners of blood type 0 often suffer from ulcerative diseases of the cardiovascular ailments. If you stick to the diet for blood group, such problems can be avoided. The table below shows the permitted and prohibited foods for each group, with the help of which you can make the right diet menu for a week.

The first group

Varieties of legumes

This type is considered the oldest. Holders of the third group on the Earth about 33%. People belonging to this category, different strong digestive tract and, as a rule, the acidity of the stomach. Blood was formed in a time when people ate mostly meat, and ate fewer plant foods in his diet was not flour products and cereals. Therefore, the ideal diet food for people with blood group 0 is high-protein, however, is not so clear.

Allowed food Neutral food (moderate consumption) Foods that should be excluded
Meat: veal, beef, lamb, Turkey. Rabbit, chicken, duck. Pork, goose.
The liver, lungs, heart. Eggs. Any dairy products except low fat cheese, processed cheese, fatty cheese.
Fish and seafood: cod, sturgeon, salmon, halibut, grouper, trout, herring, etc. Carp, flounder, pike, eel, tuna, smelt, squid, and crayfish. Smoked fish, caviar, catfish, catfish, octopus.
Soy milk and cheese. Homemade cheese, cheese. Wheat, oats, corn, semolina, pasta.
Beans Soy beans, snow peas, asparagus. Sweet cakes, bread from wheat flour, crackers.
Raw vegetables/fruits: broccoli, artichoke, onions, cabbage, turnips, spinach, pumpkin, plum, apples, plums, cherries. Buckwheat, barley, rice, millet, barley grits, rye and rice bread. Lentils, Navy beans.
Parsley, chicory, pepper, curry, parsnips. Rutabagas, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, lettuce, beets, radishes, watermelon, banana, grapes, pomegranate, pear, kiwi, cherry, persimmon, lemon, peach, currants. The juices of these fruits and vegetables. Cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, potatoes, pickles, tangerines, cantaloupe, avocado, coconut, olives, orange, strawberry.
Walnuts. Oyster. Mushrooms.
Flaxseed and olive oil. Hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds. Pistachio, peanut, poppy.
Tea dog rose, lime, dandelion. Chocolate, sugar, jelly, jam, honey. Coconut, peanut, and corn oil.
Juices: plum, cherry, pineapple. Butter, sunflower, fish oil. Vinegar, ketchup, pepper, coffee, strong alcohol, black tea.

The second group

Fish dish with a fried egg for 2 blood

Diet of the second group of blood involves the transition to a vegetarian diet. Representatives of the type A is the settled farmers who ate mainly vegetable, self-grown food. The second group is the most common: almost 38% of people possess it. Representatives of this category have a strong immune system, however, have a weak digestive system, so when you eat fatty foods they can cause serious health problems.

What can I eat Products, the number of which in the diet should be restricted to No food allowed
Fish: herring, perch, carp, cod, trout, mackerel, whitefish. Pike, sturgeon, tuna, perch river. Red meat, rabbit, liver, heart.
Soy and bean products. Chicken, Turkey, eggs. Smoked salmon, flounder, catfish, whiting, catfish, crayfish, caviar, squid.
Cereals: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, rye. Yogurt, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese. Whole milk, ice cream, cream, butter and hard fat cheese.
Bakery products. Pea pods, beans, green peas. The Navy beans.
Fruits: broccoli, Kale, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, beets, carrots, pumpkin, BlackBerry, grapefruit, pineapple, blueberry, plum, cherry, lemon, cranberry etc. Corn flour, barley, millet, barley grits, rice, rye/wheat bread, oatmeal, barley. Wheat flour and baked goods of it, pasta, pastries.
Oyster. Zucchini, rutabaga, cucumber, radish, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, beets, seaweed, celery, kiwi, pickles, watermelon, avocado, pomegranate, gooseberries, peaches, persimmons, currants. Sweet potatoes, white and red cabbage, orange, hot pepper, tomato, banana, melon, tangerine, mango, olives, cauliflower.
Vegetable oil. Sweets, including honey, sugar, chocolate. Mushrooms.
Peanut pumpkin seeds. Margarine, soybean oil. Pistachios.
Juices/drink: carrot, apricot, plum, grapefruit, pineapple, coffee, herbal and green tea. Pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds. Ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil, soda water, black tea.

The third group

The dish for the 3 groups of blood

As a result of mixing the first and the second originated the third group of blood. Its owners represent about 21% of the total population. A distinctive feature of people with 3 group is a stable nervous system, the ability to easy adapt to external conditions. «Nomads» is suitable for almost any food, compared to other groups, including dairy products. Below is a table of permitted and prohibited foods for the third group of blood.

Allowed food Neutral products No food allowed
Rabbit, lamb. Veal, beef, liver. Pork, heart, duck, goose, chicken.
Eggs. Carp, river perch, catfish, herring, tuna, squid. Smoked fish, shellfish.
Salmon, flounder, sea bass, halibut, sturgeon, mackerel, herring, pike, pike-perch, hake, etc. Whole milk, cream, cheese, butter, soy milk. Corn, buckwheat, speckled kidney beans, barley, barley, granola.
Dairy products, milk, cheese. Peas, green peas, beans. Ice cream.
Soybean and Navy bean types. Pasta, flour, semolina. Peanut, soybean, coconut, sunflower oil.
Rice, oatmeal. Zucchini, onions, lettuce, celery, pickles, lemon, prunes. Radishes, potatoes, pumpkin, barberry, avocado, radish, olives, persimmons, pomegranate.
Any cabbage, peppers, beets, bananas, pineapple, all berries, apples, coconut. Sweets, including dark chocolate, walnuts, almonds. Pine nuts, hazelnuts.
Olive oil, green tea. Oyster mushrooms, mushrooms. Ketchup, mayonnaise, spirits.

The fourth group

Foods for diets on the fourth blood group

This is the youngest group of blood formed by mixing the second and third. This type have only about 8% of the planet’s inhabitants. People with a fourth blood group has inherited all the advantages and disadvantages of other types. They got to a weak immune system and sensitive digestive system. For representatives of this category is important to a balanced, moderate diet.

Useful products The food should be reduced No food allowed
Rabbit, Turkey, lamb. Fat, the liver. Pork, veal, beef, goose, duck, chicken.
Sea bass, salmon, pike, cod, perch, mackerel, trout, whitefish, tuna. Catfish, carp, river perch, herring. Flounder, smoked fish, halibut, crayfish, squid.
Cheese, yogurt, goat milk, kefir, sour cream. Low-fat milk, cheese, whey. Whole milk, fat cottage cheese, cream.
Legumes. Egg. Sunflower seeds, hazelnuts.
Oat flour, rice, oatmeal, rye. Semolina, barley, beans, peas, beans, pasta, barley grits, wheat, bread. Corn, buckwheat, sunflower, corn, coconut oil.
Cucumber, broccoli, peppers, pineapple, celery, cherry plum, plum, Apple, citrus, etc. Cabbage, turnips, daikon, potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, seaweed, blueberries, watermelon, melon, prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, mushrooms. Radishes, pickles, avocados, barberries, oranges, lettuce, radish, pomegranate, banana, persimmon.
Olive oil, walnuts, peanuts, poppy. Sweets, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts. Vinegar, ketchup, spirits.

Does positive and negative RH factor diet

On the positive RH factor accounts for about 86% of the people, and the remaining 14% have a negative blood group. Food is prepared on the basis of differences in composition of certain antigens/antibodies in people with different groups. Doctors believe that the effectiveness of the diet is not influenced by the type RH factor, so it can not be ignored in the preparation of their menu.

Sample menu diet for a week

Milk rice porridge

For women and men who do not know how to lose weight and looking for effective ways to be an interesting diet for blood group. However, before starting the course it is better to consult a doctor because these dietary recommendations are intended for healthy people. If the person has problems with metabolism, such a diet is unable to hurt him. The following are examples of menu for owners of different blood groups that do not have chronic diseases.

1 group

  1. First day: 2 fruit to choose from, sugarless tea – 1-2 servings, juice, vegetable soup, fried fish, stewed liver, a slice of rye bread.
  2. Second day: grapes, herbal tea – 2 servings, fresh juice, vegetable of vegetable soup, salad with fresh vegetables, boiled meat (men – 300 g, for women – 200 g), boiled fish, branny bread with butter, salad with seaweed.
  3. Third day: some fruit, except citrus, unsweetened tea, fresh juice, soup with vegetables and potatoes, red meat grilled, salad with raw vegetables, slice of rye bread, fried zucchini, shrimp.
  4. Fourth day: low fat milk – 1 serving, bananas, unsweetened tea, soup vegetables, low-fat cheese, fresh juice, boiled meat, seaweed.
  5. Fifth day: fruits except citrus, unsweetened tea, vegetable soup, fresh juice, whole squid, tomatoes, boiled sea fish, rye bread.
  6. Sixth day: unsweetened tea, 2 boiled eggs, fresh juice, vegetable soup, boiled/baked fish, boiled chicken, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  7. Seventh day: fruit, herbal decoction, fresh juice, soup vegetables, beef liver grilled, rye bread, tomatoes, lettuce with radish, fried fish.

Group 2

Since the second type of blood suggests a predominantly vegetarian menu, should fill the dietary intake of plant food. Suitable options:

  • Breakfast: herbal green tea or coffee, rice porridge with fruits, buckwheat with milk, vegetable or fruit salad.
  • Lunch: soup vegetable, fresh vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, soup, boiled eggs, fruit juice, mushroom soup, low-fat cheese.
  • Snacks: nuts, dried fruit, unsweetened tea, fresh fruit.
  • Dinner: mushrooms stewed with vegetables, baked fish, beans, Turkey breast, Kashi.

Group 3

Table setting for Breakfast

Day the first, fourth, seventh:

  • Breakfast: Apple, rice milk, herbal tea.
  • Lunch: soup with mushrooms, salad with cheese, eggs, chicken fillet, dressed with sour cream.
  • Snack: nuts, fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled beef, steamed vegetables.

Day two-five:

  • Morning: oatmeal, tea.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with broccoli and bread with butter.
  • Snack: berries or dried fruit.
  • Dinner: lean meat stew with rice.

The third day, the sixth:

  • Breakfast: Apple, low-fat yogurt, berry juice.
  • Lunch: soup with vegetables, mushrooms, salad.
  • Snack: 2 fruit to choose from.
  • Dinner: baked fish, boiled beans.

4 group

Moderation in all things – the main rule to be followed, the owners of the 4th group of blood. To help you with the process of compiling a healthy menu, let us give examples:

  • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream, oatmeal with apples or berries, rice cereal, a serving of unsweetened yogurt, bread.
  • Lunch: boiled fish, vegetable soup, salad Mimosa, steamed vegetables, or salads of fresh fruit.
  • Dinner: fruit, boiled cauliflower, boiled meat, stews, and julienne seafood, baked fish, rice.

Are there any contraindications

Diet by type of blood has almost no contraindications. The only thing is intolerance to a particular food. However, this can be corrected by replacing the wrong food another. In the presence of certain pathologies, the use of some products may harm human health. In addition, recovery will not contribute to the lack of a menu is not provided by the diet food, containing essential nutrients.

For example, in cardiac diseases should reduce the consumption of meat, even people of the first group of blood, as in anemia to remove from the menu meat dishes is impossible, even if your style involves vegetarian diet. In addition, with age, the human body undergoes major changes are as follows: osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. in such diseases, the doctor will prescribe a diet individually, taking into account the peculiarities of human health.

Video about diet according to blood group for weight loss

Reviews and results after dieting

Julia, 24 years: I Have 1 blood type, tried an appropriate diet after six months positive results are not seen. Weight has not decreased, but started to grow. When I visited a nutritionist, he advised to reduce protein foods in the diet and add fiber (oatmeal, grain bread, fresh vegetables/fruits). Only after that I started to lose weight: 2 months – minus 3.5 kg.

Nicholas, 33 years old, Have a third group of blood and a little overweight. Has long been fed by the diet, but the weight stands still. No serious health problems there, so it is not clear what can not lose weight. Now began to actively engage in the gym (mostly cardio) and drink cocktails energy diet, hope this helps. Diet by blood to me are not effective.

Olga, 30 years: Recently switched to a vegetarian diet that suited me on the blood type (I have two). It was difficult to give up many favorite foods, but it’s a matter of habit. Facilitated the transition of the Internet, which today is replete with many recipes using herbal ingredients. In vegetarian diet there are many tasty and healthy dishes.

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