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To build beautiful nails can not only in expensive salon master professional. If you have the necessary tools and means you can get a manicure with your own hands, save a decent amount. Need is the desire, some experience and special materials for gel or acrylic nail extension.

It is possible to make artificial nails at home

The procedure using the acrylic

Any cosmetic salon masters offer many types of manicures on the basis of gel or acrylic. However, such modeling is expensive, and to sign up for treatment sometimes a month. Not to overpay extra money, make your own artificial nails at home. But first you need to undergo a minimum training to learn all the nuances of the work, purchase the necessary materials.

Knowing what you need for a home nail, it is easier to buy all the equipment and tools to prepare thoroughly for the work. When you create a beautiful manicure can not do without a router, acrylic powder or primer, UV lamps and special brushes. You will need a nail file, a disposable or paper form, various manicure tools. Let us consider all these materials, their purpose.

What tools and equipment you will need

Before to make artificial nails independently should give a neat shape nails, treat cuticles. Then the procedure is carried out in several stages. To prepare the apparatus and tools for nail extension in advance, they should be clean, disinfected. You can’t borrow equipment from friends and acquaintances, there is a risk of infection or of Contracting hepatitis. Will need the following list of tools:

  • nail files with different degrees of abrasiveness;
  • wooden stick, scissors for cutting cuticles;
  • buff or grinder;
  • clean wipes;
  • Frazier needed the correction;
  • liquid, acrylic powder;
  • brush to remove fine dust;
  • disposable or paper form;
  • tips, tipareth, a special glue;
  • a brush for applying the bio gel or acrylic;
  • liquid-antiseptic;
  • acid primer;
  • the oil softens the cuticle;
  • ultraviolet light lamp which is used during the drying of the gel.

Materials for nail extension

Everything you need to design

Knowing what you need for nail, you can buy not only tools but also the necessary materials, quality tools, fluids. Modern technologies give girls and women the opportunity to choose from two popular methods: modelling with gel or acrylic. Depending on the way in a beauty shop you should purchase ready-made kits for home building.

Set for nail gel

Just buy everything you need to build the gel in the ready set. It contains the warehouses, the tools is cheaper than acrylic. The modeling material is a gel Polish that hardens under a UV lamp. It is not included, sold separately in specialized stores. Wishing to make beautiful manicure at home you will need:

  • UV lamp with timer or without it;
  • brush set;
  • nail tips or forms;
  • tipareth;
  • adhesive;
  • the buff, nail file;
  • manicure tools;
  • lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of the nail plate;
  • camouflage gel;
  • the substrate to the primer;
  • final clear coating;
  • the liquid helps to remove the sticky layer (you can use alcohol);
  • the oil softens the cuticle;
  • polymer gel.

Equipment, fixtures and decor

You need to remember that gel coat is not very durable, when it may appear small cracks, chips. The whole artificial fingernail to be completely redone. But the gel has no smell, does not cause irritation. To remove it in the conventional liquid will not work, you will need a special tool. Beginners to masters are recommended to first study the tutorial on nail modeling, and then carry out the procedure at home.

For modeling acrylic

The ready set with acrylic contains everything you need to build acrylic nails. Separately purchased already don’t have. The procedure of simulation consists of several stages and begins with the modeling of the nail plate. Here you will need a nail file, then sticks and scissors. Frazier needs to be removed from the plate top shiny layer. Next, you will need the following materials:

  • dehydrator, acid primer, degreasing the surface;
  • camouflage gel;
  • acrylic which must be applied to forms or tips;
  • liquid and acrylic powder;
  • forms or nail tips with tiparita;
  • a special glue;
  • brush to distribute the acrylic on the surface;
  • nail file;
  • brush to remove dust when sawing;
  • buf;
  • transparent nail Polish or finish gel to fix the result;
  • the oil softens the cuticle;
  • acrylic paints, brushes, decorative elements to create an amazing beauty with designs and patterns on request.

The kit is ready for simulation

Building with acrylic is easier and faster than the gel, but it has an unpleasant odor that can cause allergies. But the material looks like natural nails, provides good adhesion to the nail plate, has high strength. No need to use a primer to buy such an expensive device, such as a UV lamp. After reviewing the video capacity, it’s easy to understand the technology, to deal with terms and process.

Where to buy and how much are the materials for manicure and capacity

Everything you need for nail at home, can be purchased at one time at any beauty store. Better make a list to remember to buy the whole range of instruments. Another convenient option is to order the materials on the site, viewing the photos, product descriptions and reviews from other customers. So it is possible to save money having a coupon code or taking part in the action. Prices for materials vary depending on the brand, quality:

  • UV light can buy 900-1900.
  • a drug called primer is 180-300.
  • invoices forms to build will cost 250-500 UAH. depending on the manufactured material;
  • the prices for ready kits ranging from 2 to 6 thousand p.;
  • tips are only 250-300.
  • brush sell 40-280 g., a glue, 180 p.;
  • removes paint, odorless liquid antiseptic and can be bought for 450-600.
  • a set of manicure tools will cost 700-1200.
  • buff or nail file sold at 40-80.
  • varnishes are from 250 to 500 UAH. for one bottle.

Video: what is gel nails better

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