Abdominal massage for weight loss at home: pros, cons, how to do?

Usually abdominal massage for weight loss at home do in combination with changes in diet and physical activity. By itself, massage to burn fat cannot. He only improves blood circulation, accelerates digestion at the expense of local impact, and helps a person feel better after a workout. One cannot underestimate the cosmetic power of a massage. The action with your hands or a massager allows cosmetics to more fully absorb into the skin and helps to maintain it moisturized and in good shape. All this provides a visual change.


Truth and myths about this massage

Go to any forum and there try to say that a massage does not burn body fat. I bet you try to «break» those who have already experienced the diet, massage, scrub, healthy lifestyles and other «it’s» what you write on websites about health and beauty. Run across and make the massage of the individual to prove you that by using a Pat, Pat and other movements to build the press. In fact, the hypertrophy of the muscles can be accessed only one way — training them, causing contraction of muscle fibers, and work actively «drawing» it with weights. And external stimuli is not able to.

Scientifically proven benefits of massage:

  • it can relieve inflammation in the tissues, promote the healing of minor wounds and to heal from the effects of excessive training. By and large, it can not be considered suitable for abdominal massage, as it works only in respect of the joints and are attached to them muscle fibers;
  • it helps to improve blood circulation, metabolism in the cells and tissue nutrition. But it is entirely «responsible» for improving the appearance of our «centers telon able to improve the absorption of cosmetic creams and lotions. But it’s worth noting that the area of their actions — usually a 3 mm upper layer of the epidermis, so the aspirations of those who want to use the cream to burn fat, not destined to come true

Why are rave reviews about massage that literally implies that someone with the help of simple home treatments lost 2 sizes? First, many people tend to effect savings. For example, they do a stomach massage for weight loss at home and intuitively begin to eat less, as internally configures itself, «not to spoil the result of reckless power». Second, many have little fat, but due to lack of movement and large amounts of salty food are prone to accumulation of edema. With them massage helps to fight it by improving skin tone and improve circulation.

We also have a «third». Buy feedback for a penny, here are some joyful and scribble posts about fat burning massage all day.

So if you have not yet created a calorie deficit and not training, massage will help to lose weight only miracle. In all other cases, definitely worth a try.

How to do manual massage at home?

The main abdominal massage for weight loss at home — regularity. The power of manual massage, done by yourself, just her. From pluses — you do not injure the skin, and will not be able to organize the impact that would have caused bruising and damage. Therefore, slimming massage can be done at least every day.

You need only a massage oil. Moreover, it is possible to take the ordinary, the benefit is still not in it, and in influence. If there are no special amiss and olive. Good for the skin also of black seed oil and slightly warmed coconut and sesame. Sometimes advised to use oil with the addition of citrus or juniper components. It is also a good option, especially for those who do not have allergies to citrus and does not experience discomfort.

Home self-massage step by step

  1. take a shower, be sure to treat the zone of influence hard sponge or scrub. The goal is to speed up the blood circulation in the tissues, to prepare the skin;
  2. fully vytahnete or RUB the soft towel;
  3. warm the massage oil in your hands to body temperature;
  4. apply it in a circular motion clockwise. Work from the navel to the «sides», and pull the skin with your fingers;
  5. you can do a «sawing» motion with the edge of the palms, but not to catch and pinch the skin-fat fold fingers;
  6. for the entire treatment plan no more than 20 minutes, otherwise you can compromise the integrity of small capillaries

Abdominal massage for weight loss and tone

Take 20 grams of dried chamomile flowers and tie them in a canvas bag. Throw in a quart of boiling water and put in a water bath for 10 minutes. When «cooked», cool completely and pour into molds for ice. Freeze the part, then place it in a bag for Breakfast and massage skin with ice. When the ice melts, Megumi movements treat skin chamomile water.

How to make a vibrating massage?

This abdominal massage for weight loss at home do offer to those who can boast an enviable health of the reproductive system. A contraindication to such effects is any inflammation of the pelvic organs and various tumors.

In General, the reputation of the vibration massage is quite bad. Many sources call it one of the causes of gynecological diseases, bleeding and minor wounds vessels. However, scientifically validated information that would allow this action to ban not.

Vibratory massage is done in a day, alternating with the usual manual. First, take a bath salt for relaxation and drainage, then in a circular motion massage the skin from the navel to the sides. Usually recommend buying home massager «pad» and not the platform with ribbons. However, in reality, the difference from the results of the application of the two objects is sufficiently small.

The advantage of this type of massage can achieve the effect of improving blood circulation is faster than a manual.

It is worth remembering that between the last meal and the procedure should take 2 hours.

Some sources say that after the massage for better results, you can eat, but this is not true. No connection between massage and fat burning is no, so feel free to eat it while it fits into your «matrix» of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

By the way, the massage of the tummy with Hoop a hula Hoop is an effective procedure. Try to pay attention to this type of massage.

Do a stomach massage for weight loss at home video:

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