Diet Anita Tsoy Wedding size and menu Gold tens

Diet Anita Tsoy

To lose weight, we often choose diets that are already tested famous people. Their photos before and after weight loss allow you to trust the choice of the stars. Such stories relates how lost weight, Anita Tsoy. Use the following options of diets from this famous singer.

What is the essence and rules of dieting

Singer Anita Tsoy

Diet Anita Tsoy, thanks to which the singer has lost 54 kg, they are not the only fans, so in order to tell everyone about it, the star even became the host of a show about weight loss called «Wedding size». The basis of power is the separation of products: combine meat with any vegetables, not starchy. Additional condition – low calorie foods, and even periodic fasting days, because the basic rules of the diet are able to maintain every day. Singer recommends several rules for weight loss:

  • do not combine proteins with carbohydrates in one meal;
  • exercise regularly;
  • drink plenty of pure water;
  • do not eat after 20.00;
  • weekly fasting day.

Menus and recipes for every day

Products for diet

Options diet from Anita Tsoy following:

  1. Monthly diet. It is suitable for any diet diet the main thing – to comply with a condition to eat them on the waning moon, and in the growth phase to use regular diet. Contraindicated for diabetics.
  2. Yogurt-cucumber diet. More suitable for fasting days. Is a quick diet without harm to health, this holds only 3 days, while only cleanses the body.
  3. Diet grapefruit and eggs. Allowed to stick with it for 3 days or use as a fasting day.
  4. Gold diet Anita Tsoy. Is the longest: you need to observe her for 10 days, which guarantees the reset is almost the same amount of extra pounds.
  5. Protein diet. Is to remove the body 7 egg whites 5 cups of green tea.

A dish of cucumbers for the rapid method

Cucumber quick diet for 1 day

One of the main beauty secrets of the singer is her personal recipe fasting day, which not only harm the body, but also purify it. The main condition – do not use this diet more than 1 day, and to apply only in extreme cases when you need to throw 1-2 kg. the Basis of food a day become 2 kg of cucumbers and 2 liters of liquid. As a final you can select or clear water or green tea. The next day you will find a pleasant surprise in the form of a pair of dropped pounds and blooming skin.

Grapefruit for 3 days

Of fruits first juice

Another variant of the power system singer is a diet with grapefruit and eggs. The basis of the diet are only 2 of these product. The morning starts at the 9 o’clock, at this time you need to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. Then you will have to eat proteins and half a grapefruit, alternating every hour. After 7pm, only drink clean water.

Gold ten 10 days

If a diet is to add regular physical activity and cocktails energy diet, not only will go the extra pounds, but also strengthen a muscular corset, because thanks to the second component diet the body is saturated with protein. Menu on all 10 days are shown in the table, which is painted the products with basic recommendations for use. It is divided into 2 periods.

The first half
Day A list of products How to cook Additionally How to use
First Cucumbers – 0.5 kg

Kefir 1% – 0,5 l


Connect all the components, mix with a blender Clean water – 2.5 l Divide all the resulting mix into 6 times, drink during the day, but not later than 20.00
The second to fourth Grapefruit – 5 PCs.

Eggs chicken – 5 PCs.

Clean the fruit from the rind, eggs boil on high heat for 15 minutes A glass of buttermilk or water with the addition of 1 tsp. honey Divide all the food into 5-6 approaches, eat no later than 8 PM
Fifth Cucumbers – 1.5 kg

Eggs – 2 PCs.

Boiled eggs and cucumbers cut into cubes Water with honey – 1 tbsp.

Clean water – 2.5 l

Eat 6 receptions, but no later than 20.00
The second half
Day Breakfast – 08.00 Second Breakfast – 10.00-12.00 Lunch – 14.00 Afternoon snack – 16.00 Dinner – 18.00-20.00
Sixth Oatmeal on the water



Hard-boiled egg Carrot salad with oil Large pear

Beet salad

Seventh Oatmeal

Apple juice


Raw carrots or fruit Braised or roasted meat without salt and oil Carrots or fruit Braised cod or Pollock with vegetables
Eighth Menu 5 day
Ninth Buckwheat – 200 g

Salad of shredded carrots, onions and celery with lemon juice

Cucumbers – 200 g The alternation of buckwheat with vegetables and cucumber every 2 h to 19.00
Tenth An omelette with 1 yolk and 2 proteins Apple Cod steamed with a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes Vegetable casserole The potatoes under the green

Video: Anita Tsoy about their diet

Reviews thinner

Alexander, 32 years: I Love this singer not only for her voice but also because her diet has helped to get rid of excess weight: in 3 months effective dozens of gold it took me 16 pounds. Diet easy but, as with any restrictions, sometimes I want sweet. I replaced the cocktails energy diet: banana and strawberry. Very tasty, I advise all women.

Margarita, 26 years: I Often use a mono-diet Anita Tsoy: arrange once a week fasting days on cucumbers. Easy to observe, because only one day but a week, and feel easy on the completeness and do not think. I decided to try the grapefruit version – I lost 3 kg in 3 days. If you are surprised by this result, then try this diet, you will not regret.

Anastasia, 42 years: This diet for me is unique because I love grapefruit. Arrange them unloading weekly: so over the last month took 4.5 kilograms without any effort. Try the Golden ten, I’m not disappointed, because even get rid of 8 kg. Advise all friends: diet tasty and healthy.

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