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manikurAny woman who watches over his appearance, pays special attention to the condition of their nails. Therefore, when the nails start to crack and break, it is a disaster for their owner. Deteriorate the appearance, a manicure, and a torn part of the nail clinging to clothes and household items, thereby delivering the woman unpleasant, painful.

But, unfortunately, none of us are immune from force majeure, from some health problems and injuries. They can catch you anytime and anywhere, at work, in travel, at home and on the street. Most importantly, do not panic. Today’s article is devoted to the delicate and a problematic topic, we will look at why cracked fingernails and what measures, including emergency can be done.

Why crumble the nails on the hands, which leads to cracked?

Nails protect the skin and preserve the fabric of our fingers. Often the condition and color of your nails, you can indirectly judge the state of human health. But nails can deteriorate not only due to internal disturbances, because the fingers are constantly exposed to negative influence of environment, and hands most often interact with various household chemicals. Let’s examine the most common internal and external reasons why nails crack lengthwise or crosswise:

  • the lack of proper care of hands and nails;
  • nails crackconstant contact with the hands by water;
  • permanent nail extensions or the procedure poor;
  • constant use of nail Polish, and substandard cosmetic products;
  • frequent contact with him. components, eg. with cleaning products and detergents, as well as glue, varnishes, paints and other construction or repair equipment;
  • mechanical damage to the nail, including after a sloppy manicure, beatings, injuries and result in different household works and actions;
  • the weakened immune system, poor nutrition, avitaminoz and the lack of useful trace elements, long-term or chronic diseases lead to the weakening of the nail plate, and as a consequence cracked fingernails;
  • onychomycosis (infection of the nail plate fungal spores);
  • dermatological diseases associated with excessive dryness of the skin and nails (eg. eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.);
  • disorders and diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract and liver cause damage to your nails, hair, skin, and other organs and systems.

After analyzing the above list the most probable causes and factors, the more likely you will find one that could be the culprit of your problem. Now try to figure out what to do if you cracked a fingernail on my arm.

Treatment of cracks on the nails

When a woman broke a nail or it is cracked — it is a tragedy, especially if the trouble occurred is not at home and for example at a party or at an important social event. The question is, how nails crumbleurgently to save the situation, and how to glue a broken nail means at hand. In this case, is good if your handbag will be the clear coat, and some napkins or paper handkerchiefs. Apply on the cracked part of a small piece of tissue and store it with a varnish. Then cut or tear off the excess edges and apply clear coat to the entire surface of the nail. Now the issue will be forgotten for at least the next day, at least it is possible to save an important evening and stay in a good mood.

In the future, you can refer to the specialist who after examination will tell you how to restore the health of your nails and prevent the recurrence of a similar situation. You can also pay a visit to the master at the nail salon, he will be able to glue the injured nail with a special compound. They know what to do if the nail is cracked along, and most likely you will process the nail plate with a special silk and cause the top professional strengthening or gel. The situation is more complicated when the broken nail in the middle and the crack is located across the because the crack can increase in size as the regrowth of the nail and deliver the owner the unpleasant and painful. In addition, is formed an open wound, and it is dangerous by ingestion of microorganisms and infections. In the case of a longitudinal crack need tools that will not just glue the plate, but also to speed up its regeneration and restoration.

broke a nail, what to do?

If you broke the nail at the root, what to do? Even though it is unpleasant, but not scary. You need to carefully cut all the other nails to the affected nail is not conspicuous. Do not worry now in Vogue short nails, and for them there are plenty of options manicure. If long nails is a part of your image, and cut off the rest of the nails didn’t fit into your plans, the only way was to go to the master and to build up the artificial nail is broken.

If you are not able to get into the nail salon or to a specialist, then there are some methods of how to reanimate the damaged nail home. Just want to say that to date, sold some ready-made kits than to stick a nail in the home. They include sanitizer, the special fabric and glue and nail buff. With this kit you can repair the nail.

  • gently Polish the damaged area and disinfect it;
  • cut the required size of fabric piece and stick it so that the crack was in the middle of the piece;
  • on top of the bandage apply a liquid adhesive that was included;
  • in conclusion, grind using buff the entire nail surface;
  • if desired, apply a few layers of paint to completely hide the damage.

It is important to note that such manipulation will not work, if a woman broke a nail to the meat of what to do knows only specialist. Independent «repair» of the nail, which has severed more than half or part may be peeled off may come to nothing lead, the crack may become larger, the finger will start to hurt or even to pick, and as a result you will just lose the nail. Therefore it is better to ask the dermatologist what to do if you broke the nail in half or more.

What to do when crumbled fingernails

To further prevent cracking, lamination and damage to the nails, it is necessary to observe preventive measures and to do the procedure to strengthen the nail plate.

  • Diversify your diet on lean dairy products, and calcium, iron and various vitamins.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during the day.
  • Try to protect your hands from adverse effects, as environmental and chemical. substances, protect them with gloves.
  • Moisturize the skin, hair and nails, preferably after each contact with water.
  • Let your nails rest from nail Polish and build up. Read about proper care after extension here.
  • If cracked fingernails up and down, and the nuisance is repeated from time to time, you should think about your health, maybe the problem lies deep inside the body.

Not to worry, what to do if the nail broke in the middle, at the base or at the tip, treat the nails carefully, eat vitamins, strengthens the immune system and make your hands and skin care treatments.

We hope our article will be informative and useful. And if you have something to share, or questions, will be happy to discuss them in the comments with other readers.

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