Diet 500 calories a day

Beauty is worth some sacrifices, but is it worth spoiling for the sake of her health? First create a problem of excess weight and then spend a lot of money, a lot of effort and time. Often choose a radical solution: prolonged fasting surgical methods. Meanwhile, there are effective diets that show excellent results. Very popular diet of 500 calories per day. It is non-durable, perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle, going to lose weight in a short period of time.

Basic principles and benefits of diet

Foods with calories in them

The essence of this system for weight loss: a day to eat no more than 500 calories. The average for women is around 1500 calories a day, so this reduction of food intake is very important. If you adhere to proper nutrition, to perform simple exercises and fitness, the body begins to consume the missing calories from your own fat. Diet provide a real weight loss up to 1 kg daily.

The main advantage of this diet – you can eat any of the products within the set limit. Another plus – the meals planned in its sole discretion. The latest during this diet – not later than 18 hours. Recommended during the day food is able to provide the body with nutrients that helps to reduce weight:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • fish;
  • meat (chicken).

Diet becomes more effective if you eat sweets and limit the use of flour products and foods high in fat, to cook food without oil. It is suitable for most women, because it does not require large financial investments. With its design has become much less questions about how to lose weight at home. At the same time on a diet of 500 calories a day is impossible to survive for a long time. It requires self control and willpower.

Option with 500 kilocalories is used as the rapid method of losing weight before swimsuit season, or to speed up metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, improvement of metabolism. The method has significant negative consequences. Restrictions threaten serious consequences:

  • headache;
  • nervousness;
  • faint;
  • poor health;
  • deterioration of nails, teeth and hair;
  • risk of developing anorexia.

Products diet

Fasting days is recommended to organize 1-2 times a 7 days, often be harmful to health. While nutritionists recommend to their clients after 16 hours. The intervals between meals should be small, most importantly – do not overdo it. Effectively the following types of days:

  1. Apple. The whole day eat only apples (1 kg of fruit divided into several parts). Recommended for bowel cleansing, restore metabolism, and prevention of hypertension.
  2. Cucumber. Daily norm of consumption – 1 kg of fruit. It is recommended to increase the rate of metabolism, stimulate the activity of intestinal cholesterol.
  3. Milk. For the day you need to drink up to 6 cups of yogurt or milk. Fasting diet helps reduce weight, balance the metabolism, clean the intestines to provide the body with essential vitamins.

Rules of calculation of a calorie

According to nutritionists before going on a diet, you should make some calculations. Will they be able to calculate the number of calories based on the specific weight and height. Must be subtracted from its growth figure of 100 and compare the result with the weight. If you get a figure equal weight or more than him, you will approach the # 1 diet. In other cases, option # 2.

The # 1 take your height in centimeters, subtract the value of the weight. Multiply the result by 3. Under option No. 2 the result is multiplied by 2. Obtained by counting the numbers further added to a daily 500 calories. For example, with the growth of 168 cm and weight 67 kg need to use the scheme # 2: (167-66) x 2 = 202. In this case, during the diet to achieve the best result allowed to use 702 calories a day (500+202).

Sample menu diet of 500 calories per day

Indication of the number of calories in foods for diets

It is extremely important not to go beyond the required number of calories. Under control should be used as food and drinks. The latter is also taken into account when counting calories. In advance, find a table of calories and check the scheme all products. Under certain conditions, for 7 days of food restrictions will be able to lose weight by 7-10 kg. diet Menu 500 calories a day for a week:

  1. Breakfast: the average slice of cheese or green Apple, coffee (unsweetened).
  2. Second Breakfast: an orange.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup with beans or boiled cauliflower (200 g), boiled chicken breast (100 grams).
  4. Dinner: 1 Apple, pickled cabbage (200 g) or cheese salad, fresh vegetables, water.

To maintain the energy, the health of your cells, muscles, fasting diet it is important to include proteins (up to 50 grams). Include the menu on every day healthy dishes: steamed fish, low-fat dairy products, shrimp, tuna, tofu. Well satisfy hunger foods rich in fiber: legumes, seeds, nuts. Breakfast is perfect with eggs – they have a high nutritional value and lower in carbs, calories (no more than 90 calories). A great snack between meals – fruit.

Feedback about the results after weight loss

Olga, 20 years: Before the birth weighed 45 kg, but after they recovered strongly. After another of her husband’s comments is wondering how to lose weight and stopped the diet 500 calories per day. Great result for the week dropped 9 kg Diet did not prevent her to go to music class, nor to classes in design. It is recommended to plan the weekly menu, to include cheese, yogurt, vegetables, eliminating high-calorie confectionery products and flour.

Elena, 35 years: the Initial growth 158, weight – 58. 6 days used no more than 500 calories, and during that time has lost 5 kg a sample diet: yogurt for Breakfast, a light soup and tea, for lunch, for dinner. Eat apples, kiwi, orange. Additionally went to the gym. If you look at the before and after photos, the result is noticeable to the naked eye: after the diet almost disappeared the abdomen and flanks.

Vasilisa, 31 years: the French are very fond of low-calorie diet of 500 calories per day. It’s been written about in many magazines, often say on television. Limiting consumption of calories really helps to cope with obesity without pills, drugs, and special systems. In addition to weight loss diet improves sugar levels and reduces cholesterol. The result will support sports.

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