Bodyflex slimming: the lessons of gymnastics and exercises Marina Korpan

Breathing exercises for weight loss bodyflex

You can give yourself a quarter of an hour a day? If the answer is positive, the dream of a great figure for you is not prohibitive. Is it possible in such a short time without the crazy stress on the body to carve a pleasing shape? Of course! Bodyflex slimming choice for many people. The complex of breathing exercises will give good physical shape, good health, spiritual harmony.

What is bodyflex

How to lose weight, knows Greer Childers. This woman is originally from America showed by example that you can achieve weight loss in 12 sizes in 3 months. Greer, an ordinary housewife, has created a program bodyflex, based on their experiments and medical research. Childers presented a set of breathing exercises that involve the diaphragm and include isometric, isotonic racks, special poses stretching.

Girl is engaged bodyflex

The principle of operation and efficiency of the method

Bodyflex breathing, deep and intense, the flow of oxygen to the muscles. They aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, speed up the fibers, making energy consumption increases and fat is burned more intense. Per hour lessons bodyflex loss of about 300-400 kcal. Fast exercises tighten belly, hips, buttocks, legs. The training program bodyflex has a positive effect on the body:

  • exercises contribute to the transition to a healthy lifestyle;
  • the program helps to reduce the stomach volume and to achieve a good result slimming;
  • bodyflex strengthens the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels, immune system;
  • the program makes you spend more energy at rest;
  • exercise increases the blood pressure and help alert and awake during the day;
  • bodyflex faster recovery after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • exercises cleanse the lungs of smokers with experience;
  • the program bodyflex enters the body, useful stress.

Changes you will notice after prolonged exercise the body Flex? This rejuvenation, slim waist, flat stomach, womanly hips, good health. Bodyflex slimming better to do in the morning. Untrained people to start with mastering breathing exercises, and eventually add in exercise for weight loss more complex elements.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

A woman does bodyflex

The program provides bodyflex exercises with breath. Proper technique increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the lungs, which expand the arteries, and the cells are preparing to take in more oxygen. The latter promotes the accelerated breakdown of fat mass. Due to this, the bodyflex provides effective weight loss.

On the strength of your breath depends on the effectiveness of workouts by body Flex. After the occupation the person is breathing correctly, using the entire abdominal cavity. From the first minute bodyflex whole body begins to work actively continues its activities every second of life while you are systematically trained. It is important to practice regularly, because small breaks reduce the effectiveness of the program bodyflex slimming.

Breathing technique

To lose weight at home with the body Flex is quite real, but only once mastered the correct breathing technique. You note: occisis and bodyflex – two different programs, they should not be identified. The last breath is performed in the following equipment:

  1. Through the mouth exhale all the air, fold his lips and with force, but evenly and slowly release all the air.
  2. Quickly breathe in with your nose: when the lungs empty themselves out, squeeze lips. Make sharp, quick and noisy breath through the nose to fill the lungs. You must feel that air.
  3. Through the mouth exhale all the air a little, lift your head, squeeze your lips like you distribute lipstick on them, biting them with his teeth. As low as possible lower your diaphragm and exhale sharply, opening his mouth wide. It should pop whistling sound «groin», but not from the throat but from the diaphragm.
  4. Hold your breath, pull your stomach, count of 8-10 seconds. The mouth is tightly closed, the stomach is retracted and raised the top of the head is inclined. This exercise is from body Flex tones your stomach muscles and perform a kind of massage.
  5. Relax, breathe, dial the full light. Lower abdominal muscles.

Complex of 12 exercises for a beautiful figure

Girl doing exercise

For weight loss using bodyflex is necessary not only to perform physical exercises. It is important to follow the right diet. Functional nutrition will accelerate the process of achieving a normal weight. However, about that later, now presented to your attention complex for a slim figure. Each exercise bodyflex repeat three to five times, for best weight loss linger in the most stressful point on 8-10:

  1. Exercise for the face. Stand up straight, open your legs at 30-35 cm Slightly bend your knees, hands rested in front of the hips. Collect the lips into a whistle, open your eyes wide and look up. At the same time try to lower lip down, straining the cheeks and nose, maximally stick out your tongue, keeping the lips in tension.
  2. Exercise exercise neck and chin. Stand up straight, hands slightly get back. Put your head slightly, pull the bottom jaw, lips forward. Increase the voltage, the stronger put your hands and head back, trying to kiss the ceiling.
  3. Exercise for lateral stretching. Move your right leg out to the side, the toe should touch the floor. Left hand bend at the shoulders, put it on the bent knee of the same leg. Raise your right arm above your head and reach up.
  4. Exercise for weight loss back of thigh, buttocks. Get on the floor, resting on knees and hands. Get down on your elbows. Right foot back, toe on yourself, your buttocks squeezed.
  5. Exercise for slimming the outer thigh. Stand on the Mat on his knees and palms. Right foot right, bring to the level of the hips. The toe itself.
  6. Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the hands, chest. Standing, feet on width of shoulders, the tips of the fingers touch each other, elbows parallel to the floor. Round the back. Strongly squeeze the fingers to feel the tension in his chest and arms.
  7. Exercise slimming inner thigh. Sit down, straight legs spread as widely as possible. Palms rest on the floor in front of him. Gradually guide them forward, leaning lower.
  8. Exercise for slimming the outer thigh, pull the waist. Sit on the Mat, put your left foot on the right, bend both knees. Left hand behind your back, press your palms on the floor. Grasp the right knee. Pull up to his left knee as close as possible, turning the case back.
  9. Exercise for stretching the tendons behind the knees. Lying on your back raise your legs, palms on the calf. Pull the legs to the head, push your buttocks to the floor, knees straight.
  10. Exercise to work upper, lower abs. Lying bend your knees, uprites feet to the floor, spread them apart at 30-35 cm Raise your hands, lift the shoulder blade off the floor, reach the chest up.
  11. Exercise to work lower abs. With your legs straight, lie on your back, feet together. Hands under buttocks. Lift your legs up to 8-9 cm from the floor. 8-10 seconds cross your legs wide strides, pull the socks.
  12. Exercise «cat». Get on all fours, head in line with the spine. Tilt your head and round your back with maximum amplitude if you were an angry cat.

Before starting the slimming look at the photos to better understand the technique of body Flex. Before each exercise, perform the breathing practice described above. All practice bodyflex takes about 15 minutes, but the first lesson you will feel like you worked 2 hours in the gym. Bodyflex slimming – free and very effective program that should not be discarded.

Are there any contraindications

Exercises bodyflex

The beauty of bodyflex slimming can feel not all. The training program has contraindications:

  • glaucoma;
  • hypertension;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • bleeding;
  • hernia;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency;
  • the increased body temperature.

Diet before and after workout

Girl doing exercise vacuum

An effective diet is very important if one wants to achieve weight loss using bodyflex. Company Nl International has developed a special feed system which allows to obtain from food and ancillary drugs, a maximum of useful substances. Official website Energy Diet (the so-called full product) contains useful information that will be of interest to beginner.

Nl international is the product capable of replacing a significant portion of the conventional food. The composition of the Energy balanced Diet, it ensures the intake of necessary amounts of proteins, healthy fats (cholesterol!), fast and slow carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. A few hours before the workout bodyflex you need to drink cocktails energy Diet (one serving). After running the program, refrain from eating, and 1-2 hours use cocktails Energy Diet high protein.

Training video tutorials for beginners

With a good trainer bodyflex always doing interesting. He tells about all the intricacies of the program and corrects you when you do exercises incorrectly for weight loss. If you can’t afford lessons with a real coach, paramite virtual experience guru bodyflex. Greer Childers as the Creator of a program knows everything about her, and Marina Korpan is a follower Childers and developer of author’s techniques of losing weight with bodyflex.

How to lose weight at home – lesson with Marina Korpan

With Greer Childers

Reviews and results after regular exercise

Jack, 28 years: Bodyflex I have been doing for several years, the results are always very pleasing to me. Early was fat, and when I started to do breathing program, quickly lost 4 sizes. In six months, thanks to the Flex went 3 size. Now I’m happy with my figure. Noticed that the appetite has become more moderate, making the extra weight go away faster.

Masha, 18 years, Excellent program! Love the Flex for its ease and efficiency. In a month workout with Greer Childers I have noticed wonderful changes of the body weight at 4 pounds, recovery (forgot about the cold), energy. Combine lessons bodyflex with proper nutrition, the body always fit and never let me down.

Rita, 29 years: I after doing body Flex like crazy. Dizzy, face bright red, his temples pounding. Measured the pressure is extremely high. I finished my bodyflex. There is a slimming, health is more important. The only thing I read that it’s good to combine the program with «energy Diet». Weight loss smoothies I really like – delicious and nutritious.

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