Breathing exercises for weight loss belly

There are lots of ways to lose weight and one of the most interesting breathing exercises. Exercises performed in a certain way will help to strengthen, tighten muscles, to get rid of fat. Slimming belly with the help of breathing exercises no need to diet, hours of exercise, to change their way of life.

How does breathing exercises for belly

In normal state, a person loses about 15-20% oxygen, which affects the entire body. Thanks to the breathing exercises he actively enters the lungs, the blood, providing a beneficial effect. Through increased respiration begins to consume subcutaneous fat, more efficiently assimilate nutrients in the digestive system, increasing the speed of metabolism. The air oxidizes body fat, and they are excreted along with the toxins, pesticides and other harmful substances

Breathing exercise for weight loss belly

On the Internet, special literature one can find many variations of breathing exercises. They all contribute to the acceleration of metabolism due to the oxygen saturation. Respiratory weight loss of the stomach vary according to the degree of load, and used the system you inhale-exhale. To find the optimal, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Breathing diaphragm

Most adults breathe with his chest, and it’s wrong. The maximum oxygen intake can only be in the breathing diaphragm. A popular system of exercises that use diaphragmatic breathing: Bodyflex, Occisis. Very popular exercise called «dog’s breath»:

  • You must kneel down, resting his hands on the floor.
  • Next, you should open your mouth and breathe as often as possible with a relaxed belly.
  • It is advisable to do exercise for weight loss belly in the fresh air, in a well-ventilated room.
  • Duration is 1 minute, daily increase by 20-30 sec.

A woman with a child

Deep breathing

In this type of respiration involves the lower parts of the lungs, which allows to prevent stagnation of air and the growth of harmful bacteria. Thanks to multi-directional techniques occurs a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and the digestive, circulatory, nervous system. Example full breathing techniques for weight loss:

  1. Lie on your back, completely relax.
  2. Exhale through your mouth, then start breathing from the belly, feeling the bulging up the abdominal wall, the lungs fill, the chest expands.
  3. Breath cannot be pushed too far – the lungs should be filled to about 80%.
  4. Proceed to exhale: while holding your chest in the same position, but «release» a stomach. First have to «fall» down the abdominal wall, then the chest.
  5. When completing the movement of the thorax, should displace the remaining air with a light push of the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Belly breathing

It may seem that breathing light – a more natural process, and this view is mistaken. Inhaling the air, inflating the stomach, creating a vacuum to improve blood circulation, to establish intestinal function supported easy to clean. To reduce weight need to learn how to breathe correctly performing the technique 1-3 times daily. The classic examples of breathing exercises for weight loss belly:

  1. In the sitting position take a deep breath in the stomach with a duration of 4 seconds. Not to breathe 4 seconds. Take a deep breath. Repeat 10 times.
  2. To sit on a chair, legs apart, on his knees putting his elbows.
  3. Compress in a fist the left hand and clasp her right hand.
  4. Rest your forehead on your hands, relax.
  5. Breathing with your belly, from time to time holding the breath.
  6. Exercise to perform for about 15 minutes.

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Chinese breathing exercises

At the heart of health complex – breathing exercises combined with physical exertion. People in their implementation needs to be in a relaxed state, be in harmony with myself, to think about the positive. Exercises are very efficient – they promote fat burning, elimination of hunger, normalizing metabolism. Examples:

  1. «The wave». Gymnastics is to create a «wave» when breathing chest and stomach. It is done in the supine position with legs bent at the knees. When you inhale to relax the chest, draw the abdomen, when you exhale do the opposite. Need to do 40 breaths exhalations. Exercise is effective when walking, driving, sitting
  2. LOTOS. You need to sit in the Buddha pose, palms put on your feet, close your eyes, lower jaw. The first 5 minutes you should breathe deeply, evenly, as if listening to himself, another 5 minutes – natural, easy, the last 10 minutes – as usual, thinking about nothing.
  3. We must stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Look directly. When you inhale should rise on the toes, exhale down on the heel. When performing exercises not to bend my knees, every time to rise above, to increase the speed of the movements. Need to do 10 repetitions.

Gymnastics from pam grout

The author has developed a system of breathing in pure form that does not require physical exertion. Her most famous exercise for weight loss – «Queen of the beach». It is as follows: on 4 accounts to inhale through the nose as deeply as possible, hold breath for 16 accounts to 8 accounts to hold my breath. A few more examples of exercises:

  1. We must stand up, take your head back and looking up, take a deep breath through the nose. After a short delay to take a regular position, simultaneously with the force of exhaling air through the mouth. Be sure to pronounce clear sound «ha».
  2. On the street to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, take a deep breath, feeling the full force of the earth. Exhale through the mouth, freed from negative emotions.

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How effective breathing for weight loss abdominal

To lose weight, normalize metabolism, remove fat on the sides, to pump up the press, it is not enough just to breathe: when the retraction of the abdomen, it is important to stretch the muscles with maximum effort. For the correction, it is desirable to involve the thighs, buttocks. You can’t do the exercises through strength, we should start with the easiest options. In addition, it is important to study the contraindications and be sure that you are shown breathing exercises for slimming the abdomen.

Video: how to remove belly fat with breathing exercises


Julia, 32 years

Women with age, it becomes harder to remove the extra volume in the waist, abdomen, so everyone is looking for their own ways of solving problems. For example, I go to yoga every day doing the exercise the «Queen beach». Breathing exercises for weight loss belly the most beneficial in the morning. After her day becomes brighter and more cheerful.

Olga, 25 years

To improve digestion, eliminate internal fat daily make Chinese breathing exercises. Most like to sit in the Buddha pose and breathe, thinking about her life. If you have time, do the «Wave» and «Frog». Parents surprised my persistence, but strongly support, because the results are visible even to them.

Victoria, 16 years old

Last year I started going to yoga with my mom, not a bit sorry. My figure became more feminine, slender, ceased to stand out tummy. Most like to do breathing exercises after them sometimes a headache, but it quickly passes, there is a sense of lightness. In the future I plan to learn the breathing exercises in detail.