Bath with baking soda for weight loss – recipe

To help people to lose weight can the most common substances available in every home. One of them is soda. It is actively used in the health environment and home. All you need is the right thing to do a bath with the addition of soda, regularly make it. The healing properties of the procedure is attested by doctors, nutritionists and people who saw the effect on himself.

Why take soda bath for weight loss

The procedure promotes active weight loss and healing the whole body. Soda baths help to remove toxins, toxins, soothe the skin, eliminating irritation, inflammation. Sodium bicarbonate has a soothing effect, calms the nervous system, exerting a relaxing effect. Soda bath perfectly cleanse deep layers of skin, help to fight cellulite. Water treatment with the addition of sodium bicarbonate is effective in various poisonings and radiation.

As soda help to lose weight

Unfortunately, soda has no fat burning properties, therefore it should be used as an additional way to reduce weight along with the basic (diet, exercise, cosmetic procedures). Treatments for weight loss effective those that have a positive impact on the top layer of skin. The draining effect is achieved – the removal of fluid from the body. As a result of loss of water and sweating leaving the waste products, toxins, and people lose a few pounds. Weight reduction also occurs through the improvement of metabolism.

Baking soda in a dish and spoon

Useful than alkaline baths for weight loss

In alkaline water steams the skin, clean pores, normalize metabolic processes. The procedure helps to improve blood circulation, cope with swelling, cleanse the lymphatic system. Through cleansing the deep layers of the skin becomes healthier, fit. Cleaned her small pimples, inflammation, fungal diseases. Another advantage of alkaline bath improves the condition of the structure, reduces the size skin. Baking soda helps to relax, cope with stress.

Soda bath for cooking at home

There are different recipes baths for weight loss. The most common – with the addition of just soda. In addition, water treatments you can use sea salt, essential oils of citrus, ginger, rosemary). After the bath, use a scrub, then a cream or a mask to soften the skin. To increase the efficiency of the procedure is recommended an hour walk in the fresh air. The optimum residence time in the water – about 20-25 minutes. Want to know how to use the soda for weight loss? Check out the options recipes.

Soda in wooden spoon

How to prepare a bath with baking soda – the classic recipe

To achieve maximum effect from the treatments, you need to properly adjust the temperature of the liquid and maintain it. To do this, use a thermometer. Soda bath is recommended to take sitting down, plunging to the waist. If fat deposits are in the hands, back, these parts of the body can be wash separately. How to do a bath with baking soda for weight loss – recipe:

  1. Fill the bathtub to the usual state.
  2. Take baking soda, about 200 grams, dilute a small volume of water.
  3. The solution is let into the tub.
  4. When the body will adapt to a temperature of 36-37 degrees, gradually increase the temperature up to 39.
  5. After the procedure, rinsing is not necessary.

Bath with sea salt and baking soda for weight loss

The classic recipe is more suitable for cleansing, soothing, and slimming it is better to use variant with the addition of sea salt. Composition will help you to lose weight if there are no excesses in the diet. Bath will need more baking soda, the water should be hot 38 degrees. The procedure is recommended to do in a day not more than 20 minutes. Bath with baking soda for weight loss recipe with salt:

  1. Fill the water in the bathroom.
  2. Prepare the mixture (300 g of baking soda, one pound of sea salt). The last ingredient can be used twice.
  3. Stir, add the mass into the water.

Girl taking a bath

Soda bath with essential oils

Very nice cosmetic slimming treatment – aromatic oil bath, after which any person feels fresher, prettier. Adding in the normal water essential oil, can remove the extra pounds, relieve stress, soothe muscle pain, to put in order the pressure. Essential oils possess a significant therapeutic effect, therefore, should not be added to the bath for people with heart disease, diabetes, acute inflammatory processes.

Bath with baking soda for weight loss recipe with essential oils:

  1. Buy in a drugstore favorite oil or more. Particularly effective options with mint, ginger, tea tree, lavender.
  2. Prepare a bath temperature of 37 degrees.
  3. A few drops of the chosen oil mix with milk, yogurt. Without the basics it won’t dissolve in water.
  4. Add all the ingredients, including the powder of the bicarbonate.
  5. Bathe no more than 15 minutes – otherwise could occur damage due to excessive exposure to oils.

Anti-cellulite bath with sea salt and black clay

The perfect remedy for orange peel is black clay. It is cheap, abundant component is sold in any pharmacy. Baths with the addition of stimulate blood circulation in the subcutaneous layer, increase skin elasticity, eliminate the symptoms of cellulite. Treatment duration is approximately half an hour. Recipe:

  1. Fill the bathtub with water.
  2. Add an equal amount (½Cup of dry clay, of soda.
  3. Stir well.

The girl takes a mud bath

How to take a bath with baking soda

A good time to take bath is the evening, because the procedure has a strong warming effect. If you have to wash day, you should rest for hours, trying not to SuperCool. Below bath brought only benefits, follow the rules:

  1. The maximum rate for weight loss – 10 sessions (spend a day). Time may vary depending on what is used (except soda).
  2. One should not bathe in very hot water, so as not to harm the body.
  3. To take need on the belt, if necessary, use a scoop.
  4. Bath is recommended after a warm shower.
  5. After the procedure do not need to drain, but every time I turn around with a towel, cover with a blanket.
  6. 2 months is the optimal interval between courses.
  7. For maximum anti-cellulite effect, it is recommended to use special means immediately after a bath.

Video: bath with salt and baking soda for weight loss – pros and cons


Elena, 35 years

I love to lie in the tub, experimenting with different additives, anti-cellulite compounds, foams. The last 2 weeks using the baking soda – add a Cup of powder, and sometimes a few drops of orange oil. These ingredients contribute to the expansion and cleansing, the elimination of edema, enhancing the mood. After 2 months, will definitely repeat the course.

Olga, 21 years

I do not like to lie in the tub because you don’t have the patience, there is a feeling that water takes strength. The coach was recommended to try a bath using baking soda to improve body tone, eliminate muscle pain. When I tried, I liked. The main thing is not to make water too hot, otherwise it will feel dizzy, a weakness.

Faith, 38 years

To normalize your weight, go to the gym, sit on a mono-diet, and often take a bath with black clay, soda. Latest practices and my friend. It looks like the ingredients are – no belly folds. At me still all ahead. Believe soda will have due effect, and I will lose weight.

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