5 surefire ways to combat cellulite

Cellulite, according to statistics, the most common problem for women of any age. It affects about 80% of all of the fair half of mankind. In fact, it is a natural reaction to the maturation of the hollow — deposition of fat on the hips. According to experts, thus the body is «preparing» to carrying a pregnancy and the birth of a child.

However, visually and aesthetically is not the best «bonus». Many highly complement found herself on the thighs, the so-called «orange peel». What to do to avoid this unpleasant additions to your lovely body? In this case, come to the aid of a set of procedures.

The main thing – consistency. If you’ve decided to say goodbye to cellulite, then you need to work hard and constantly. Breaks and small bouts of laziness «will bring the result. So at least a couple of weeks, you should try and perform all regularly.

1. Wrap — your chief assistant in the fight against cellulite. Recipes quite a lot has already been published. But the main thing here is to focus on your body. The more mild and tender it will be — the less the speed of the effect, but the more gentle treatment for your body. If you can afford a bit extreme — feel free to add in the product for wrapping and red pepper, ginger and other «active» substances.

5 surefire ways to combat cellulite

2. Massage. During shower or bath do not forget to carefully go through all problem areas with a stiff brush or spongiole. Of course, we are not sadists, and love your body, and thus to scratches and blood traces achieve this objective. A light redness to achieve the effect is quite enough. When will it stop? When you feel physical discomfort.

3. Water procedures. If you want to achieve a lasting effect and in stock you have a little more than one week, well there are various water treatments. Pool, sauna, and best of all a shower-sharko and you will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as cellulite. Of course, the more — the better.

4. Diet. And of course, you will have to limit yourself to food. Fried, salty and starchy foods — allies «orange peel», which means — no worst enemies. Reduce, and it is better to eliminate from your diet these foods.

5. Exercises. Squats, stretching, and physical activity (daily) helps get rid of cellulite. Do not be lazy to do exercises, and your hips will look even more attractive!

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