What does the color of the face?

healthy complexion photoEach person has their own type of skin. A healthy complexion is always dependent on many causes and factors: nutrition, the nervous peace, and lack of internal diseases. When you change the color of the skin, what determines this? First of all, consider the fact that the conditions in which he lives and works. A common phenomenon is that if the work involves the interaction of chemicals or other harmful substances, the person has unhealthy complexion. In addition, the color shade of the skin varies frequently, if today a person is all right: he slept well, ate well and spent the day in joy and rest, the color of his face will Shine with health and freshness. But if a person is observed the lack of sleep, surrounded by nervous situation for most of the day hungry and he spends his life aktiviziruyutsya bad habits, healthy complexion should be for a long time to forget. If you have an unhealthy complexion, the cause of the character affect it?

Yellow face

What determines the complexion? Only from what health you have, and what lifestyle he maintains. Many colour shades of the face clearly indicate that is wrong in the body of the people. When the color yellow, what could this mean?

If it turns out that the yellow color of the face, causes what kind of affect this condition? First of all, a yellowish complexion a person may occur due to internal diseases. Most often this color skin tone contribute to pancreatic disease, kidney stones, hepatitis, blood disease. If the eyelids or eyes appear yellowish stains, you should immediately go to the doctor. Such a condition happens, if a person has elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood, which in turn is a major symptom of hepatitis.

in the photo the yellow color of the face . causes and signs of a disease

It is noticed that the complexion in Oncology is beginning to change in the direction of yellow. Some patients complexion in this disease becomes gray or earthy.

When you see a yellow complexion, the symptoms of this ailment can point to the fact that the person suffers from a chronic lack of sleep, depends on excessive Smoking, eats bad food, a sedentary lifestyle or overly fond of the consumption of sweet products.

Why do I get a yellow face? In some cases the color shade of the skin does not speak about any ailments and the ailments of man. It happens that the yellowing appears on the skin after eating large quantities of carrot dishes or spicy Korean salads. Contribute some change of colors on the skin and the vinegar, caraway, and cumin.

healthy complexion

It is always important to remember that when a person has significantly and dramatically changed the complexion, you must undergo a thorough examination of the body and take the set of relevant blood tests. In the case when all tests in a specific order, then you should carefully reconsider your mode of life and perhaps something sharply to change.

To get rid of the yellowness of the skin, if it is not caused by illness, use of masks and mixtures based on natural products. What foods improve the complexion? It is, first and foremost, cucumber, radish, cabbage, decoction of chamomile, melon, milk. To use such products both internally and to use them as the main ingredient of the care products.

Sallow complexion

When a person is observed sallow complexion, it is most often associated with the presence of diseases of internal organs. If zemlyanisty complexion begins to appear, you should immediately visit a doctor. Only in the early stages you can easily get rid of the disease. In General, it is important to know that the skin always suggests that in humans there is some kind of painful crash.

photos sallow complexion

If you receive zemlyanisty complexion, the reasons for this state can be in another, for example, excessive alcohol consumption, the obsession with nicotine, excess in the human body coffee, strong tea, fatty or spicy foods.

Earthy color of the face must alert the person. This color scheme often indicates the presence of serious diseases than unhealthy lifestyle. Complexion, similar to the earth, is often a symptom of a dangerous disease of the liver.

Pale complexion

When the complexion is pale, we often think the person was disturbed or fell into a bad situation. But pale face does not always denote nervous or emotional shock, if ever present pale complexion, the reasons can hide in more serious signs.

photo pale complexion

How is it formed pale complexion? This shade can indicate heart failure. Normal human skin is pink, this means that the blood is moving normally and reaches all relevant bodies as necessary. Pale skin means that the circulatory system is not in the best condition. In addition, the pale color of the face can occur due to poor health, lack of sleep or eating poor-quality products. On the eve overdo it with the alcohol, then in the morning you can Wake up with a pale face.

The grey color of the face indicates the presence in the human body chronic diseases, often associated with heart failure. When shown the grey complexion, the reasons for this state may also be poisoning the body or food, or poisonous chemicals.

The reddish color of the face can occur due to emotional arousal also indicates the color of the face shows that in humans there is an infectious disease. If the latter happened the overheating of the body, then also a person will acquire a reddish color.

photo uneven complexion

When it is noticed that appears uneven complexion, what to do in this case? First and foremost, a beautiful complexion can be only those people, who have no in the body severe and chronic diseases. So that Your face was uniform in color, you should visit your doctor to check your body and how you can quickly get rid of the pop ailments. Then you should completely rebuild your way of life and remove from it is negative.

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Nutritious and healthy diet is the key to a healthy complexion without Foundation. Fresh vegetables and fruits fortified with self-care to perfect and smooth the complexion. If every day to drink a glass of kefir or any other fermented milk product, the complexion is not only much improved, but all the skin Shine with glow and health. Required and appropriate care for the skin. Remember that to achieve the desired level of beauty is possible only through the integrated use of tools and products for internal and external health.

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