Bodyflex for belly

For most women, it is important to show good figure. In this regard, the issue of the struggle with excess weight do not lose their relevance. For those who can not intense exercise, there is breathing exercises. To obtain the result you need to master the technique and to implement a special set of exercises.

What is for weight loss bodyflex

To have a toned body like a lot, but diet and exercise take time and effort. Some are unable to use traditional methods due to health problems, others can lose weight, but he soon returned. Bodyflex belly is a unique method of weight loss that is suitable for virtually every woman. Gymnastics is a complex of exercises aimed at the formulation of proper breathing. Because of this accelerated metabolic processes and starts the process safe burning of subcutaneous fat.

The idea of adaptation of traditional yoga under an effective system of weight loss came up with American Greer Childers. Learn the exercises recommended under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Some girls prefer to exercise at home using video tutorials Marina Korpan. The program includes 12 specific exercises. The best time to bodyflex in the morning on an empty stomach before the first meal. Below waist has decreased in volume, you need to exercise every day for 15 minutes.

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Breathing exercises for weight loss belly

Sometimes grueling sports do not bring the desired effect, and the disappointed women throw workout, not believing in success. Special breathing exercises, when done correctly, gives a fast result of losing weight. Stretch marks in conjunction with moderate exercise on the abdominal muscles model figure helping to pull the stomach. The positive dynamics noticeable very soon after the beginning of exercise, however, do need to regularly Flex.

Breathing technique for weight loss

This system is based on establishing proper diaphragmatic breathing, therefore, the development of this element is necessary for effective weight loss abdomen. The technique involves several steps:

  1. Folding his lips into a tube, slowly exhale all the air in the lungs through the mouth.
  2. Doing a quick breath.
  3. With the power out, triggering the diaphragm.
  4. Breath hold, plunging the stomach. In this condition, you need to count to 10.
  5. You can then relax, breathe, stop holding your stomach in.

If you cannot perform one of the elements, for example, involve the stomach, it indicates improper installation of breathing. It is very important to study the algorithm and try again until, until you start to get automatically. Otherwise bodyflex for belly won’t do any good. To do inhalation and exhalation breast correctly is the main condition for successful learning.

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Breathing exercises for weight loss belly

To keep your body fit and stomach flat, just 15 minutes of daily exercise at home for weight loss bodyflex. It is very important not to give it up to get the desired effect. For quick weight loss belly you need to perform one or more exercises from the list:

  1. «Stretching of the parties.» Take the source pose. To do this, bend your knees at shoulder width, push back your buttocks, palms are just above the knees. Perform breathing exercises. Lower left hand on the knee, shifting the weight of the whole body at him. The right leg is put aside, to tear feet from the floor impossible. Lift up your right hand, pull so that you can feel the stretching of muscles while counting to eight and back to the starting position. For each part of the body you need to perform the complex 3 times.
  2. «Flat stomach». Lying on your back, bend your knees, feet while on the floor. Trying to reach up without lifting your head from the floor and stop. Establish diaphragmatic breathing. Hands pull up, tear off from the floor to the shoulders, head throws back. Trying to swing off the floor. Down on the floor carefully and slowly. Rise again, exhale, freeze. Count to ten, repeat..
  3. «Scissors». In Flex this exercise helps to get rid of ugly, flabby belly. The man should lie flat on the floor, his legs stretched out straight, hands placed palms down under the buttocks. It is impossible in the process to tear off the floor head and lower back. Perform breathing exercises. Raise their legs about 8 inches above the floor, pulling socks, make moves, imitating a pair of scissors 10 times. Complex repeated three times.

A girl performs an exercise Scissors

Bodyflex for beginners

If you have not previously used this method for weight loss belly, you should start with a training suit and equipment. Bodyflex technique similar to yoga, so you should prepare a Mat so not to slip during the bending and upheaval. The costume should be comfortable and beautiful. Some exercise for belly to Flex involve the use of balls and bands, so they too can pre-buy.

It is proper breathing chest, so start with him. In bodyflex first positive changes (breakdown of fat) achieved by hyperventilation of the lungs due to the delay of carbon dioxide in them and extra movements (depending on exercise). After mastering diaphragmatic breathing, you can begin to study exercises for slimming the abdomen.

Than effective breathing exercises for belly

This program provides fast result of losing weight without serious stress on the body. Bodyflex provokes the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood (breath-hold), which prepares the body for perception and assimilation of oxygen. Home complex of simple exercises to help:

  • to fight with body fat on the belly and sides;
  • to improve hearing and vision;
  • to charge the body with energy;
  • to deal with a headache;
  • to prevent tooth decay, migraine;
  • boost immunity;
  • to treat muscle pain, constipation, indigestion.

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Bodyflex – contraindications

Before studying a set of exercises for weight loss, you must know about possible contraindications. Bodyflex belly is not suitable:

  • pregnant women;
  • patients glaucoma;
  • people with high blood pressure;
  • asthma;
  • persons with problems of the thyroid gland.

Video: Bodyflex with Marina Korpan


Ekaterina, 24 years

After the birth of my daughter I am much better, but because breastfeeding is not able to comply with the diet. Started doing bodyflex for belly and after a few weeks noticed the reduction of body fat on the sides and buttocks. Expect to be constantly involved in order to get better.

Irina, 39 years old

Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle brought me around 18 extra pounds. On fitness there is no time, so I decided to try bodyflex. Gymnastics requires only 15 minutes a day, gives good results, if not forget to perform the exercises. Significant changes in weight were not, but the volume of the body decreases, and the waist has become slimmer.

Alice, 27 years

I am constantly watching my weight, so I use different methods of losing weight. Bodyflex – a few exercises in which it is important to breathe correctly. Gymnastics is not suitable for those who are waiting for fast results, because it needs to be studied, and then constantly use. Regular exercise helped me to lose 6 kilos in 2 months without much effort.