Wraps cellulite

Wraps celluliteIn the fight against cellulite there are many ways. And they are all good. Let us dwell on this as the wrapping of cellulite.

They can be divided into hot and cold. Cold wrap cellulite improve lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing the number of bumps, swelling and other skin imperfections. Very importantly, this kind of in contrast to a hot wrap can be used even if you have cardiovascular disease. The basis of a hot wrap is the maximum increase of blood circulation, causing toxins, toxins.

Each of these types of wraps for cellulite has its own varieties. And so I will tell you more about them.

Variety of cold wraps cellulite

Coffee wrap cellulite based on the fact that the caffeine contributes to flow in the body of such a process, known as lipolysis, which is a natural process of lipolysis, with subsequent withdrawal from the body.

Wrap cellulite with coffee has significant advantages:

1) a means for wrapping, you create yourself. Accordingly, it is a natural, harmless. It will be especially easy to do if you or your loved ones regularly consume coffee.

The basis for the wraps you can, of course, buy and store. But purchased the gel or cream in any case to contain other components, some of which is the so-called «chemistry». Using this tool, you will get rid of cellulite, but risk harming their health. As the saying goes: one treat, another cripple?

2) coffee wrap not only will help to cope with cellulite, but will improve your skin condition.

Learn more about the coffee wrap read in this article.

The following form is no less safe clay wraps cellulite.

The existence of this species due to the useful properties of clay, containing in its composition minerals, as well as silicon, cobalt, cadmium. Thanks to them:

  • resolve bumps and other irregularities of the skin;
  • excess liquid;
  • removed the swelling;
  • metabolism.

Clay wraps for cellulite are performed using water and clay: blue, black, dark brown. Additional component – oils: orange, lavender – they’ll take care of the skin care.

Similar action is wrap cellulite using seaweed and mud. The only problem is that to make it at home quite difficult because of the lack of quality material – algae, dirt.

View the following article, dedicated to wraps with blue clay.

Hot wraps and its types

Go to hot wrap, and we have to queue – wraps cellulite with mustard. Mustard has a warming properties for the skin it acts as an external stimulus, in response to what increases blood circulation, increases blood flow to problem areas, improves metabolism.Wraps against cellulite

Note the difference: mustard wraps cellulite based on the change in blood flow, its gain. They cause a different effect, as, for example, by the aforementioned wraps make another beneficial effect: clay saturates the skin with valuable items, coffee contributes to the destruction of adipose tissue. At the same time, these features can compensate for it, somewhat modifying the composition, for example, to use not just mustard, but the honey and hot water.

Here, as an example home body wrap cellulite:

  1. Prepare the mustard: 2 tbsp dry mustard, half spoon of salt or vinegar (Apple, wine), 2 tsp sugar. All ingredients knead with warm water. Leave the mixture to infuse in a warm place for a day.
  2. Prepare the mixture for the wraps: mix 2 tbsp made mustard, and 2 tbsp liquid honey (preferably not store-bought). The composition may even need to add olive oil.
  3. We put a lot on the problem areas.

If you want to know more about this type of wrap, I recommend you see the article «Mustard wrap for weight loss».

What they say about wraps cellulite reviews? They showed that there are some things that just cannot be silent, namely:

  1. first you need to check the response to mustard: apply the mixture on the elbow;
  2. if you make mustard wrap, use to start half a tablespoon for cooking the mustard;
  3. if a strong burning sensation, immediately wash off the mixture in order to avoid burn.

Please note: if mustard wrap you have difficulty, it is unlikely to fit such innovation as the fusion wraps from cellulite, which includes: teaspoon of any cream, 4 vials of caffeine and pea capsicum (they are in any drugstore). The mixture was set aside under plastic wrap for 3 hours. During this period, do not consume food and water.

Similar action is vinegar wrap cellulite since it also has a warming effect. To make it not only effective but also beneficial for the body it is necessary to saturate the mixture components, as in the case of mustard.

Very interesting options with the vinegar offered on homemade wraps cellulite recipes. Here is an example.

1. Mix Apple vinegar, honey and wheat flour in equal proportions. The resulting mass should resemble liquid sour cream.

Tip: it is advisable to make Apple cider vinegar yourself. It is simple, but to buy their properties should be maintained for 2 months.

2. Spread the mortar. Wrap with cling film. Leave on for 1.5-2 hours.

As subspecies of a hot wrap for example and such common methods as:

  • effective wraps cellulite with chocolate, which not only takes toxins and tone the skin, but also give you dopamine – the pleasure hormone;
  • honey wrap cellulite, which is designed to eliminate not just cellulite, but a number of other vices. For example, to give the skin the elasticity it is necessary to add sour cream, milk, and flower pollen. To make the skin silky, don’t forget the egg yolk, aroma oils, wine yeast.

For easy viewing, here is the list of articles with a detailed description of other types of wraps:

  • Home wrap
  • Body wrap
  • Seaweed body wrap
  • Chocolate wrap
  • Honey wrap

Enjoy all and make your sensible choice!

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