Wrinkles under eyes: how to remove and prevent

For anybody not a secret that the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, so the first signs of aging appear here. But sometimes wrinkles can be seen and pretty young women. Why is this happening?

Wrinkles around the eyes appear with age. The skin ages, collagen, which like the frame retains the contours of the face, it becomes smaller.

Thin skin of the eyelids, are always subject to various heavy loads due to permanent movement, hence, before other parts of the face is aging. The most notable changes occur after 40 years, but it all depends, of course, the image of a woman’s life, so it is difficult to tell precisely when there will come this time.

All people show emotions.Especially when we are angry, nervous or very happy that our facial muscles are reduced more intensively. This constant activity of our facial muscles leads to unwanted wrinkles. And, of course, this primarily relates to the eyes.

Habit blink contributes to the appearance of folds on the skin of the eyelids, regardless of the cause, in which You do it. For example, You have bad vision or very bright sun or You decided to flirt, but – «crow’s feet». In addition, lack of vitamins, alcohol, Smoking and bad ecology worsen the condition of the skin and thin skin around the eyes in particular.

Gymnastics for eyes from wrinkles

There are a number of special exercises that will help to relieve tension with the eye muscles, which always occurs when the visual load. Relaxed muscles will not aggravate the skin, due to this, it will become more elastic and less susceptible to stress. If You follow these exercises consistently, the existing wrinkles are progressively reduced.

Wrinkles under eyes: how to remove and prevent

Moreover, if You start to do this exercises for the eyes to the appearance of «crow’s feet», you can safely say goodbye for another few years.

Before you begin training, you need to cleanse your face the usual way.

— Move the eye from the direction of clockwise, then go to the back while Your eyes may be opened and closed.

— Blink more often.

— Concentrate your gaze on the object located at a short distance from the eyes (the nose tip, the pencil is at arm’s length).

— Rest your eyes by closing them for a few minutes, but not zhmurte them.

— Stop your eyes to the object which is at a considerable distance from You

— Consider relaxed landscape outside the window. If opened in front of You is not happy or look out the window no, You can just look at the opposite wall, drawing himself in imagination what You would like to see. In addition, it is a great relief for the psyche.

Massage for eye wrinkle

Try to combine massage of the eye care cosmetics. He performed with fingertips, chiseled light taps on the eyelids , starting with one finger, which is gradually changed for 2-3 bedrooms other fingers. Massage should begin with pressure on the inner corner of the eye. Further, even when massaging the upper eyelid movement should go from the inner corner to the outer, as for the lower eyelid, here it is the opposite. Your movements should be similar to those You performed when drawing a dashed around the eyes glasses.

Be careful that You don’t hyperextend your delicate eyelid skin. Moreover, if such a procedure carried out every day, combining with simple cosmetics, you can immediately achieve results, while massage will not take You much time. The most important is the regular implementation and execution of moderate strength, otherwise there is a risk of an opposite result.

Masks for skin around the eyes

Today beauty provides many different masks, gels, creams for the skin, suitable for different age, skin type and price. If You found the perfect one for You, remember that during the cold seasons it should be applied 40 minutes before leaving the house. And for those who prefers natural remedies that you can prepare yourself, we offer the following masks, which will help to preserve youthfulness of skin around the eyes.

Wrinkles under eyes: how to remove and prevent

Can be used as a mask, the usual mashed potatoes, and add milk, cream, sour cream, olive oil and other vegetable oils. Moreover, another good tool I think soaked in the infusion of Linden and chamomile, or any essential oil on a cotton pad, which should be left on the skin of the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

You can also use honey as a mask for the eyes, which is mixed 1:1 with sour cream.

Pre-milled, steamed and chilled oatmeal will be a good addition to the above-mentioned mask.

Do lotions of any sour fruits and berries. So, for example, crushing a ripe peach until smooth or turn into mush the flesh of watermelon, grapes or raspberries you can safely apply the mixture on the eyes, pre-allocating it in gauze.

Or simply lie back with slices of Apple or banana on the eyelids.

Such masks need to keep 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water or infusion of herbs. Well, after the treatment, you can treat yourself to a contrast washing.

Proper eye care

In conclusion, I want to remind you that wrinkles around the eyes appear as a result of the natural aging process and due to the unhealthy lifestyle of women. That is why it is best to prevent the violation than to get rid of them. So be certain rules.

Rule 1. Daily clean the eyes of cosmetics and various other contaminants that lurk on the street. To do this procedure you need 2 times a day using or clean water, or a decoction of herbs, or special cosmetics.

Always pay attention to the composition and shelf life of cosmetics for the eyes. Buy only those products where there are information about hypoallergenic and test ophthalmologists.

Rule 2. Do as often as possible exercises and massage for the eyes, while applying special means on care of a skin of eyelids.

Not Surte eyes and avoid heavy loads on the eye.

Rule 3. Keep a healthy lifestyle, as this will allow you to keep Your wonderful look for years to come.

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