Diet a separate food of 90 days

What self-respecting woman sat on a diet to shed pounds. However, not all methods of weight loss benefit and harmless. Many of them did not give result. However, there is a miracle menu, which is worth paying attention to. Breda Hrobat and Mojca, Polensek wrote the book «90-day diet of a separate food», which describe in detail the rules, compliance with which will allow to get rid of 25 pounds of excess weight in three months. This is the maximum figure and it all depends on the selected dietary fats and portion size.

Features and rules of dieting

A separate supply

The advantage of 90-day diet of a separate food is that it has no inhibitory effect on the metabolism. The system is a five-day cycles with one handling, the twenty-ninth day. To lose weight, you need discipline and willpower. You must carefully monitor yourself, keep a diary, follow the calendar, not allowing any indulgences during the diet. If you’re ready for all this, the result will satisfy you fully. To diet to be effective, you must follow certain rules:

  1. During the diet should eat at least three times a day. Serving can be anything, but not so much to cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. The juice is considered a food. You have to choose between eat or drink.
  2. If you broke down, you return to the diet of the missed day.
  3. Dinner no later than eight hours.
  4. In carbohydrate and starch days diet between meals should take three hours minimum.
  5. Fruit a day between meals should be at least two hours.
  6. Protein day diet between two meals must pass a four hour minimum.
  7. During the day to drink about 2 liters of water.
  8. To forget during the diet about alcohol.

Table of permitted and prohibited foods

Product compatibility table for a separate power

Permitted foods for diet Forbidden foods for diet
Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, whole grain bread (protein days). Sugar, pudding, mayonnaise, salt, smoke, oil, canned food, soda, coffee, condensed milk, alcohol.
Cereals, flour products, pastries, ice cream, brownies, dark chocolate (for carbohydrate).
Fruits, dried fruits, juices, seeds and nuts (fruit).
Cereals, legumes, vegetables, whole grain or unleavened bread (starch).

Sample menu for each day

90-day diet separate healthy food will not make you starve. Variety of products allows you to come up with many options, oriented in and gourmets. The main thing is to understand which set of ingredients used each day of the diet, and then conjure in the kitchen. Make it easier for many girls life cocktails energy diet. Functional nutrition is a concentrate from which can be quickly prepared, such as soup. Learn which menu options you can consider for diet.

Protein days

Protein day diet dinner should consist of meat, fish or poultry, to prepare which can use fat or oil. Rules:

  1. You can add vegetables, stewed or fresh. Everything is allowed, except potatoes.
  2. Meat can be replaced with cottage cheese or two eggs.
  3. Mug of soup with one slice of whole wheat bread to complement your dinner.
  4. This day diet allowable consumption of dairy products, but remember that they can not be combined with meat to it that you eat per meal different protein.
  5. For dinner you can eat half of what was for lunch.


For these days of the diet you should choose foods that are high in starch content. These include beans, potatoes, and bread with whole grains and cereals. Rules:

  1. Breakfast enough for a few fruits, a glass of juice or berries.
  2. In the afternoon you should boil the peas, chickpeas, soybeans, potatoes, rice or beans. You can saute them in a little olive oil.
  3. Maybe some vegetable soup with a slice contains whole grains and bread.
  4. Dinner repeats daily products, with the exception of soup and bread with halved portions.

A dish for the diet of a separate food


In the days of carbohydrate diet the diet includes cakes made without yeast and eggs, macaroni foods (ingredients: durum wheat), savory biscuits and cereals. Rules:

  1. A small piece of dark chocolate will help to satisfy the need for sweets.
  2. For Breakfast eat some fruit, instead of which you can choose a Cup of berries, dried apricots, nuts or raisins. It will be useful and a glass of juice.
  3. For lunch you can make pasta durum with vegetable sauce. Allowed pancakes without eggs and milk, crackers, savoury biscuits.
  4. Buckwheat, millet or barley porridge can be included in the menu.


Vitamin day diet for lunch, fruit in any form. This means fruit purees and salads, compotes and baked fruit like apples and pears. Rules:

  1. Addition to it can be nuts, but not more than one hundred grams.
  2. You can soak in water dried fruits, eat them and drink the water.
  3. These days, the diet does not imply a complete rejection your desired food. We just need moderation, which will allow you over time to gradually lose weight.

Recipes of dietary dishes

A woman prepares a dish for a 90-day diet

For protein day:

  • For lunch you can prepare a soup (perfect for broth, chicken, Turkey or seafood) with vegetables or cakes with steamed vegetable salad. You can select cocktails energy diet by preparing the soup using the concentrate.
  • For dinner you can treat yourself to fish baked with lemon and herbs or chicken breast with garlic and thyme.

Starch day diet:

  • Lunch: vegetable stew or mashed potatoes with salad (tomatoes and cucumbers).
  • Dinner: soup, use broccoli or cauliflower, or rice with vegetables.

Carbohydrate day diet:

  • For lunch, cook a buckwheat cereal, in addition to – make vegetable salad. Alternatively, a suitable vegetable soup with pasta.
  • For dinner choose a soup. If you don’t want broccoli, pumpkin or lentils. As an alternative: a salad.

Vitamin day diet:

  • Lunch: fruit salad (grapefruit, Apple or banana). You can make smoothies with the same ingredients with the addition of berries.
  • Dinner: bake apples sprinkled with cinnamon. If you want a more substantial meal, cook a vegetable soup.

Right out separate 90-day diet

Vegetable soup for diet

The authors claim that the body will get used to a balanced diet, change the habits and distribution of energy that will allow you to not gain weight while remaining vigorous, healthy and in a good mood. When will the 90 day diet, separate useful power, it is important to maintain the existing regime. You can not stop:

  • drinking on an empty stomach the water with vinegar and honey;
  • for Breakfast is fruit;
  • keep a routine meal and to follow simple rules of separation of power is not to mix carbohydrate foods with protein.

Separate diet days has long-term results. The authors say that people with more weight can lose up to 3 extra pounds per month, some have lost up to 25 pounds for the course. After completing the diet, you should start to eat as before, but still choosing the low-calorie menu. Alternatively, you can pamper yourself with cocktails and fast food, where everything is provided. Composition energy diet is so balanced, which will help to save these after the diet the result. Once a year for two weeks you can go to a separate food to hold yourself at the desired weight.

Feedback about the results

Maria, 18 years of age: Results of a separate food I was amazed, got rid of 5 kilos, which could not get rid of. Now I drink cocktails from nl international, they help to even cook an omelet. Breed them with milk 1,5%, sometimes use yogurt, use a spoon of cocktail 200 ml of milk. Go to the official website energy diet, there you will learn a lot about this type of food, it helps me stay lean after the diet.

Zoe, 35 years: weight Reduction was obsessed with for years 20. Switched to cocktails from nl international, I wanted to see what happens. They helped me to normalize the metabolism, easy to cook, minimal calorie, a nice bonus – extra pounds instantly evaporated. They are very hearty, and is not desirable. There was no need to eat harmful snacks. To comply with diet was easy!

Maya, 28 years: go to a separate food was difficult, the habit of eating potatoes with meat went back to childhood. But gradually managed to overcome their desire for «self-destruction». Noted the main advantages of the diet: there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, disappeared fatigue, food quickly became digested. I do not have much to spend, a standard set of products. The main condition for the diet not to break, because of the temptations around a lot.

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