Effective and fast versions of the diet on buckwheat porridge

None of these girls ever tried to lose weight through diet. About this way to lose weight there is disagreement among dieticians and healthy food enthusiasts. Some say that the diet can harm the digestive system, others say the opposite and show excellent results of the diet while limiting foods in the diet.

What is the essence and the basic rules of dieting

Buckwheat with dill

Buckwheat – a product that contains all the necessary vitamins. Applying weight loss program fasting days on buckwheat, you will get not only weight, but also bonuses:

  • due to the large amount of buckwheat dietary fibre is cleansed from intestinal deposits;
  • gluten-free composition of buckwheat helps to avoid allergies even with daily use;
  • thanks to the mineral and vitamin component is an increase of immunity during the period of the diet;
  • skin, hair, nails do not suffer as the other mono-diet, and find beauty.

To diet for weight loss has led to a deterioration of health, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. In the period of the diet on buckwheat need a fractional power. A portion should be not more than 200 g. the Food must be divided into 5 receptions for the day.
  2. So as not to burden the stomach, do not eat after six in the evening. Better to dull the hunger or warm herbal tea leaf salad.
  3. Before the meal should drink a glass of clean water at room temperature, even after a small serving of buckwheat cereal, hunger is appeased.

Options diet and their menu

Buckwheat for diet

Fans of this method of weight loss hunger is not terrible: there are many variations to cook buckwheat porridge: and as a separate dish, and with additives in the form of vegetables. Menu buckwheat diet is depending on the needs of those who lose weight. In all variants it is necessary to remember that in the early days from the body leaving the water and then body fat, so you need to be patient. The result from the diet in any case will be positive.

Classic buckwheat

This power system is designed for no more than 7 days. To use the diet to get rid of five kilos in a week, you should forget about conventional foods: the diet should include buckwheat on the water without salt and spices, and an unlimited number of greens. Allowed to add to the porridge of fresh cucumbers, green apples or yogurt zero fat. For 7 days forget about the existence of tea with sugar or honey: in the period of the diet recommended herbal teas without sweetener.

Treatment with vegetables

This method of feeding is suitable for every day. Adding to the daily diet buckwheat porridge with seasonal vegetables, you will not only lose weight but also to free the intestines from stale toxins. The meat eaters on the diet (5 to 14 days) will have to abandon animal products: meat, milk, cheese. Food use any stewed, fresh, steamed or in the oven vegetables. The basic rule of the diet – do not consume oil, salt, spices, which only provokes appetite.


Buckwheat porridge with yogurt

To clean and optimize the fat burning effect, it is recommended to consult diet menu for 14 days. Buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss proven combination. Diet can save you from 7 kg when properly composed diet. By choosing this diet, take care of the following products: buckwheat, kefir 1%, lemon, fresh cabbage and cucumbers, apples sour varieties. Recommended during the diet to Breakfast grated Apple, sprinkle with lemon juice or salad. Lunch should consist of cereal for dinner, you should drink a glass of buttermilk.

On cereals and dried fruits

This diet is often recommended even during pregnancy for weight loss. Way to lose weight is designed for 3 days and is among the most strict, but it is possible to lose three pounds. A suitable method for those who urgently need to lose weight and in a short time. Diet will delight the sweet tooth: in addition to buckwheat allowed to eat raisins, dried prunes, dried apricots, dates, which are rich in digestible minerals. Before eating fruits should be soaked in hot water, rinse after half an hour, to dry.

Diet from Pelageya

Singer Pelageya

Many fans of the famous singer I wonder how she managed to lose 14 kg in a month. Pelageya shares his secrets diet:

  1. During the month you can only eat certain foods buckwheat, yoghurt, boiled chicken breast, green tea.
  2. Buckwheat need to prepare so that there is nutrients, brewed with boiling water in equal proportions and steamed for two hours.
  3. Be sure to stick with salt-free regime.
  4. Breakfast is recommended to drink home-made yoghurt, lunch – buckwheat with boiled breast dinner – again, buckwheat or hot tea. Allowed to change the order of dishes.
  5. Forget about late family meals, last meal should be no later than 6 PM.
  6. Daily drink cocktail «energy Diet», which you can choose for every taste. It will dilute the fresh diet taste natural berries.

Cleansing diet from Dr. Laskin

Thanks to the Russian scientist had developed a cancer diet, due to which many people are gaining hope for recovery. The flushing principle is the following:

  • to drink a day 8 glasses of purified water;
  • use 3 tablespoons of olive oil cold pressed;
  • eat no more svezhesvarennogo half a Cup of buckwheat for every meal;
  • crushed dried rosehip to hydrate and eat during the day.

Cooking recipes dietary dishes

Buckwheat porridge with vegetables for weight loss

Buckwheat diet can be delicious, well-fed and unobtrusive, to use tested recipes dietary dishes:

  1. Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms in a village. Steamed buckwheat (0.5 stack.) for half an hour without the use of salt. Meanwhile, slice julienne carrots (1 piece), onion (1 piece), put it in a baking dish, add the chopped mushrooms (200 g). Sprinkle half the cereal and pour the vegetable stock. Place in hot oven and bake for 20 minutes.
  2. Sweet buckwheat pilaf with dried fruit. Prepare a pinch of dried fruit: apples, raisins, dried apricots, prunes. All, except the raisins, cut into strips, add to hot buckwheat mix. An hour later the dish is ready to eat.
  3. Buckwheat porridge with yogurt and herbs. Buckwheat cooking the traditional way. Finely chop the dill, the parsley, the garlic and add to prepared low-fat yogurt. Mix thoroughly and serve the prepared sauce to the warm buckwheat.

Diet in diet

Girl diet

To consolidate the results of diet you should stick to the right, sparing the food out of it:

  1. Mandatory compliance with drinking regime at least 8 glasses of pure water, you can add honey or lemon juice.
  2. Familiar foods add one per day, small portions.
  3. Completely abandon white flour products, fried foods, because they are the enemies toned body.
  4. Don’t forget about daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs.

Video: how to eat buckwheat for weight loss and cleansing the body

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Maria, 32 years: I love buckwheat, so when I found out about this diet, was delighted and immediately began its use. Rule out coffee, salt, fried. For 10 days I ate only buckwheat porridge, cooked without salt, oil, and drank chamomile tea with no sweetener. Each morning doing light exercises. Standing on the scales after this time, I saw minus 5 pounds.

Ksenia, 45 years Suffering from his fullness, I long to know how to lose weight. Accidentally saw an article that a doctor Alekseev recommended therapeutic menu for the week, ensuring its effectiveness and quick result. Without thinking, I bought a few pounds of buckwheat. Survive on porridge for two weeks. My joy knew no bounds – buckwheat diet, I lost 7 kg!

Natalia, 29 years: Being pregnant, I’ve gained an extra twenty pounds. Six months after birth, decided to shape up. First sat on the Dukan diet, has earned a gastritis, plus five extra pounds, besides the blood test showed low hemoglobin. I decided that diets are harmful, they do not bring health benefits. Exercise, start to eat right. Already 2 weeks have lost 7 kg

The before and after photos

Girl before and after weight loss

The result of buckwheat diet

The girl grew thin on a buckwheat diet

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