Lessons breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex Marina Korpan

In addition to diets there is one way to lose weight – these are breathing exercises for slimming the abdomen, which do not have to spend a lot of time, because they require just 15 minutes a day. This system has its own name Bodyflex. You know how to do that? The following to learn the technique of breathing Bodyflex.

The principle of operation and efficiency of the method for weight loss

The girl is engaged in respiratory gymnastics

The basic principle in breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex is the slogan «Breathe and lose weight!». Tempting offer, don’t need to torture yourself with diet and exercise. The technique is to breath, but not simple, and in special poses. In addition, gymnastics Bodyflex performs such an important function. massage the internal organs.

How to breathe properly: breathing technique Bodyflex

Girl is engaged Bodyflex

The Flex is a breathing technique. It is very similar to the principles of yoga, Chinese gymnastics, tsangpa and oxidize, only the last method is used after a meal. The breath of the Bodyflex system includes several stages:

  1. Exhale air through the mouth. Relax and put your lips into a tube. No sudden moves evenly and quietly exhale.
  2. A quick breath. Tightly clamped lips after exhaling, inhale sharply nose. Unlike the first stage do it quickly and strongly to maximize to fill the lungs.
  3. Exhale through the mouth. Chin lift up, lips make elongated narrow slit. Then round your mouth, take a sharp breath, making a whistling sound «groin».
  4. The breath and tension of the abdomen. The main stage gymnastics Bodyflex – pull up to the ribs belly, tuck your chin to your chest and hold your breath. Score up to 10, remaining in this position.
  5. Breath and relaxation of the muscles. Relax and take a normal breath.

The main complex of 12 exercises for a beautiful figure

Exercises Bodyflex slimming

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex includes 12 basic exercises for rejuvenation and improvement in the shape. They need to perform in 3 sets, staying in such position for a count of 8-10. Here is the list of exercises of respiratory gymnastics according to the system Bodyflex:

  1. «Leo». Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bend them and lean your hands above the knees. Then make the lips half-pipe, widely open eyes, point eyes up, stick out your tongue.
  2. «Lateral stretching». Left elbow lean on the knee, right leg pull to the side, and right hand up.
  3. «Swallow». Take the cat posture, right leg pull back, not pulling the sock. Glance direct forward, squeeze your buttocks.
  4. «Abdominals». Lying on back with legs bent, reach up with both hands.
  5. «Stretching». Lie down on a flat surface, raise your legs up, clasp their hands closer to the feet, and when holding the breath, tighten to himself, stretching back of the thigh.
  6. «Seiko». To pull the hips take a position leaning on hands and knees. Straighten the right leg and move it to the side until the angle of 90 degrees.
  7. «Scissors». By adopting the supine position, put under the buttocks hands, press lower back to the floor, raise your legs up to 10-15 cm
  8. «The pretzel». To obtain the graceful waist sit on the floor, leave your right leg straight, bend the left knee and behind right and left hand use for support behind. The whole body turn to the left and look backward.
  9. «Ugly grimace». While standing, slightly bend your legs as if you sit, the lower jaw is behind the top, make the lips, pull the neck to the maximum and look up as shown in the photo.
  10. «Cat». Take the initial position of the cat, lignite back and tilt your head down.
  11. «Almaz». Stand up straight, put your hands together, but only touch with your fingers. Forcefully push your hands with each other.
  12. «Boat». Sit on the floor, legs spread to the sides, pull socks. Stretch hands forward, trying to touch the floor with his head.

Bodyflex exercise for weight loss

Are there any contraindications for training

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex impossible to deal with:

  • pregnancy;
  • postoperative recovery;
  • bleeding;
  • glaucoma;
  • hypertension;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • chronic diseases;
  • severe injuries (only after approval of a physician);
  • asthma.

Diet before and after workout

Cocktails Energy Diet

Breathing exercises with the Bodyflex need to in the morning. Allowed to drink only a glass of water or a mug of tea. You can eat only 20 to 30 minutes after breathing exercises Bodyflex. As Breakfast should be slow carbohydrates – wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals or cereals. Another useful cheese, fish, fruits, yogurt, green tea. Here are a few tips about the diet while performing breathing exercises:

  1. For lunch it is better to choose vegetable soups, chicken, beef, lean fish.
  2. As dinner when practicing Bodyflex need to use the hot dishes of fish or chicken with a side dish of pasta, cabbage, beans.
  3. When practicing Bodyflex can not be hungry – you need to snack on cereal, or use cocktails energy diet NL international from. The latter are characterized by excellent taste and high nutritional value, because they have a lot of protein.

Training video tutorials for beginners

For such an unusual exercise, as Bodyflex, created the whole video from the founder of the system of special breathing Greer Childers and her followers, for example, Marina Korpan, who came to this system by accident, but became its active propaganda. All online training for Flex are available for free on the Internet, so to learn the proper technique of deep breathing, check out this helpful video.

Marina Korpan – how to lose weight at home

Lesson with Greer Childers

Reviews and results after regular exercise

Natalia, 25 years: What is body Flex, I only found out after delivery when I was looking for an easy and quick way to lose weight without serious exercise. This effective program breathing really helped me. After a few lessons Bodyflex at the waist left 2 cm, although weight loss I discovered. More and tummy became more flat. Suggest the Page to everyone!

Tatiana, 35 years: Exercises Bodyflex has helped me not only lose weight, but to strengthen the muscle corset. Combine breathing exercises with protein shakes Energy Diet. No diet is not necessary – it is tasty and gradually lose weight by exercises Bodyflex. A month of regular classes left, 6 kg, and I did not refuse from your favorite dishes. I recommend breathing exercises Bodyflex all!

Alexander, 29 years: Learned about breathing exercises Bodyflex from the girlfriend. I decided to check for myself. In the end, are unable to do Bodyflex, because this breath was constantly dizzy. Looking contraindications, I realized that I can’t do gymnastics because of hypertension, although the effect of the exercises was – I felt such ease.

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