The mask of yogurt for face

The mask of yogurt for faceWhat yogurt is good for the body is known to every adult and child. This fermented milk drink is considered to be healing, because it integrated a lot of useful substances: proteins, calcium, beneficial bacteria (lacto — and bifidobacteria), various acids and vitamins, many trace elements. and components.

Many people know that the kefir can «clean» the body from the inside, getting rid of accumulated toxins and lose some amount of extra pounds.

But who knows what kefir is very useful masks for face? But this drink is a natural and very useful cosmetic product which is suitable for different skin types and for any purpose. Want to cleanse, soften or whiten the skin to relieve redness, spots and inflammation with natural and very affordable product, yogurt facial will be a perfect godsend to correct imperfections on the skin! And not to worry about coming up with recipes, we’ll show you the most effective of them.

How useful yogurt mask for face?

As we have noted, undeniable benefit of yogurt lies in its chemical composition. Each ingredient in this product fulfills its specific role and tasks for the skin. Regardless fat yogurt it will be equally useful for Mature skin and for skin prone to acne and blackheads. Consider the major beneficial actions of yogurt PA the skin:

  • special bacteria in fermented milk drink is very positive effect on skin condition, restore or regulate acid-base balance in the cells, «clean the pores from all impurities and pathogens; high content of amino acids in yogurt promotes intensive hydration and nutrition of the skin, in addition they have excellent antioxidant properties;
  • well established kefir acne due to pyridoxine in the composition, which perfectly not only treats pimples, but even the most complex and running acne, black spots and etc. eliminates inflammation, while calming the nervous and inflamed skin;
  • face mask yogurt is perfect for women with aging skin, but due to the retinol in yogurt aktiviziruyutsya collagen synthesis in skin cells and slow the aging process;
  • wishing to remove freckles or other age spots will also help the kefir product, its whitening properties have long been proven and are actively used by women for their own purposes;
  • you can periodically apply a mask of yogurt for the face as a preventive measure, thus you can once again pamper skin with extra vitamin B12, C, E, PP, enrich the skin with essential oxygen, give a healthy glow, freshness and energy.

It should be noted that the contraindications to the use of yogurt has not, except for individual intolerance and allergic to the product, and the feedback from the use of kefir home recipes are usually the most enthusiastic.

On the application of yogurt for hair more information /maski-iz-kefira-dlya-Volos/

The best face masks from yogurt

When choosing a yogurt to use for cosmetic purposes, be aware that for dry or aging skin it is better to take a product with a high fat content and for fatty and mixed skin, the best fit drink with low fat content.

The most favorable time for the «kefir» procedures – this evening, for a couple of hours before bedtime when the skin, filled with, all sorts of useful and nutrients, will rest.

We offer you some most popular and effective recipes kefir masks.

  1. Mask for acne of yogurt. The easiest and fastest way to clean the face of dirt, clean the pores, eliminate inflammation and turn face is to moisten a cotton pad in yogurt and apply it for 15-20 minutes on face, then wash with warm water.
  2. The mask from yogurt and clay for the face. This tool has found wide application in cosmetology for solving various skin problems, including acne treatment, acne, subcutaneous pimples. For cooking you need to combine yogurt with clay (it is better to choose blue or white) to obtain a creamy viscous mass, and it is enough to apply a thick layer to face, avoiding areas around the eyes. If you have oily skin type, the mask should be kept for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The owners of normal or dry skin can put a mask on for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Face mask of yogurt and lemon. This recipe is suitable for people with increased secretion of sebum, since both products in the composition of the mask is well dried the skin and narrows pores. For people with very dry or sensitive skin, it is better not to use, and to choose a recipe where the stock is more nutritious components. So, for cooking you will need a tbsp. lodges. nonfat yogurt, to it add about 10 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a spoon of starch. This mixture should be applied on the face and leave PA for 20 min. then wash with warm water and then cool. The mask of yogurt and lemon is also used as a modern bleaching agent.
  4. Mask from yeast and yogurt for your face. Warm the yogurt (table.spoon), add the same amount of carefully powdered yeast, for consistency you can also add sour cream. This mass apply to skin and relax for 15-20 minutes. The recipe is suitable for cleaning oily skin, and also to align and improve the complexion.

Every beauty is simply obliged constantly to have in your kitchen yogurt. This drink helps to treat internal disorders and problems, and face mask from yogurt is always around to help if I have to refresh the skin, relieve inflammation, eliminate fine wrinkles or get rid of excessive oily skin. Youth and skin health is in your hands!

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