How to cook buckwheat for weight loss and what diet

Known cereal called buckwheat is the type of food that is not only delicious and quick to prepare but also very healthy for the body. If buckwheat is to cook and make it the basis of a dietary diet, the extra pounds will gradually disappear.

Composition and useful properties of buckwheat

Buckwheat with vegetables for weight loss

Buckwheat for weight loss is considered to be a popular product for people who dream of a good figure. In this rump contains a variety of nutrients. Useful functions of buckwheat and its composition:

  1. In diet cereal a lot of protein, b vitamins and P, microelements – iodine, calcium, salt and so on. Buckwheat is also rich in fiber, but the carbs in it quite a bit.
  2. This product is perfectly absorbed by the body because buckwheat refers to a low-calorie cereals. It can be eaten young children, pregnant women and young mothers with breastfeeding, as buckwheat is absolutely harmless to health.
  3. In addition, buckwheat thoroughly rids the body of toxins, promotes healthy weight loss.
  4. Buckwheat for effective weight loss significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as anemia, hemorrhoids, multiple sclerosis, varicose increase blood vessels, and strengthens the immune system.

Kinds of diet on buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat for weight loss

Today, there are several options for the use of buckwheat for weight loss standard diet regime for a week, to the more original methods of getting rid of excess weight. How to eat buckwheat for weight loss:

  1. The classic version of how to lose weight suggests that throughout the day you can eat only buckwheat, cooked (or steamed) on the water. The norm in the day is considered to be one Cup of grits, which should be consumed in small portions. If this amount will be enough and will remain feeling hungry, you are allowed to increase the amount of cereal. This method of losing extra pounds the most severe, heavy, but gives excellent results. Allowed to drink mineral water without gas, unsweetened green tea.
  2. For the second type diet buckwheat diet is characterized by the addition of yogurt. Healthy milk product goes well with grits. Daily 500 ml of yogurt 1 Cup of buckwheat.
  3. Buckwheat plus dried fruits – another good option a healthy diet to get rid of excess pounds. These useful products are perfectly combined, give the ability to hold more than 7 days. According to the rules of diet you need to eat one to two cups of cooked grits and 150-200 grams of dried fruit.
  4. Not all dieters using the buckwheat manages to adhere to strict meal plans (an obstacle may be, for example, the operating schedule). Especially for this category of people was invented by macrobiotic diet on the balls of useful cereals. This dish is prepared in the morning, you can take it with you and consumed throughout the working day.
  5. An original approach to combat obesity – buckwheat diet with avocado. Due to its exotic product the diet will be more delicious, vitamin virtually do not add calories. Buckwheat with avocado to add to the menu as a main dish, and dinner.

How to cook buckwheat for weight loss

Buckwheat with dill

Fasting days on buckwheat provide for different ways of cooking this product. People’s tastes are different, so it is better to choose for themselves the best and delicious result. Further presents the detailed recipes, focusing on which you can cook buckwheat for weight loss.

Steamed water

The classic version of the cereal for weight loss it is better not to boil but to steam it. The dish is prepared the night before for the next day. So, how to make buckwheat right? We’ll need a pound of grits, half a litre of hot water. Pour the buckwheat boiling water, wrap capacity with the future mess in a blanket or an old thick jacket, leave it until the morning. As a result, the Breakfast, lunch and dinner makes a hearty buckwheat is ready. If the liquid is fully absorbed, the excess shall be poured out.

Grinded with yogurt

To lose weight on buckwheat groats ground is great in combination with yogurt (yoghurt). The recipe for this diet meals looks like this:

  1. Buckwheat wash thoroughly several times until the water stays clear.
  2. It is desirable to dry the rump with pan and grind it in a coffee grinder.
  3. One Cup of buckwheat powder placed in a liter container, pour low-fat classical yogurt, mix well the ingredients and leave overnight in the fridge.
  4. Buckwheat kefir swells, it can be consumed throughout the day. You can add to dietary dish a teaspoon of honey.

Buckwheat with milk for weight loss


There are two good ways to cook buckwheat for weight loss with milk:

  1. Buckwheat rinse under running water, as shown in the photo, and then soak for 15-20 minutes in boiled water at room temperature. Excess shares (the husk, garbage) up, they will be easier to clean. Pour grits into the pan and fill with boiling water. After 3-4 hours we can eat buckwheat diet cereal that will just pour the milk with low percentage of fat.
  2. The second option also provides for irrigation, soaking of the product. However, it is necessary from the buckwheat, pour the milk, which should be pre-heated (not boiling). When held for 2 hours, the dish for weight loss is ready to eat.

With soy sauce

Buckwheat with soy sauce is a low calorie dish, making it perfect for getting rid of extra pounds. To properly cook grits, you need to do the following:

  1. Raw buckwheat need to sort, wash.
  2. The dish turned out crumbly, spread the buckwheat on a baking sheet, heat the oven to 200-250 degrees and fry it for 6-7 minutes, stirring it multiple times.
  3. Put dietary product roasted in a pot, fill with cold water. After boiling reduce the heat to low and cook for half an hour.
  4. Left drain excess liquid, pour over the buckwheat soy sauce to taste and five minutes to simmer the dish for weight loss in the oven.

With vegetables

Buckwheat porridge with vegetables

This dish is prepared with any vegetables, except potatoes (too many calories and starch). There are a couple of interesting options how to make buckwheat porridge with vegetables:

  1. For example, you can cook diet food in pots. Then all the ingredients are juicy, tasty and fragrant. Buckwheat put in a pot and fill with purified cold water. For cereal put a variety of your favorite vegetables that you finely chopped. At a temperature of 120 degrees vitamin, useful porridge is ready in about 30-40 minutes. Oven replace some of the slow cooker.
  2. Another way is to dissolve the cereal separately, and added to it sushennye vegetables without oil. Can a little salt and decorate with buckwheat greens.

Video: how useful is buckwheat in the morning for the figure

Reviews thinner

Alla, 45 years: got Rid of a few pounds with the help of diet. At first I was skeptical about the weight loss, so was pleasantly surprised to see that a week was 4 pounds. Buckwheat diet is practiced once in two months, the menu added a little boiled chicken. It helps to lose weight, tighten the belly and legs. Plus there is a soft cleansing the body of toxins.

Valentina, 24 years: have Tried many slimming products but the results were not at all pleased, the weight came back again. Happened to read about the diet on the buckwheat with milk. At first it was very difficult to stick to a new diet, but I passed that test. In addition to steamed buckwheat groats and milk, eaten cheese, juice and tea. And I went to the gym to workout. A few weeks have lost 10 pounds!

Daria, 36 years: I long and unsuccessfully fought with excess weight. The results of numerous diets and sports were short-lived. A friend advised me to try the buckwheat diet of classical type on an empty stomach. Barely lasted three days. Decided to add in the menu of boiled vegetables (cabbage, beets, mushrooms, tomato, onion, pumpkin). Sometimes made them a couple in the slow cooker along with buckwheat. I have lost 6 pounds.

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