Breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan

Each era has its canons of beauty, the trend of the current decade became a trim figure. Sports, all kinds of diets designed to help a woman to achieve the desired standards, but they are not a panacea. Effective alternative classes for weight loss Marina Korpan: proper breathing with static exercise is exhausting diets.

What is breathing exercises for weight loss belly

A slim figure with toned muscles and curvy terrain looks very attractive, but to achieve the desired result takes time and requires a lot of effort. The latest method of modeling of the body – breathing exercises Korpan – suggests a different approach to weight loss. Daily performance of special exercises helps to speed up metabolism by blood oxygen saturation and expansion of the arteries, and this encourages the body to actively burn extra fat.

To have a slim body, not necessarily to spend hours of free time to work hard or exhaust yourself diets. The unique technique can act purposefully: a person chooses problem area that requires adjustment. For example, if you want to tighten stomach muscles, you have to choose classes with Marina Korpan for weight loss, teaching diaphragmatic breathing with muscle tension in this part of the body. After a couple weeks of training for an adjusted diet will be able to tighten up the belly and remove the extra inches from the waist.

Marina Korpan

Rules breathing exercises Marina Korpan

The basis for the development of the unique complex was the work of scientists who study the problem of the appearance of excess weight. Along with overeating, eating junk food, a sedentary lifestyle proved to influence the state of the gas exchange in the blood. To solve this problem most effectively help rule breathing exercises Marina Korpan. What recommends a well-known specialist:

  • classes should be done daily on an empty stomach allowed to drink only a glass of water;
  • breathing exercises for weight loss focuses on stretching muscles and inhaling air before exhaling, wait 5 to 10 seconds;
  • to conduct training need a table, a Mat and a positive attitude;
  • the room that you are training, be sure to ventilate.
  • to normalize the diet, eliminating fried, fatty, sweet, adhere to the fractional intake of food rich in vitamins and fiber.

Breathing exercises Occisis

To lose weight any person not only helps morning exercises, Jogging, diet. No less effective method – proper breathing. The secret safe way of getting rid of excess weight presented in the form of a set of exercises. Occisis with Marina Korpan is the systematic training, training free breathing techniques. The technique helps to normalize the weight to restore body functions after an illness, operations, injuries. Rules:

  1. Exercise should be done daily, they take no more than 20 minutes, combines breathing exercises Occisis for weight loss Marina Korpan three dozen sequential actions.
  2. Start with a wide smile, which you need to take a short breath. At the same time to drag and lift the muscles of the pelvis, relaxing the stomach.
  3. Next you need to make three consecutive short breaths, fold his lips to fulfill a deep breath. To complete the cycle three short exhalations.
  4. Breathe only a nose, to maximize light, straining buttocks, to keep your head straight.

Girl in Lotus position

Breathing exercises Bodyflex

Safe for health the author’s method of weight loss includes another useful complex. The original technique of fitness instructor known as the Bodyflex with Marina Korpan and represents a radically new approach to body transformation. To make a figure slim and toned, don’t need to perform heavy exercise, greatly reduce the diet. Weight loss is achieved through proper breathing, aimed at stretching the muscles and enrich the body with oxygen.

Bodyflex slimming is a course of 16 system classes, which help to create a beautiful flexible body, teaching diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing. The key to a successful outcome is considered a mandatory daily gymnastics under the «sharp intake of breath – shortness of breath – noisy exhale» and the other an important condition for weight loss is a balanced diet. Easiest way to learn exercises «Leo», «Diamond», «Lateral stretching», «Area», «abdominals», and others by the method Bodyflex – watch the video.

A girl performs an exercise Diamond

We do not recommend breathing exercises for weight loss belly

Positive results to achieve can not all, because a relatively new way to lose weight, there are some limitations. To refrain from activities will have on those who take drugs, because their effect reduces the effectiveness of breathing exercises. For athletes with a lot of experience and people with small body weight breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan is also not helpful.

Before the start of classes should consult with the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences, because the exercise at first, can cause dizziness, slight headache. If, however, during class it will be hard or will start a nosebleed, then exercise must stop and seek help from a doctor. We do not recommend breathing exercises for weight loss:

  • pregnant
  • people with heart failure,
  • high blood pressure,
  • in severe forms of myopia,
  • in the presence of tumors of various kinds;
  • asthma,
  • by enlarged thyroid gland.

Video: breathing exercises Marina Korpan


Natalia, 31 years

After pregnancy much weight gain, and time on sports. In the morning I started to do exercises with Marina Korpan. When I felt a surge of strength, there is energy, the extra pounds began to go faster. The first result with centimeter in hands recorded in 12 days: minus 8 cm in waist inspired to continue training.

Alina, 39 years

I breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan did not help to lose weight, but felt a different effect. The exercise gave an incredible energy boost. In the morning a surge of strength that had replaced the usual Cup of coffee exercises. The good mood, lack of energy for the whole day, and this is reflected on the exterior.

Light, 28 years

During a vacation on the sea made it a rule every morning to do breathing exercises for weight loss. Along with swimming for a week managed to lose weight. She couldn’t believe when I looked in the mirror. The effect is stunning, beginning with the Flex to tighten up the belly. In turn – thighs and fight cellulite with the help of Occisis, the technique works.

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