Cardio training for fat loss

To lose weight solely through diet is impossible – it is necessary to exercise an additional load for the body. Healthy and fast weight loss will happen if you reduce the daily ration, but will do cardio.

How effective cardio workout for weight loss

In short, cardio is classes that run at the same pace with palpitations. The higher the heart rate, the more effective will burn fat because the body to restore lost energy is to use fat reserves. Rules:

  • Your optimum heart rate will be calculated by the formula 220 – age is 25-40%. For the 30-year-old men are the norm for training is the pulse 142. With such a load will accelerate the metabolism and weight loss will occur even after exercise.
  • Burning excess energy begins after 20-30 minutes of training, so you know that in the first exercise the weight will go up very slowly.
  • When you get used to regular exercise, a boring weight will begin to melt.

Cardio versatile because they:

  1. enhance health, immunity;
  2. burn extra fat;
  3. facilitate recovery after exercise;
  4. improve the functioning of the heart muscle and the entire cardiovascular system;
  5. restore psychological condition;
  6. reduce the pressure;
  7. struggling with skin imperfections on the body (cellulite);
  8. normalize breathing by increasing lung volume.

She runs

How to perform cardio activity for weight loss

In the initial stages of training should be guided by the General rules of performance of exercises to make the body easier to cope with the increased workload:

  • The pulse below the calculated norm will not contribute to fat burning. Too high heart rate can cause health problems.
  • People with obesity first is to do a walk that was not too hard from the maximum load. After the weight will be closer to normal, you can make a body more serious tests.
  • Monotone classes is a less effective way to lose weight than interval.
  • To burn calories better in the morning when the glycogen stores are not too high. The body at high pulse first, spend only what calories, and then reluctantly part with their stocks. Morning exercise performed before a meal, will be more productive.
  • You should always start with weight training, then aerobics. In this second stage, you need to alternate exercises and loads.
  • With fat and extra calories decreasing volume and deteriorating the texture of the muscles. To prevent this process will help high intensity interval cardio training.
  • For people who have problems with knee joints, well suited to Bicycle, walking. You need to choose special exercises in which the load on the knee will be minimal, for example, in the gym.
  • If the diet is not reduced and do not become poorer in calories, then weight will remain at the same level. Cardio training for fat loss only effective in conjunction with proper nutrition.
  • Use sports not only to lose weight – even after the departure of excess weight, continue to comprehensively develop and strengthen the body.

Girls do aerobics

What are cardio for weight loss

To classify exercise intensity:

  1. Low — and medium-intensive cardio run at 55-75% heart rate. The load on the joints is reduced, so exercises are shown for beginners and people who are «burdened» with unwanted weight. The load should be practiced regularly for a long time, and fat loss will only occur during exercise.
  2. High-intensity cardio training for fat loss is carried out at a pulse rate of 70-85% of maximum. During training you will burn maximum calories, accelerates metabolism efficiently, weight loss occurs after the workout. For large loads in less time, but they are not suitable for beginners.

You can still select the 5 most popular programs:

  • Continued. This workout is intense, the load stays the same for long distance. The guest house is not provided. This could include a Bicycle and Jogging.
  • Interval. The exercises in this program is more intense than the previous one. Most coaches practice the interval system of training, during which different levels of difficulty and recovery interspersed.
  • Superchem. The most effective complex, through which you can lower the weight within minimal time. Here aerobics with weights would around any cardio. During sports supported by the tone of the muscles of the body.
  • Fartlek (from the Swedish «fast game»). This training interval alternating exercises at different speeds and tempo.
  • Cross. Classes include several types of cardio exercises that alternate depending on the difficulty level.

The girl performs the leg swings supine

Cardio activity to burning fat at home

In the initial stages is enough for a simple walk – it burns 300 calories per hour. Next go to run – the same amount of calories can be removed in half an hour. Enjoy a swim during the exercises involve major muscle groups. Cycling, ice skating will be a step towards future weight loss. Badminton also applies to cardio for fat burning and yoga form stretching and strengthen health.

A few cardio exercises that you can do at home:

  1. Low push-UPS with claps.
  2. «Frog» jumps from the position in which the pelvis is weighed down, back straight and heels on the floor.
  3. Perform the following forward and reverse sequence: standing, squats, supports on the surface, jump, straighten the legs back.
  4. One leg is preloaded by itself, the second pulled back. Leaning on your arms, legs simultaneously, change places.
  5. Intense jumping rope for an hour can burn more than 1,000 calories.

Cardio training for fat loss in the gym

In the fitness center for cardio, you will need a device such as a treadmill, exercise bike, ellipsoid. Exercises alternating, the total duration of employment should not be less than 45 minutes. The ideal solution would be playing sports with a coach – Yes, they will cost more but the result will be better and faster. Even for additional load you can use:

  • sliding wheels;
  • ropes;
  • hanging loop;
  • plyometric platform.

Girls on the treadmill in the gym

Who is not suitable cardio for weight loss

Active lifting load on the body is contraindicated in some categories of dieters:

  • high blood pressure;
  • people with varicose veins;
  • in the rehabilitation period after a heart attack or stroke;
  • if you have problems with the joints;
  • obesity 2nd and 3rd stage.

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