Calculator calories per day Online

Calculate the optimal number of calories for yourself for a day and learn how many calories are spent digesting food and physical activity.

If you haven’t decided on the method of weight loss, try to start to count the calories eaten per day. Use the table of caloric content of food. And with the help of our calculator calculate calories online, you can find your «upper» limit their number. In this calculator you will not only learn their optimal body weight amount of calories, but the amount spent on metabolism, physical activity, digestion. Adjusting the diet, you can easily reduce calories, which contributes to very rapid weight loss.

Even pre-determine the size of its motor activity (installation see below the calculator). Good luck!

The degree of physical activity:

  • low: sedentary lifestyle;
  • medium: light exercise 1-3 times a week;
  • regular: of vigorous exercise 3-5 times a week;
  • high: heavy physical exercise almost daily.
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