A set of simple and effective exercises for weight loss at home

Every person who is interested in how to lose weight quickly realizes that sport to cope with this problem does not work. Physical activity affects most of the processes of the human body, so home workouts for weight loss is absolutely necessary.

How to exercise to lose weight

The girl crouches

Your complex of exercises for weight loss at home must be combined with proper nutrition. You should make a menu for each day, which will allow you to consume fewer calories than their body needs. Weight loss at home can, if will be followed strict discipline. Do the exercises always with a respect for equipment and the specified number of times of repetitions. You should start with a light program for your body to get used to the load.

A simple exercise for beginners

Those who are not involved in sports, had some kind of disease, and after childbirth, do not immediately give yourself a serious load. This can undermine the health, that is either not ready for another rigorous exercise, or is not strong enough. You should start with light aerobic, exercise, which can act as a warm-up to warm up the muscles. In this mode it is recommended to use for about a month. During this period, you can perform these exercises:

  • Jogging (on a treadmill, on the street);
  • squats;
  • lunges to the side;
  • push-UPS from knees;
  • stretching and light exercise of yoga.

Girl doing exercise for weight loss at home

Effective exercises for women for each day

Any exercises for quick weight loss are created in order to stimulate the body to burn excess calories. This happens usually when you increase in heart rate to 140 beats per minute, so a home gym is quite active, moving. For each part of the body there are exercises that need to improve, strengthen muscle tone. Don’t have illusions that you can lose weight in any particular place, losing weight is always all over the body, but at different speeds.

For the abdominal muscles and sides

They say that the General idea of a beautiful figure of a girl at first glance is formed due to the abdomen. If it is smooth, clearly visible waist, the man notices a woman. To exercise the abdominal muscles you need to perform the following exercises:

  1. Twisting usual. Lie on the floor with your back, bend your legs, the socks cling to the sofa or table. It is necessary not just to raise the body, and stretch the chest to the pelvis so as to get the twisting. This will allow to load the press. To perform for 1 approach is necessary for the maximum number of repetitions to belly «burned». You should make at least 3 approaches.
  2. Twisting with the rotation. To strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen, the upper part of the press. Take the situation described in the exercise above with your hands behind your head. Scrutinies and drive the elbow to the opposite knee.
  3. Exercise «plank». Static exercise which involves all departments of the press, the muscles of the lower back, shoulders and arms. Lie with your stomach on the floor, raise up on your elbows so that they form a parallel with the shoulders. The palm of your hand and forearm also lie on the floor. Better to keep hands soft. Keep your back straight, try to stand as long as possible. If you manage to survive at least 40 seconds for the first time – it is pretty good.

The plank exercise for weight loss at home

To strengthen the buttocks and inner thighs

  1. Squats – best exercise for buttocks and thighs. When you run it is very important to observe. Sure that always remained in the back of the trough, my knees did not go for the socks. For convenience, in the beginning you can put a ball (fitball) from behind and sit on it. Guide 4 sets of 20-30 reps.
  2. Jumping. Sit on haunches and sharply jump out as high as possible. Repeat at least 20 times.
  3. The attacks aimed at training the inner thighs. Standing exactly leave one of the legs to the side, down at her, then slowly rise and take its original position. Do 20-25 of these lunges on each leg.

Girl doing exercise for weight loss buttocks and legs

For arms and back with weights

  1. Pushups from knees. Take the emphasis lying, the girls have to put on the floor the knees, not the toes. Do 10 push-UPS 2-3 sets.
  2. Reverse push-UPS. Use the edge of the bed, sofa or chair. Go back to him, put hands, feet pull smoothly. Lower down, bending your elbows, butt should touch the floor. Then again right hand. This exercise will allow you to train the triceps.
  3. Pull the dumbbells. Again need the edge of the bed or sofa, you can put together the stool-like bench. Put one knee on the surface, the second leg is on the floor. The first hand put on a sofa or stool so that the upper body was smooth, parallel to the floor. The second hand should be dumbbell, slightly bend it at the elbow. Pull with back muscles up. Each need to do 3 sets of exercises 10 times.
  4. Thrust dumbbells to his belt. Take two dumbbells, slightly bend your knees, lean forward but keep the curve in the lower back, look straight. Completely relax your hands, elbows slightly bent. With the help of muscles, pull the dumbbell to the belt so that you have converged on the back of the blade together.

Exercise with dumbbells for weight loss

For slim legs

  1. Exercise chair. Start the movement as if you sit on the chair. Squat until the knee forms a 90 degree angle, lock this position. Stay in this position as much as you can.
  2. Squats «plie». Put wide-leg, toes turned outwards. Slowly squat down into the bottom lock position for 5 seconds, then rise smoothly upward.
  3. Lie on your right side and bend the leg on the floor at the knee, slightly move it forward. Raise the other leg (which is above) to equal up with the maximum amplitude, but not in a hurry, the movement should be slow, controlled.

Best exercises for weight loss for men

Rules of weight loss for men no different from women’s. Children need to consume fewer calories than they expend, perform cardio alternating with strength exercises. With the latest in home without exercise equipment will be hard, because men have a greater deterioration than their own weight. In the beginning of the course you can do the same set of exercises for weight loss at home, which is described above for the girls, but after a month or two for best results it is better to go to the gym.

Video: how to lose weight through exercise at home

It is important to observe the correct technique of the exercises during a exercise program for weight loss at home. If not to put a foot or not to make the bend in the right place, you train the wrong muscle does not get enough pressure. The easiest way to understand and remember exercise if you see how does it another man. The following are examples of training, where describes in detail the technique and the training system.

Bosu workout for abs

How to lose weight in a week

Lesson to the music on the fitball girls

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