Diet 6 petals: the menu for each day, reviews, the essence, recipes, detailed examples

You ask «What is this strange such a diet?». Other diets are «diet» and «product» names, and this method of weight loss it very much looks like some kind of magic flower, make a wish like in a fairy tale. And partly you are right, because this diet helps to lose one kilo in just a week. Briefly about the diet:

  • Duration — 6 days;
  • How much it will cost? about 1500rubley;
  • How often can I apply? — about once a year;
  • Everyone is? — it is impossible to women, pregnant women, challenges systems of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

Another of its name — flower diet, and this method developed by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, who believes that the body received less desired substances, only a few days, very fast can lose a few kg. it’s simple: each day is its own mono-diet. Moreover, the sequence must be followed.

What is the essence of the diet 6 petals?

Through research, nutritionists have found out that if you eat according to this scheme, the fat goes away very quickly. Entry ONLY protein and carbohydrates in a separate embodiment, makes fat decompose quickly, as proteins and carbohydrates do not mix. Simply put, this «monotony» forces the body to use its own reserves. And since the two necessary components obtained enough, he easily breaks down fats. You probably already read it, what can cause similar mono-options for weight loss. Recall: the body quickly gets used to the monotony, and adapts to the system. However, this is not the case with the diet «6 petals» and its detailed menu for each day. Reviews thousands of happy, thin women say that the body does not have time to get used to, and burn their reserves.

If easier, then by the middle of the first day your fat will «lose» the volume, because the body ALL the essential daily nutrients. In the morning, for example, the body will be filled with fish, and will have to wait for another meal. Following the reception of the fish will not be absorbed, and the necessary materials will get from the available locations — subcutaneous fat.

Also, what is especially important for weight loss to alternate proteins and carbohydrates, as spelled out in the system. Proteins carbohydrates proteins carbohydrates proteins carbohydrates and fats — only the «subcutaneous»). In any case don’t change the order!

Every day is a mono diet, which stimulates the body to accelerate the metabolism. Separation of power is the basis of this method. The intestine works well and quickly gets rid of toxins.

Every day their food, so diet is very easy. And it can be not only chicken or only broccoli. Chemical composition of the product must be the same for the entire 24-hour episode. You can bake, boil, braise this product, add salt, spices. The days should be:

  • 1st — fish, about 0.5 kg;
  • 2nd- vegetable, to 1500гр a day;
  • 3rd chicken, about 0.5 kg;
  • 4th — grass (grains 0.2 kg, 0.1 kg of rye bread);
  • 5th — cheese, about 0.5 kg;
  • 6th — fruit — 1.5 kg

Who can «sit» on a diet «6 petals»?

Sample menu for each day of this way to lose weight is quite diverse and does not have any special restrictions, and the results are truly impressive. If you’re allergic to tomatoes, use another vegetable. If you’re desperate to find my diet, believe me, it was the «six petals» you will stop! Prepare your favourite dishes and enjoy the food, because it MUST BE TASTY and not just useful. According to reviews about the diet «6 petals», a day starting on the first day, leaving 0.5-1 kg, and this is not the limit! In two weeks you can lose up to 10 kg, which is quite a lot, isn’t it?

If you can’t tolerate the feeling of hunger, this method is definitely for you! The body will not be able «to have time to starve», it is only necessary to wait a little bit. And the motivation to make a big flower with six petals and on each write to the desired results.

Contraindications to the diet

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • problems with the cardiovascular and endocrine systems;
  • diabetes;
  • gastritis;
  • renal-genital diseases;
  • viral infection;
  • illnesses that is assigned to «their diet».

What can I eat?

So, you already know what this weight loss method — diet «6 petals». Detail and products you can eat in these six days:

Fish for 1 day — trout, salmon, any white fish. Of course, it is better to stick fat to 3.9%, but if will be more — anything terrible, the main thing is not to fry it. Will fit heck, tilapia, lemonema, flounder, perch, cod, blue whiting, and pink salmon, carp, mackerel, herring, eel, all kinds of sturgeon. In General, fish is a source of nutrients. It is well absorbed, delicious and also affects metabolism.Fish rich in unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenovoi, arachidonic), vitamins D, A, and iodine. It is better to use sea fish, because it has more benefits.

Vegetables the 2nd day preferably raw and boiled/baked/steamed. Suitable sweet pepper, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, Beijing, kohlrabi, beets, eggplant, zucchini, radishes, asparagus, onions, all types of greens and also watercress, spinach, celery. But the potato is better to use in dishes at least. In salads, you can add lemon juice, mustard, and various spices.

Chicken on day 3 — it is best to use chicken or other chicken meat without the fat. Some allow you to use low fat beef, Turkey breast, tenderloin of beef. In principle, for variety you can afford it, most importantly with respect to the protein regime.

Cereal. 4 day diet you can eat buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet, brown rice, rye or branny bread, grain bread, bran. Be careful — barred white rice, corn cereals are junk. In order to maintain the nutrients in buckwheat, brown rice or oatmeal, it is better not to boil, for the night, pour warm water. The morning grits is pretty swell and it will be ready to eat.

Day 5 — cheese. It is allowed to drink up to 300ml of low-fat yogurt. You can still add to the table cheeses (varieties of Gouda, Ricotta, Arla, Adygei, feta), cheese, tofu. Don’t forget about yogurt and milk.

Day 6 — fruity, sure to be the «outlet» after a 5-day exhausting diets). You can eat almost any fruit and berries. Fruit — pears, apples, plums, pineapple(!), kiwi, pomegranate, all the citrus fruit (excluding bananas). Fruit — Watermelon, cherries, currants, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, etc. should have Approximately half of the diet — berries, half — fruit. Apple well is not crude, and baked, as it whets the appetite in its raw form.

Detailed menu diet 6 petals. Daily diet for those who lose weight

Consider in more detail what to eat, what to cook and when. Let’s say you want to start losing weight this way is traditionally the beginning of the week. So, here is a version of the diet «6 petals», a sample menu for each day, which reviews are the most positive:

Monday — Day # 1 — fish day

Prepare yourself the necessary quantity of fresh fish for the fishing day diet «6 petals». If you have a frozen — put it on the night to unfreeze. Prepare in the morning, and the rest put in the fridge. Generally, it is best to cook food immediately before use. If you want to bring to work for lunch, you’ll take what you have prepared in the morning. If your menu is burgers or meatballs, stuffing can be made in advance in the evening. Simple — 0.5 kg of fish stretch for the day. So, what could it be?

  • Breakfast. Red fish Chum salmon in the steamer (150g) seasoned with your favorite spices. You can add a few grains of salt. Water without gas;
  • Lunch. 2 steam cutlets from meat of Alaska Pollock or hake (200g). Green ginger tea without sugar;
  • Dinner. 2 pieces of boiled glocosamine (150g). In the water when cooking, add a little salt and spices. Green tea.

Interesting facts. Fish is a special diet product, which should never be neglected. It is well absorbed, contains only useful substances, and, most importantly for us, «turns into fat». Fish day in the diet «Six petals» it is «soporific alertness of the body.» Last and not know what hit him weekly monodacna a concussion. Usually, at this stage, the body is well saturated and «silent» in terms of hunger.

Tuesday — Day # 2 — day vegetable diet 6 petals

This day is strictly prohibited proteins and carbohydrates (sugar, flour, etc.). Only vegetables in any form! If you have a choice — pay it towards «useful» foods — spinach, peppers, or green onions, carrots, beets. If the potatoes feel about neutral — eliminate it entirely, because, as you know, she’s special is not conducive to weight loss due to the large amount of starch in the composition. Vegetables you can eat to 1500гр. If you’ve noticed before that some vegetables slow down your metabolism, give up on the diet. So

  • Breakfast. Salad of cucumber and tomato with parsley, seasoned with spices(250g). Without salt. Green tea;
  • Lunch. Braised water spinach with the addition of bell pepper, onions, eggplant and carrots (500g). And just a couple of grains of salt. Use a nonstick frying pan, cook WITHOUT oil;
  • Dinner. Soup-puree of broccoli, coleslaw, bell peppers and carrots, seasoned with red pepper.

Interesting facts. Vegetables are low in calories and not only adds weight, but also cause the body to use domestic energy resources to digest, meaning your own fat. In addition, vegetables are a kind of broom which cleans the intestine, and this is a necessity after a «protein» day. The body begins to adapt to your routine, so if you continue eating just fiber, he has stocked the fat with a vengeance. However, tomorrow we will eat the vegetables and protein again. And while the body get used to it, will burn hundreds of calories of their own.

Wednesday — Day # 3 — Chicken meat

Finally, would masoudi). This day will give you the strength to continue the diet further. Best in quality, so to say, raw materials to use chicken. But other parts of the chicken will be delicious, only recommend you first remove the peel. And in any case not to use the roasted version of chicken in the diet «6 petals»! Sample menu for each day protein day:

  • Breakfast. Boiled fillets in water with a few grains of salt and spices (150g). You know that if you boil it and immediately get it — the meat will be a bit hard. And you boil, turn off and let stand half an hour. It becomes more tender! Add to the chicken green tea without sugar;
  • Lunch. Baked in foil chicken breast (200g). Pre-marinate it with garlic, spices, a splash of soy sauce. Water with a drop of lemon;
  • Dinner. 2 chicken thighs skinless and fat, steamed (150g). They can be pre-marinated. Green tea without sugar.

Interesting facts. Chicken is a dietary product, useful substances such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin D. At this stage, the body will not have enough carbohydrates, it will use its own reserves, ie fat. Try meals to put less salt — ideally no. The fact that salt retains water in the body, and at this stage it is very undesirable. So, a few grains for flavor and good seasoning. Oil is strictly prohibited!

Thursday — Day # 4 — Cereals

Cereal day diet «6 petals» is most effective for reviews online, on the rump, Bulgur, and oatmeal, buckwheat and brown rice are also good. In the diet you can add sesame peanuts (very little!), spices. In General, this day is one of the most difficult. Hold on! Plan diet this day. Remember, dry cereals and other ingredients should be no more than 200g a day!

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal or bran is steamed. Green tea;
  • Lunch. Boiled brown rice. You can add a little soy sauce to the diet was fun. Grain bread. Water without gas;
  • Dinner. Buckwheat steamed, flavored with sesame seeds. Green tea without sugar.

Interesting facts. If there is an alternative rice — use it! The fact that the rice a lot of gluten, which, unfortunately, is not conducive to weight loss. Of course, brown rice beats white by number of gluten, but still… in addition, sugar and honey, and all sweeteners.

Friday — Day # 4 — Cheese

This day should go easier than the previous one. The intake of protein in the body and gives energy, so to speak. Left a bit before the end of the diet «6 petals». Cheese day — so cheese and yogurt (no more than 500g per day). So…

  • Breakfast. Bold 150gr cottage cheese. Green tea without sugar;
  • Lunch. Cheesecakes baked 200g. Water without gas;
  • Dinner. 150g of low-fat yogurt.

Saturday — Day # 5 — Fruit

So came the turn! You have almost passed this test, you see, is not so difficult, was it? This day you can eat up to 1.5 kg of ANY fruit. Your stomach will almost always be full, but the fruit do not give full saturation, so watch so far, and to—). Joke). For the previous five days your stomach «Utenos», and many will not ask. So, we offer:

  • Breakfast. 200gr strawberries. Green tea;
  • Lunch. 300-400g apples (preferably baked), pear, cherry, strawberry, watermelon);
  • Dinner. Currant, BlackBerry, gooseberry.

Tip: before each meal drink a glass of water at room temperature. In any case, not cool! In General, do not eat cold food and water — they don’t digest, and raw «settle» in the intestine, causing it putrefactive processes. And warm water before a meal will wash out the stomach and intestines.

Cons diet

Yes, Yes, they do exist. Before you begin, be sure to read the disadvantages of diet «Six petals»:

Doctors believe that the body should not fast to lose weight as fat burning goes along with the loss of skin elasticity, reduction of the thickness of the intestine, the components of the muscles. To avoid this, think ahead about how you will care for the skin, hair, nails. And also be sure to engage in physical activity.

Circles diet «6 petals» are positively perceived only in the first week. The second will already be harder to lose weight for women over 40, for example, will be more difficult due to increased fatigue. To avoid this, take vitamins, of course, after consulting with a doctor.

Poor quality products can ruin the reputation of the diet «6 petals». The results you want to obtain, directly depend on it. For example, the marine loses much few piece of salmon, and store-bought cheese home.

How to get out of the diet? The seventh day diet «6 petals»

Reviews about this method of weight loss on day 7 is quite controversial. Some say that the seventh day should be fully discharge, it is possible to drink only water without gas. Others that can «take off» in full, is everything. Rational people adhere to the «neutral» way: on the 7th day eat as usual BEFORE the diet, but not to be included in the diet of indigestible dishes, fried, flour, sweet, fatty.

If you are serious about slimming strong, after that day start fishing again on the previous route. And 14-day make it fasting just on water.

No wait for the results?

View what causes the diet «6 petals». Reviews and results «before» and «after» speak for themselves:



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