Features of diet on bananas with milk, cheese and yogurt

Weight loss can be based not only on the dishes that most people consider tasteless, but and sweet treats, favorite tooth. The banana diet is a Prime example of easy and effective methods of getting rid of excess weight.

Basic principles and benefits of diet on bananas

The girl complies with the diet on bananas

Experts recommend that before starting any weight loss program to make body cleanse. Food should be consumed in minimal quantities, to give up fatty meat, salty and smoked food, and drinks to drink mineral water without gas or green tea. A day hard limit supply, you can start to banana diet.

The basic principles of a diet on bananas is:

  • in the diet it is necessary to introduce a ripe, fresh banana of very good quality (overripe or spoiled fruits should not eat);
  • observed diet for no longer than one week (you can choose it lasts 3 or 7 days);
  • fruits contain a high amount of magnesium and potassium (diuretic substances which can rids the body of excess fluid, strengthen the heart and other important systems of the human body);
  • to complement the banana diet is only recommended low fat foods (yogurt, milk, natural yogurt).

Banana Breakfast

The advantages of the diet program are numerous factors. Bananas contain large amounts of vitamins and useful elements, therefore, as a result of their eating takes place the General health of the body. Hair, nails and skin acquires a healthy appearance. The digestive system is improved and metabolism is increased.

Advantages of banana diet:

  • a person does not feel hunger;
  • restrict diet is easily tolerated by the body;
  • lethargy, fatigue, feeling of sleepiness does not occur;
  • negative impact on the body is eliminated.

Menus and recipes for weight loss

Bananas with parsley

Bananas contain huge amounts of nutrients. The caloric value of 100 g of fruit is 92 Kcal, and distinguishing feature a yellow fruit is the ability to quickly satisfy hunger. Subject to the most stringent dietary rules, the discomfort is not being tested, and any of the programs does not harm health. Weight loss with bananas doctors do not recommend the presence of serious diseases of the digestive system or diabetes.

Banana milk for 3 days

Diet can be gentle or tough: a three-day weight loss program on bananas provides for similar separation. In the first case, the daily ration is a quart of milk and four fruit. In the second embodiment, the daily diet is limited to three glasses of milk and three bananas. To use the ingredients needed one by one, making a break for 1.5-2 hours.

The nuances of the banana-milk diet:

  • the milk has to be skimmed;
  • first time to stick to the diet need no more than 3 days;
  • during the day, allowed to drink only green tea or water.

Cottage cheese and banana for 4-5 days

Bananowy cocktail

Fruit diet can be used not only for weight loss, but as days of fasting. In the process of compliance it is forbidden to eat any fried, boiled or stewed dishes. Main diet will be fruits and low-fat cottage cheese, bananas. To comply with such a program is recommended no longer than one week. The best option – 4-5 days.

Principles of diet:

  • 1 and 3 are considered to be cheese day (three meals, each meal is 120 g of cottage cheese and a slice of melon or grapefruit);
  • 2 and 4 are pressed (three times a day you need to eat bananas in the morning, they should be supplemented with milk, for lunch – boiled egg, for dinner – 200 g boiled meat or vegetable salad).

Kefir-banana 7 days

A diet based on dairy products and tropical fruits – hard banana weight loss program. In a seven-day diet of introduced bananas and yogurt, other food is forbidden to eat. A day to drink at least a litre of fermented milk products, and eat six big bananas. Cons of this diet is the risk of dehydration, strong pull to your favorite dishes, prohibition of the frequent application of the technique. Take drugs for weight loss if you drink kefir it is impossible.

Japanese for 10 days

Collection cocktail

The banana diet is very popular in foreign countries. Ten-day complex weight loss based on the Japanese methodology is considered to be one of the easiest. The meaning of the program lies in the ability to tropical fruit to accelerate metabolism, and in combination with water at room temperature this process is complemented by a feeling of fullness. Eat yellow fruit carefully in the morning and during the day you can afford a wide range of dishes.

Principles morning diet on bananas by Japanese methods:

  • for 10 days in the morning I eat a few unripe fruits to wash them down with a glass of water at room temperature;
  • excluded from the diet desserts, and lunch and dinner should be tight;
  • the last meal should be no later than 20:00;
  • man needs to sleep.

For fat-burning cocktails Energy Diet

Modern range of supplements for weight loss includes many options of drugs. One of the most popular is a functional food Energy Diet from the brand NL. The smoothies can be consumed for a long time and not worry about the risk of negative impact on the body. Concentrates are available with different flavors (watermelon, Apple, hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, banana, etc).

The nuances of the program:

  • before applying the banana method of weight loss using smoothies, it is recommended to visit the official website Energy Diet (here detail the products, methods of use, basic rules);
  • part Energy Diet does not include preservatives, so use the products after opening the cans should be within three months;
  • food must be fractional and balanced;
  • the weight loss is a week diet, but cocktails Energy Diet is recommended to drink a month, then take a break.

Diet in diet

Banana mousse

Each weight loss program time limitations, when you exit the diet to control the diet. Immediately begin to eat hearty meals is not necessary, otherwise the weight will quickly return, and the digestive system will be broken. For several days are advised to continue to enter into the diet of bananas.

With a diet that includes cocktails energy Diet, you need to follow the same rules. Exiting the weight loss is gradual. For some time the company’s products NL international must be contained in the diet, but in small quantities. Abrupt changes in the range of used products affect the body: weight can come back quickly, and the expected effect is not achieved.

Video about benefits of banana for the human body

Reviews and results after dieting

Alina, 27 years: Always thought that you can lose weight, just spending hours in gyms and observing strict prohibitions in the diet. Photos of the results and description of a diet on bananas surprised me. Never thought that these fruits help to get rid of extra pounds. First complied with the requirements for 3 days then 7. The result dropped 6 kg.

Natalia, 36 years: a large amount of excess weight I don’t suffer, but wanted to correct a figure on a few pounds. Read reviews about weight loss with cocktails energy Diet. Used mix a month, get rid of four pounds. Plan to regularly use the technique to maintain the shape.

Olga, 45 years: to go to the gym, exhaust yourself with strict diets I can’t. Accidentally found out that bananas contribute to weight loss. Surprised by the timing of eating fruit, it needs 3 or 7 days. Chose Express program, three kilograms of clean I managed. Plan to test the effect of seven-day advance.

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