9 tricks slim figure

9 September each year is celebrated the «international day of beauty.» This year one of the magazines conducted a survey among its readers to find out what they think is the most beautiful. The leader of the ballot was the question of harmony is more than forty percent of respondents believe beautiful and attractive slim body.

But in the modern world is not so easy to keep in shape. A small relief in the diet or missed training then respond very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, liferules.com.ua decided you to unlock the nine secret tricks, which entered into a habit, will help you to always be slim.

1.Walking during conversations.

The same statistics stubbornly insists that during telephone conversations, people spend more and more time. And what we’re doing in the conversation? Sit comfortably cross-legged on the couch or lying in bed. Bad habit! Stand up and go for a short walk (or very short, depending on how long you like to talk). A couple of such calls a day and ate a brownie to evaporate.

2.Get a calendar-a diary

And hang it somewhere prominently. Set yourself a goal (10 sit-UPS a day, 2 liters of water and so on. etc.) and mark with colored marker or sticker the day you had been part of. It will increase your self-discipline and make you think.

3.Stay on the couch

Many refuse to sports activities under the pretext of «don’t want to spend money on the gym.» Realize that this is just an excuse. And find effective, or even any interesting exercises that you can do at home with a sofa, a chair, a wall and other things.

4.Get enough sleep!

Well, a very important point. Without it anywhere. The smaller the body sleeps, the more he is under stress. The more stress, the more the desire to «stock up» in the body. It’s simple.

5.Eat something delicious

Delicious and harmful. But, thirty minutes before a workout and only in the first half of the day. Well, not for half an hour before bedtime – that’s for sure.

6.A little bit of everything

For some reason, many believe that if we do, then «all at once». Not in a hurry. Today, 10 pushups, tomorrow 10 – squats…. So you gradually and stress-free way to reach your dream figure.

7.Have pity on yourself

Don’t do what you do not want to. Don’t like to run – do not run. Better sign up for dancing or in the pool.

8.Update your subscriptions

It certainly sounds strange, but we have to go. Social networks are conquering our minds. So why not use that to advantage? Subscribe to those you will be properly motivated to achieve, striving, moving forward.

9.Don’t stop

Even if you are already quite tired. Even if «freaked out» and threw him into the week all workouts and diet. Just pretend nothing happened and keep working.

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