Why sweating in the armpit and what to do

sweating in armpits photosExcessive sweating affects the majority of people. Very unpleasant feeling when the armpits are constantly wet and deliver an unpleasant odor. If this happens in hot weather, it is still quite clear. But why the armpits perspire, even when cold? What is the reason and is it possible to get rid of this trouble?

Why sweating armpits?

When armpit sweat a lot, many people think that just wearing the wrong, vozduhoudalenija clothes. This is true, synthetic or other clothing made from non-natural materials have a negative effect on the skin. In addition, the air does not pass through this fabric, it also has warming properties that are completely useless in the heat. The only way out of a situation when a person is very sweaty armpits is to use only clothes made of natural and light materials. Perfectly suited to the specified variant of cotton, linen, silk.

why is very sweaty armpitsAnswering the question of why sweating armpits, it is important to know that the sweat composition is absolutely odorless. What is the sweat? This evaporation of excess water from the body. As you know, water has no smell. The situation is similar with sweat. And the smell that arises as a result of sweating is associated with bacteria that are located on parts of the human body. So if sweating in armpits the causes of this condition are associated with the appearance on the human skin pathogenic bacteria. If in the armpits as a result of increased sweating constantly redness or other irritation, then it indicates a skin condition that should be immediately subjected to treatment.

Each person has excessive sweating under the arms is shown in different ways. Some sweating right or the left armpit, the other armpit have different sweat smell. Why is sweating underarms in women? During menstruation or sudden hormonal changes the sweat glands women are very active, for this reason, often sweating even in cool weather is the norm. That’s why armpit sweat quickly in pregnant women. For most moms-to-be is a state of the body is a tragedy, because to get rid of underarm sweating in pregnancy is not so easy. Women were nervous, and against the background of sweating increases even more.

We recommend you to read the article «Types and causes of hyperhidrosis».

Why sweaty armpits in adolescents? This situation is associated with enormous changes of the organism in the corresponding age. The entire body undergoes a change, which affects all of the functions and organs of a young man.

Another reason why sweat from your armpits, it’s from the constant nervous tension or depression. All internal systems are interconnected, and the nervous system is responsible for virtually the entire normal functioning of the body. It often happens that in the armpits appears as a result of an uncomfortable situation or fear.

Why often sweaty armpits? This happens due to diseases of the endocrine system. The weakness of the thyroid or a hormonal imbalance cause a sweat in the armpits.

What to do?

If armpit sweating, what to do? First of all, to change this condition have to dress for the weather and use clothing made of natural fabrics. If you began to sweat the armpit, the person should think about a more thorough hygiene of the body. It is advisable to use some time baby soap instead of the advertised funds for the care of the body.

constantly sweating underarms, what to do and how to remove the smell?

A good tool to armpits to stop sweating — the pharmacy or pasta Teymurova paste lassara. Data must be lubricated with ointments clean armpits. Through the course of treatment in 2-week term, the problem will settle itself.

If armpit sweating that you can do at home? A great option would be the daily use of a contrast shower. This product is amazing, normalizes the sweat glands to a normal state and prevents odor.

Not always deodorants and antiperspirants cope with the appearance of sweat under the arms. Often when armpit sweat what to do for recipes of traditional healers?

  • As the sweat caused by activity of bacteria, the effective use disinfectant lotion with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Similarly, you can apply lotions, soaked in saline water.
  • Bath with a decoction of oak bark will help to eliminate not only sweating armpits but also to get rid of unpleasant foot odor.

armpit sweating in women - what tools will help reduce your sweating?

Quite often women go to the doctor with a question: «Sweaty armpits when nervous, what to do?» Any qualified specialist will give wise advice on this issue: first of all, you need to normalize the nervous system. It is recommended to drink a course drops of Valerian or motherwort. If the problem is deeper, the doctor will advise a more serious medications from nervous diseases. In conjunction with sedatives, the patient is recommended to use less liquid and to abandon the consumption of harmful foods: fatty, fried, spicy, salty, spicy foods; alcoholic drinks; strong tea, chicory or coffee, etc.

Methods how to calm your nerves, described by reference /kak-uspokoity-nerv/. If you constantly feel the tension, see what to do.

Should every person have in mind that people suffering from excess weight are more prone to excessive sweating. Therefore, to get rid of the underlying problem, you must first solve a host of related.


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