Chocolate diet for weight loss

If you want to quickly lose a few extra pounds, try a short term diet. Such simple way of finding harmony a lot, but almost all of them exclude the consumption of sweets. Those who can not deny himself this pleasure, fit chocolate diet for weight loss. Get to know its features, benefits, rules. Find out what are the contraindications, what result to expect from the chocolate diet.

Can I lose weight on chocolates and bars

Girl biting a chocolate bar

All short-term effective diet is based on a sharp reduction of the quantity and caloric intake. In fact, it is disguised starvation, which leads to rapid loss of weight, but not volume, however, provided that during weight loss the main and the only food is chocolate. Replacement tile cocoa product chocolate for some losing weight women are not less effective, it is associated only with the individual peculiarities of digestion and metabolism.

Features and rules of dieting

The effectiveness of the diet is to limit the calories consumed, the ability of chocolate to speed up the metabolism, diuretic properties of the drink from him. Its basic principle – the use for diet only chocolate and nothing but him. Addition to the sweet menu is organic coffee, tea, and a daily serving (100 grams) chocolate food is divided into several stages. A prediction of this method of weight loss is 1 to 7 kg. Remember that losing pounds will occur due to the fluid and to get rid of excess fat by eating coffee with chocolate, you can’t.

Among the advantages of the diet include the ability to quickly get rid of a few kilos overweight, lose weight, indulging in a sweet. Cons she is not so little:

  • First, this diet has many contraindications, starting from pregnancy and ending with endocrine diseases.
  • Secondly, rapid weight loss is fraught with equally rapid return of the lost pounds.

The basic rules of the diet:

  1. Do not increase daily intake of chocolate by more than 50
  2. Dilute coffee only skim milk.
  3. Use bitter or milk chocolate without nuts, caramel, cookies, and other additives.
  4. Drink only natural, but not instant coffee.
  5. Do not substitute dark chocolate or white candies, product with sugar substitutes.
  6. Do not drink coffee, green tea before bed.
  7. Do not load yourself physically, leave during any diet complexes cardio, intense program in the gym.
  8. Look at the composition of chocolate: there must be cocoa butter.
  9. Make sure you have no contraindications to this method of weight loss.


  • diabetes mellitus, excess glucose in the blood;
  • high blood pressure;
  • kidney failure;
  • allergies;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • child bearing and lactation.

Chocolate for chocolate diet

Sample menu and recipes chocolate weight loss diet

This mono-diet allows you to vary its duration, the menu for each day. For example, you can arrange a once a week chocolate and coffee unloading, separating gold tiles on the amount of snacks that you offer. Other common variants of the chocolate weight loss diet – three days of sparing and drinking for a week. Let’s see how to lose weight with the chocolate diet (the main ingredient must be of good quality).

Light diet for 3 days

A short-term diet that lasts three days, is the ascetic version of the chocolate weight loss. If you set a goal to lose one to three pounds, have no contraindications, then start on a three-day menu:

  • in the morning after sleep – 200-250 ml of pure boiled or bottled water;
  • Breakfast – a Cup of natural coffee, a third of a chocolate bar;
  • afternoon tea – unsweetened green or black tea;
  • lunch – a Cup of coffee with milk, a third of the chocolate bar;
  • dinner – leftovers of the chocolate with a Cup of coffee, tea.

Drinking coffee-chocolate diet for 7 days

Confectionery chocolate

To withstand for a whole week, eating only chocolate with coffee very difficult. Moreover, such a diet can easily trigger gastric and headache, delirium, insomnia. Not to give the benefit of losing weight harm, a seven-day chocolate diet involves the inclusion of menu, milk, cocoa:

  1. The first day should follow the strict diet – dark chocolate bar, 500 ml of organic coffee, divided into several meals.
  2. On the second day, allow yourself a coffee with milk plus the same amount of sweet, and if permitted the amount of chocolate does not change, coffee snacks valid more than three or four times.
  3. The third day of the diet Supplement green tea milk or even to replace a lunch meal with coffee. The amount of chocolate remains the same – 100 grams. Coffee allowed to drink as milk, and without it.
  4. On the fourth day, cook yourself a cocoa without sugar (or slightly sweet) from a liter of milk and two tablespoons of powder is all your food in the middle of the diet.
  5. On the fifth day we begin the countdown to the release of the dietary diet in the reverse order of the first three days: green tea with milk, coffee, chocolate.
  6. Menu six days similar to diet second day diet.
  7. Complete weekly slimming dark chocolate bar and 500 ml of organic coffee, divided into several meals.

Diet when you exit the chocolate diet

Kept on this diet for a few days, do not immediately return to normal diet – let the body adapt after the stress. Remember that a sharp change of diet will lead to diarrhea, stomach pain, therefore, at least during the first days after a diet, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Eat in small portions.
  2. Eat often, this will not feel hunger, prevent the possibility postdating overeating.
  3. Don’t overdo the salt and smoked, in which you will want after several days of «sitting» on the chocolate.
  4. Give preference to simple and even rough food: porridge, bread with bran, low-fat soups, dairy products (kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, yoghurt) – is your menu for a week, after which it is allowed to return to the usual diet.

Remember that only proper nutrition, limiting all the harmful meals helps to keep the result and not gain 10 kg instead of seven reset. If you like to lose weight with chocolate, try to arrange a delicious and pleasant fasting days according to the scheme of this diet, then you will be able to keep the weight without gaining weight.

Photo grown thin before and after

Girl before and after application of the chocolate diet

The figure of a woman before and after chocolate diet

The effect of diet on chocolate with coffee noticeable when such a diet is used for regular days of fasting or conduct short-term weight-loss rate periodically (once a month) throughout the year. Immediately after three days of chocolate weight loss results will only be visible on the scale, but to feel the reduction of the waistline is possible in this case. Photo thinner is the best proof.

Feedback about the results after weight loss

Elizabeth, 22 years: Long thought, how to lose weight at home, because I have a terrible sweet tooth – to sustain a diet is difficult. Learned on the forum about chocolate and cheered – that’s mine! Easily survived the first two days, eating two bars of milk chocolate, and the third realized that I’m not sweet so much love. The result is a minus – two pounds in three days, getting rid of saksalaiset.

Nonna, 38 years: it is Very easy for me diet – periodically sit on it when you need to lose weight. 100-200 grams of dark chocolate with coffee satisfy his hunger. Stand for five days, every time I have a stable loss of three pounds. Helps to pull the stomach after the holidays, to moderate carousing appetite. I recommend this diet to all lovers of chocolate.

Milo, 26 years: I Believe it is not a diet, just a mockery of the body. Some crazy invented to lose weight on the chocolate. I fell for the reviews and two days coffee with chocolate began vomiting heartburn appeared. Can someone fit, but not for me – chocolate only appears appetite and crave something salty to eat. Better in the green tea with milk to lose weight.

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