A detailed description of the Kim Protasov diet for weeks; reviews

A detailed description of the Kim Protasov diet for weeks and every day; reviews

For a long time the Japanese diet with a detailed description (unofficially it is called «protasovo») holds the position of leader among all the methods of losing weight. This is despite the fact that the identity of its author has not been fully established. Moreover, it is quite comfortable from a psychological point of view, it is easy to adhere to.

The Japanese diet; a detailed description by week

The basis of the diet are vegetables, and dairy products. The diet also includes meat, fish and eggs, but not at the beginning of the diet. The biggest advantage of this power: many products are not regulated by the volume, you can eat them in any quantity. That is why the diet is considered to be psychologically comfortable when observance the person does not feel hunger. However, limitations also exist, and they must strictly adhere to the excess weight was gone.

Consider diet Kim Protasov with the description by week. It is designed for five weeks. Such a short period of time to comply with a special diet – a definite advantage, because most of the techniques weight loss has a much longer period.

Week 1

In the first week, the system requires Protasov is just:

  • raw vegetables,
  • dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cheese),
  • eggs,
  • green apples.

Vegetables can be consumed in any quantity. Also in unlimited amount is cottage cheese and natural yogurt. But cheese and yogurt must have a fat content of not more than 5% (although low fat foods are not recommended). The day you can eat one boiled egg, or three quail. In any quantity to drink tea and coffee, but will have to forget about sugar. Fruit only green Apple, and limited in number: three in a day. It is also recommended that clean drinking water up to two liters daily.

It’s impossible to stay hungry, because raw vegetables and dairy products can be eaten without restriction. Also without restrictions you can mix salads with cheese, smoothies from different types of vegetables, yogurt with apples. No prohibitions and restrictions for the time eating, but try to have dinner three hours before bedtime.

Week 2

The second week of the diet Protasov does not require detailed description since it is identical to the first week. Many «Protasova» (those who have already experienced its effect) note that the second week is easier than the first. It would seem that it should be the opposite, more and more monotonous diet bored. In fact, the following happens: there are no complex carbohydrates, reduced fat intake, improved digestion, and the body gets used to proper metabolism. That’s why in the early days still want to take something forbidden, by the second week that desire usually disappears.

Week 3

In the existing diet add meat and fish. The approximate amount of 300 g daily (mean weight of ready meals). But there is one rule: for the same amount necessary to reduce the amount of dairy products. Meat fish, you can:

  • cooking,
  • cook for a couple,
  • bake
  • fry.

As you can see, all methods of preparation are suitable. But has a serious limitation: you cannot use oil. So for frying you need to use special utensils in which to cook without oil.

Week 4

The fourth week of the diet Kim Protasov description does not require, as permitted products meet the previous week. Proponents of this diet notice that the second «meat» week passes more quietly than the first. The fact that at the initial stage, when the meat is missing from the diet, the body wean from it. And some even have to force yourself to eat at least a piece. And after a week of eating fish and meat digestive system re-adapts to changes in diet. So the fourth week is considered to be comfortable diet period.

Week 5

These days continuing the diet, formed in the third and fourth week. With the end of the fifth week ends and diet.

After a five-week restrictive mode still the same out of it. It is quite reasonable. Uncontrolled absorption of sweet or fat can disrupt the stomach and intestines, causing nausea, diarrhea, or an attack of gastritis. But after this period you should also reduce consumption of harmful products. More vegetables, fruits, dairy products, some meat, and you will forget what weight.

Diet Kim Protasov: detailed menu

Many dieters on this system face the problem of variety of dishes. Not everyone can every day to come up with recipes with such a limited set of products. But you can still cook tasty and varied.

Those who sit on the «Protasova», offers a sample menu of the diet for the first period without meat. It is not compulsory, but taken as a basis is reasonable.


  • yoghurt with Apple pieces,
  • grated Apple with cottage cheese
  • cottage cheese pudding
  • freshly squeezed Apple juice
  • smoothies made of fresh vegetables (carrots, broccoli, spinach),


  • salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers with cheese
  • eggplants baked with tomatoes and cheese,
  • vegetable okroshka on kefir with boiled egg,
  • the white cabbage salad with herbs,
  • scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese.


  • celery soup,
  • cheesecakes,
  • beet salad with cheese,
  • carrot salad with Apple and lemon juice,
  • pumpkin pudding.

As snacks you can use raw vegetables or yogurt. In the description of the diet Protasov recipes 1-2 weeks occur thermally processed vegetables. Their use is permitted, but with some reservations. Fresh vegetables must be present in the diet, and their volume must be large enough. What raw vegetables are the basis of normalization of work of digestive system. Besides, they contain more vitamins, which is very important when a limited set of products.

And here is the menu for each day of the diet Kim Protasov for the second, the «meat» stage. Breakfast and dinner can be taken with the diet of the first period, and lunch to cook fish and meat:

  • baked fillet of salmon with a salad of cucumber and greens
  • scrambled eggs with shrimp,
  • soup beef broth with fresh cabbage,
  • chicken cutlets with a salad of tomatoes and celery with cheese,
  • casserole of zucchini with minced meat and cheese.

In this period it is necessary to monitor a sufficient amount of protein by eating meat or fish.

No wait for the results?

On the Japanese diet, for reviews of past people, you can lose up to 10 pounds. To reduce the weight to a greater extent highly prejudicial to health. After losing 2 kg per week is the maximum permissible norm. So if you need to lose weight even more should take a break, and then again to get on this diet.

Diet testing, reviews and results supporters, is keeping your desired weight. A lot of people face the same problem: quickly lose weight and then gain weight dropped (and even a few extra). «Protasova», unlike other diets, in the body starts the process of proper digestion, so the result is stable. But in order that excess weight is not returned, we must still adhere to the principles of healthy eating and physical activity. Only then your slim figure will be the envy of all who have not tried diet Kim Protasov!

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