Beets for weight loss

This colorful root vegetable is used to obtain the well-known sugar, which in large quantities affects the proportions of the figure. On the other hand, here and there there are data on the beet diet. Naturally the question arises: is it possible to eat beets for weight loss?

How useful is the beets for a figure

In some vitamins, but the amount of minerals beets ahead of many vegetables. It contains a vitamin-like substance with therapeutic properties – betaine, research which is being carried out, and presents new surprises. Proven hepatoprotective effect of betaine beet activity in the growth inhibition of some types of tumors and their prevention, the ability to remove salts of heavy metals.

This substance also is involved in the regulation of lipid (fat) metabolism that gave impetus to the study of its effect on the adjustments of excess weight. Including a diet of beets for weight loss, allows you to quickly bring the weight back to normal. Another property useful vegetable, which drew the attention of the athletes – improve assimilation of protein foods and give charge of vivacity, energy pre-workout.

Such qualities allow to use beets for weight loss? By incorporating this product in a low-carb protein diet, you will be able to improve the absorption of protein and fatty acids without the formation of fatty «wells» in the body. The saturation is faster and the feeling of fullness lasts longer with less food eaten. Further, in the process of losing weight not the last role to cleanse the body of toxins that carry out their subversive activities from accumulated in the bowels of the intestines of feces.

We are talking about the normalization of of digestion, of metabolism, which gives a good result in losing weight. Beets copes with constipation, helps to cleanse the intestines. This product is useful for figure and health, but some people are able to cause harm. Slimming with beetroot is contraindicated in urolithiasis due to the large amount of oxalic acid, which stimulates the growth of oxalate stones. Banned beets for weight loss, allergies, diabetes.

Beets with tops

How to use for weight loss

Beets can be eaten raw or cooked – both individually and as part of a low calorie food. The root is used in mono, as modifications to diet, goes well with all protein diets. Raw vegetable and fresh juice from it is more effective than cooked beets. Improvise, adhering to a balanced diet.

Eliminate easily digestible carbohydrates (sweet baked goods, bread flour, sweets, sugar, fizzy drinks and the like), and focus on lean protein and plant foods. Drink water 1.5-2 liters per day. Beets for weight loss – low calorie vegetable, and a dinner far behind, and the hunger required to continue the feast, then it can be safely eat for the night. And it is better to give preference to raw vegetables, which, unlike boiled, the low value on the glycemic index.

Sample menu beet diet for a week


  • Breakfast 2 boiled eggs, glass of kefir;
  • lunch salad with a portion of boiled rice, beet juice;
  • dinner-vegetable soup with beet broth, green Apple, tea.


  • Breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, salad, unsweetened tea;
  • dinner – piece of boiled meat, beet jelly;
  • dinner – kefir-beet smoothie, the greens.


  • Breakfast – egg, vegetable soup, yogurt;
  • lunch – boiled fish, salad from fresh beets;
  • dinner – vegetable stew, beet juice.

Beet juice and beets


  • yogurt, roasted vegetables, beet kvass or a decoction;
  • salad of raw vegetables, 2 eggs, mineral water;
  • cooked beets, yogurt.


  • vinaigrette; yogurt;
  • boiled fish, green salad, beet kvass;
  • 1 egg with greens, vegetable casserole, beet juice.


  • cheese, salad with beets, tea;
  • beet soup with a slice of cooked meat, savory stewed;
  • Apple-kefir cocktail-beet.


  • yogurt, egg, herbs, tea;
  • rice with boiled fish, salad;
  • vegetable stew with tomatoes, beetroot juice.

Woman eating beets

Diet recipes weight loss with beets

From this vegetable can be prepared many low-calorie, healthy and tasty dishes, which are used when dieting for weight loss and menu handling of the day. Beets for weight loss with yogurt is a great vitamin and protein shake and the jelly gives a feeling of satiety. Further a few simple recipes for beetroot dishes.

How to prepare kefir with beets for weight loss

Both products stimulate the motility of the intestines, so cleansing happens to the maximum. Not recommended to use the cocktail with yogurt and beets mono, because it threatens the frequent, loose stools and dehydration. Recipe:

  • cook 1 kg of beet in the skin;
  • cool, clean, cut into pieces;
  • pour 1.5 liters of yogurt low-fat;
  • grind everything in a blender – ready to drink.

Dietary beet salad for weight loss

Onions – well-proven natural remedy for the prevention of Hypo — and avitaminosis of vitamin C, bacterial and viral infections. In combination with beets, especially in the winter time, such a salad diet will help to lose weight with benefits to the immune system. Low-fat yogurt will soften the sharpness of meals and will have a positive effect on the digestion. Recipe:

  • beet wash, boil;
  • to clean, RUB on a fine grater;
  • chop the onion half rings, pour over boiling water;
  • mix the onions with the beets, add the seasoning to the yogurt.

Salad of boiled beets in a salad bowl

Fresh beets with carrots, cabbage and apples

This delicious salad is a real vitamin factory with lots of roughage. Without her presence in the diet quality weight loss unlikely. With caution, the dish is a tendency to increased gas – this side effect can cause cabbage and apples. Recipe:

  • raw carrots, Apple, beets cut into strips or rubbed on a coarse grater;
  • cabbage finely sinquede;
  • sbrazhivaetsya chopped vegetables with lemon juice, seasoned vegetable oil, mixed;
  • before use, you can sprinkle with your favorite herbs.

Vegetable soup

This low-calorie entree reminiscent of vegetable soup, with the difference that instead of cabbage, use the beet tops. The soup menu has an excellent variety of beet diet. Recipe:

  • take young beets with tops: beet RUB on a grater, finely chop the stalks of the leaves, the leaves put;
  • place on a heated pan with a small amount of vegetable oil the beets with the stalks, stew with tomato paste under the lid closed for 15 minutes;
  • chop the onion, carrot, potato, dipped in 1.5 liters of boiling water, cook for 10 minutes;
  • add to a pot of stewed beets and cook for another 5 minutes;
  • thinly slice the potato, put to the vegetables, after 5 minutes the soup is ready;
  • before serving, sprinkle with herbs, season with sour cream.

Vegetable soup in the plate for weight loss

Beet kvass

What could be better than a cold, refreshing brew after a hot summer? When setting on a weight loss – only beet kvass. In addition, you will also shift the balance of the intestinal microflora in the direction of beneficial bacteria, and saturate the organism with necessary microelements. Make the kvass is no more than 1 Cup a day. Recipe:

  • Mature, dark beets without white veins finely chop;
  • pour 2 litres of cool boiled water in a glass jar;
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in a little water, pour in a jar, mix;
  • add a crust of rye bread;
  • the neck of the banks be closed with gauze, leave to ferment for 3 days;
  • then strain – a refreshing drink is ready.


This dish is traditionally Russian, perfectly satisfies hunger, without burdening the body with unnecessary calories. It can be cooked with prunes, oat cereal with honey. Jelly with beetroot instead of Breakfast or for a couple of hours before bedtime, cleanses the intestines, promotes weight loss. Classic recipe:

  • squeeze a glass of beet juice;
  • boil with 600 ml water ½ Cup sugar and lemon zest;
  • add the juice with diluted in 4 tsp. starch, boil a little;
  • to cool, add the juice of 1 lemon, mix well.

The juice of raw beetroot

Beet juice has a strong cleansing effect, which promotes weight loss, contains minerals in a concentrated form. Without consequences for your liver, improves the condition of iron-deficiency anemia, which is due to physiology (after menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy) often affects women. Recipe:

  • Grate the peeled beets on a fine grater, squeeze through cheesecloth, or use a juicer.
  • Dilute in the proportion 50:50 with water or other vegetable, fruit and berry juice – the drink is ready.

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Reviews and results thinner

Hope, 37 years

I urgently needed to lose 8 kg in one major event, sat on the beet diet for 12 days, eating salads, beets, vegetable soup, drank a beet-carrot juice. There is something significant I wanted…the first 3 days, then used. Managed to remove 6 kg in a month three kilos again ate.

Tatiana, 43 years

Was attracted by the cheapness of the beet weight loss – in the garden for the summer months this stuff a lot growing! And throw wanted at least 5 pounds. Left out one thing – the thought of stomach that rebelled from the juice and completely refused it. Tried jelly – best option. Moderately hearty and edible. A week lost even more than expected – by 7 pounds.

Albina, 26 years

And I’m always up for the summer season sitting on the hard kefir diet. Effect impressed, it was decided to add beets for weight loss. This is the bomb! So fast my waist has never melted. Even had to introduce cuts – meat and fish. The only negative of this weight loss is very «weak» so long I do not recommend!