American astronauts diet for weight loss menu on 21 and 13 days

Diet American dietetic

The problem of reducing weight is especially important, when outside the window the sun warms, and in the air, the scents of spring. Women try to put themselves in order, searching for a new diet, so I want to methods was not very painful, the days passed without problems. The popular American diet, which is used by Hollywood stars, meets these requirements. There are several options for the organization. Read and choose yourself.

Features and rules of dieting

Products for the American diet

This method of weight loss should drink plenty of water, there are no special restrictions on the products. The only thing is diet no fat. Use cocktails Energy diet, the functional nutrition. The technique lasts for a few days, it should be:

  • to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins;
  • eliminate alcohol, sweets;
  • eat nutritious and right foods;
  • do not apply salt;
  • salads with olive oil, lemon (juice);
  • do not forget about physical activity.

Menus and recipes for weight loss

Tomatoes and lettuce

The main feature of all the variants of the American diet – limiting fat, low carb diet. In some cases, a necessary condition for the exception of the evening meal. Comfort in the fact that there are no great limits in the product list. The main thing is to find the caloric content or a certain amount of carbohydrates. You can make any menu and stick to this supply. Check out the options diets.

Diet American astronauts for a week

This diet is very popular in Russia called the Kremlin. Based on the principle of limited use of carbohydrates. This is the most effective diet for those who don’t like to torture yourself with hunger: because of the reduction of carbohydrates the body begins to process fats. Allowed protein foods are limited, but not eliminated entirely the use of sweet, flour, rice. There are special tables containing products, meals and their content of carbohydrates. Their number is written on the packages.

For weight loss need to take per day to 40 grams of carbs, the weight will steadily fall. The duration of the diet is not limited in time. There are many low-carb products, so the feeling of hunger you feel, you alcohol, meat, sweet. Fruits and vegetables consumed based on the number of carbohydrates. Hang the table to the refrigerator, then after a week you’ll easy to navigate. For detoxification you need to drink water constantly, use a separate mode. The method has contraindications:

  • chronic vascular disease;
  • heart disease, GASTRO-intestinal tract;
  • pregnancy;
  • problems with the kidneys.

Minus the dinner for 13 days

The girl holds the American diet

The basis of this system of weight reduction is the cancellation of the dinner. The evening allowed to drink teas, decoctions, because at that time (at night too) burned fats. In 13 days you can lose weight by 7 kilogram. Using this system, the athletes in preparation for competitions, where a certain weight. The basic rules of the diet:

  • the last meal not later than 17 hours;
  • reduce carbohydrate intake;
  • after consuming fatty foods to eat grapefruit or pineapple:
  • be sure to drink water;
  • to move actively;
  • to take vitamins.

Roller coaster in 21 days

If you compare your photo before undergoing this technique, and after it, you will be amazed by the results. You are guaranteed a slender figure and minus 10 kg, however, if you add exercise. The technique is to fool the body, not to give him to make stocks. Caloric intake varies periodically. It looks like this:

Days The number of calories a day
1-3 600
4-7 900
8-14 1200
15-17 600
18-21 900

This method of special menus, you will pick up low-calorie foods to eat. You need to eliminate fatty foods, starchy and sweet. To conduct diet you need willpower and constant calorie counting. You can make your life easier if you use the special food in the form of mixtures and cocktails of the brand NL. Composition Energy diet balanced concerning protein, fats and carbohydrates, essential minerals and vitamins and the calorie content is listed.

Diet in diet

Girl eating vegetable salad

For any diet it is important to get out of it. Otherwise, it is easy to undermine all efforts to reduce weight, and even harm the body to cause diseases of the stomach and intestines. To avoid this, you must quit the diet carefully and correctly:

  • start with light soups, cereals;
  • gradually increase the caloric content of foods;
  • eat dairy products;
  • not to forget to drink water;
  • gradually increase volume of portions;
  • a smooth transition to the prohibited products.

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Christina, 52 years: Learned about the diet of American astronauts, very interested in it. Attracted by the fact that few restrictions on products. It is important to consider the amount of carbohydrates and it’s quite easy, especially since there are tables. The results are felt within a week. Hungry were not, and weight decreased. For six months, lost 20 lbs. Very happy, I advise!

Veronica, 35 years: Going to lose weight. A friend recommended a diet called the roller coaster, which should limit the calorie intake. Said that it is very effective, you can significantly lose weight. Since I don’t like to cook and count calories, we decided to try cocktails energy diet is the usual food. Lost 8 lbs!

Tatyana, 45 years: I need long and could not lose weight, although that only did not try. Asked the nutritionist, she advised me to try the American diet dinner minus. It was too heavy in the evening, but I drank herbal teas. Lost 6 kg, the figure tightened. The important thing is that the weight does not return.

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