As not to break during the diet? During the festival, or stress learn to control myself

The question itself as not to break the diet is fundamentally wrong. Lose weight in the end is not he who does not breaks down, and the one who behaves correctly after a failure, not good enough from this tragedy. Normal modern diets contain «official retreat» — free meal or day when you can eat 1-2 meals. But there are different situations in life, which is very conducive of violations. Some of them you can do without the food that you did not plan.

As not to break during a diet on holiday?

It just so happened that we can’t just be happy with the same New year or birthday. There is a certain list of dishes that everyone grew up in our culture almost obliged to eat, not to look a white crow.

If you are preparing to celebration at home, it would be logical to do for a special menu. But you can — and all for the benefit of almost nobody would notice if:

  • season the salad to mayonnaise, and mix sour cream with mustard, or yogurt with mustard powder;
  • take instead of cheap sausages, the same of lean beef, cut meat salads;
  • the mashed potatoes half raw materials to change in shape of cauliflower, and just whisk everything together in a blender;
  • replace sandwiches with butter and caviar on salted salmon or oil fish, and cook it at home;
  • instead of cake, submit homemade ice cream with fruit, which is sugar a mixture of stevioside and Eritrea (Trouville or Hitparad), or bake a cake of oatmeal without butter (lots of recipes) with the same fruits;
  • to do main course, not some vague pie with 10 layers of greasy cheese, and a good piece of meat. Yes, it seems expensive, but the saturation is better, and looks much more decent than a cheap dish best eaten something due to the large amount of cheese in it.

Go to relatives or neighbors, or close friends, it may be advisable to bring your allowed a dish in a quantity sufficient to treat other people. Of course, if you are «drying» to the competition, and your dish — chicken breast with lemon juice. If so, make the most of your idols, who certainly know how not to break while on a diet — just «skip guests», and stay home. Fortunately, you still have to sleep, and not just chicken breast to chew on.

Alcohol and disruptions

The only taboo is alcohol. And it’s not even how it changes metabolism, and how changes the perception. Leave the opportunity to drink it up to those rosy days when you get out of the diet and won’t want to pounce on even the most unappetizing piece of «forbidden» food.

Alcohol reduces inhibitions in our head. Never want the same cake as after his admission. And our favorite drinks contain quite a lot of calories. If not do nothing — a symbolic glass of dry wine, with two glasses of plain water «after».

Mental attitude for the occasion

Often we provoke the failure of the tuning in his head to go to eat, not to chat with friends and relatives. Work on that. House try to come up with interesting things so that the main activity of the evening was not sitting, eating and gossiping about friends. Away try to participate in all the things that have nothing to do with food.

The alternative as not to break during a diet plan on this day «vacation from dieting». A couple of days before the event reduce your calories by 10%, and during the holiday eat meat and vegetables primarily, and refrain from dessert, snacks and salads. Even cooked meat with the fat — a better choice than a layered salad with walnuts, mayonnaise, cheese and who knows what else.

How to control myself in stressful situations?

We work, learn and generally live a stressful life. Some doctors do not advise to sit on a diet, until we reduce it to a level adequate acceptable. But if it so happened that the problems started during the process of losing weight, eliminate all possibilities of overeating comfort food.

1. All «out of sight!»

Throw candy, hand out to friends a year’s supply of chips, and amuse themselves with the illusion that it is for a child, husband or anyone else. If, indeed, for other family members, Packed in a lockable Cabinet and give the key adult family member with strict instructions not to give it to you under any circumstances.

2. Practice «with the mind»

Eliminate activities, during which you overeat. This refers to mindless viewing of images in social networks, and the same «hang» on the channel TV series. You have stress? Try to spend more time in the air, the nature, go to the salon, arrange a home SPA day, anything that could not be combined with the chewing.

3. Replace meals

Prepare some substitutes for my comfort foods. For salty snacks let it be sliced cucumbers, crispy nori seaweed, or sliced apples with a little natural sea salt. If you like to overeat ice cream cheese pasta with sugar substitute without the calories and the vanilla extract. For «fans» need chocolate protein bars without sugar and rapidly digested carbohydrates. In General, be in the most extreme case.

4. Food rules — a must!

When you get all this, select the time so that no one disturbs you, and limit portion. Eat slowly, and do not lose awareness that you’re just stress-eating, and do not want to satisfy your hunger. Usually this works well as a «brake» against mindless overeating.

Eat normal food regularly, provide themselves with everything necessary, not to overeat, do not skip meals and not feel intense hunger, which makes usually «lose all barriers» and refer to large quantities of food for solace and support. Carry a bag with containers, the benefit of today they have become so stylish that does not spoil your appearance.

Here is another interesting video how not to break the diet (Denis Borisov)

And remember that setbacks happen to everyone. Moreover, you will lose weight, despite their presence, if you will just safely return to the plan without arranging themselves «acts of punishment in the form of the wild days of fasting, abstinence from food or some marathons exhausting physical exercises.

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