Diet on buckwheat from Pelageya

The transformation of girls with irregular shape in graceful beauty is the result of the work of the singer on yourself and a rational approach to nutrition. According to Pelagia Hanaway, buckwheat diet for her was the best way to lose weight. Power system with buckwheat does not require for you to starve yourself, gives strength to daily work, creativity.

What is the essence and peculiarities of the diet on buckwheat

Buckwheat with milk

Buckwheat diet Pelagia is one of the variants of mono for 20 days each month. This morning, the singer drank a decoction of the berries of Goji (Tibetan barberry), Breakfast and dinner steamed buckwheat with additives: one day – nuts, other dried fruits, the third – pomace after juicing-fresh. For lunch – vegetable salad with oil, a small portion of seafood, fish or chicken for a snack – fruit, yogurt, juices. Evening meal – up to 18 hours. The remainder of the month of diet composition does not adhere to it.

What are the characteristics

  • When eating buckwheat choose to force the nutritional value of this low-calorie cereals.
  • For the sake of the useful properties of the porridge boiled, and steam it: 1 glass of buckwheat pour boiling water, decant water, then pour 1.5 cups of boiling water, wrap, insist until the morning. Salt, sugar, oil, sauces, seasoning is not added.
  • Have a mess in unlimited quantities, but it is better not to overeat. Mono-mono-diet without meat and fish is not recommended to stick for longer than 2 weeks, I repeat not earlier than in a month.
  • Buckwheat for dinner, eat 4 hours before bedtime, or substitute low-fat dairy drinks, candied fruit, fat burning cocktail energy Diet.
  • It is important to consume about 2 liters of fluid per day: clean water without gas, fresh juices, unsweetened drinks (before meals and in between meals).
  • Buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss used for very strict diets for no longer than 7 days. During this time no other food is not accepted. Fresh yogurt (1%) in daily amounts of fluid is the half (1 liter).
  • To the usual diet gradually, arrange fasting days on buckwheat.

What you can combine buckwheat

Hrechana kasha, bagels, milk I

Below are the main products, which are combined with buckwheat:

  • Improves the taste of the porridge with greens, sesame seeds, instead of salt add a bit of seaweed.
  • Variety in menu diet bring onions, radishes, carrots, turnips, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, fish, seafood, white meat poultry.
  • Energy fat burning cocktails energy Diet will be a good addition to dietary diet.

Sample menu for a week

Hrechana Krupa

A mono-diet on the buckwheat, you can quickly lose weight – from 5 to 10 kg and more, and buckwheat helps to avoid fatigue and injury. Helps strengthen bones, nails, hair, increases the level of red blood cells. Whole grain buckwheat (unground) contains a long list of nutrients and minerals: vitamins B,PP, rutin, protein, fiber, starch, organic acids, zinc, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iodine, Nickel, magnesium, cobalt. Unroasted greenish-brown cereal is better than the dark, held processing. Check out the weekly menu:

Monday Breakfast a decoction of the berries of Goji;

buckwheat, 5-7 nuts

lunch buckwheat porridge, prunes (5-6 pieces), sesame seeds
dinner candied fruit with low-fat milk
Tuesday Breakfast broth hips;

buckwheat porridge with dried apricots (5 pieces)

lunch fresh juice green Apple (orange);

buckwheat porridge flavored with fruit extracts, sesame

dinner candied fruits, low-fat yogurt
Environment Breakfast green tea;

buckwheat, 5-7 nuts

lunch low-fat yogurt;

buckwheat, sesame seeds (1 tsp honey)

dinner candied fruits, fat-free yogurt
Thursday Breakfast a decoction of the berries of Goji;

buckwheat, 5-7 nuts

lunch buckwheat porridge, prunes (5-6 pieces), sesame seeds
dinner candied fruits, low-fat milk
Friday Breakfast broth hips;

buckwheat, 5-7 nuts

lunch fresh squeezed juice grapefruit or orange;

buckwheat porridge flavored with fruit extracts, sesame

dinner candied fruits, fat-free yogurt
Saturday Breakfast green tea;

buckwheat, 5-7 nuts

lunch a plate of vegetable salad, a piece of boiled chicken without skin
a plate of vegetable salad
Sunday Breakfast a decoction of the berries of Goji;

buckwheat, dried apricots (5 pieces)

lunch a plate of vegetable salad, a slice of boiled or cooked in the oven low-fat fish
dinner a plate of vegetable salad

Recipes dietary dishes from Pelageya Hanaway

Buckwheat with dill


The dish is eaten during a diet or fasting days, for the preparation requires a simple set of products:

  • buckwheat – 1 Cup;
  • hot water – 1.5-2 glasses;
  • yogurt – 1 Cup.

Preparing such a cereal-based evening with steamed buckwheat:

  1. Croup to touch, pour over boiling water, discard in a sieve.
  2. Put the buckwheat in a pot, cover with hot water, shake, wrap, to insist until the morning. If you use a thermos, the steeping time is reduced to 2 hours.
  3. Before use cereal to put in a bowl, mix low-fat yogurt.

Cutlets from buckwheat:

For cooking that makes a variety of diet menus, you will need the following ingredients:

  • buckwheat – 50 g;
  • soybeans – 100 g;
  • water – 160 ml

To make buckwheat cakes is not very difficult:

  1. Cook viscous porridge, allow to cool.
  2. Add soy, stir.
  3. Crap from the resulting mass patties, put on greased baking sheet.
  4. Put in the oven or microwave) for 25 minutes.
  5. The finished dish sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Diet roasting:

Low-calorie additive to improve the taste of buckwheat porridge is prepared from the following products:

  • onion – 1 PC.;
  • Apple – 1 PC.;
  • vegetable oil – for passage.

The preparation takes about 10 minutes:

  1. Onions finely chop, sauté in a frying pan.
  2. Peeled Apple chopped, add to the onions.
  3. Several times to mix well, remove from heat.

Video: lost Pelageya

Photos before and after weight loss singer

Pelageya before and after weight loss

Pelagius, a native of Siberia, where a popular high-calorie dishes. According to singer, her current food system is a diet for the lazy, does not negate the joy of a delicious meal. At the same time she shows a remarkable strength of will, subordinating their way of life distinct rhythm with food restrictions. The actress refused fatty foods, starchy foods, red meat, can only afford a little sweet. Buckwheat diet Pelagia combines with the exercises, recreational activities, and a weekly visit to the steam room. How much excess weight lost famous singer, not made public, but the result is visible to all.

Reviews about diet

Kseniya, 28 years: Seeing pelage thinner, I thought that foreign technology has helped our celebrities to be this way. Read about her diet and realized that this self-merit of the singer, and tools offer simple, affordable. I too since the childhood not thin, I wanted to follow the example of the actress. Almost a week eat buckwheat, I lost 3 kg

Vitalina, age 36: Began to observe the buckwheat diet Pelageya, I want to lose weight. They are buckwheat, drink kefir or green tea, lunch – salad. Now 4 days live. One bad – hunger hurts, mood to spoil. Made myself a cocktail Enerzhdi Diets, this raised vitality, wanted to repeat. Can do and 2 weeks to hold out.

Zinaida, 41 years: About buckwheat diet read before, but didn’t dare. A couple of months ago I met a friend we had not seen. Look, she was able to lose weight for the summer season, told me that the diet adheres to the Pelagia. I, too, caught fire, all strictly carried out, when weighed, do not believe: 5 kg lost. It was easy, we are not hungry, did not lose power.

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