What to wear with white and grey coat

photo what to wear with grey and white coatThe white coat looks elegant and chic at all times and regardless of fashion. A woman who wears a similar outfit, looks like a king. But here there is a very significant problem. What to wear with a white coat? Because many of the accessories fall off, because the look with it is meaningless. Selection of suitable footwear is also complicated. Fortunately, stylists are eager to share tips about this. Armed with the tips of professionals, you can safely go to shop behind new clothes.

What to wear with a white coat?

Ideal with white coat, black and white shoes. Overloaded with sequins and rhinestones pattern won’t come. Only classic and high heels. As for the material, it is desirable stops on the leather and suede. Lacquer shoes allowed in rare cases. Conditions, at first glance, hard, but the black leather shoes or boots have in every woman’s wardrobe, at least, ought to be.

Bag as selected black or white, classic, tote. Ideal – complete matching color and material with the shoes. Jewelry, precious metal, white coats combines gorgeous jewelry in any case should be bright and noticeable. Very good for this situation suitable jewelry stones. Light scarf, elegant hat will also be very helpful.

Look at the photo of what to wear with a white coat:

white coat photos

this photo of stylish white coat

beautiful white coat

white coat-3

what goes white coat

white coat-5

How to clean a white coat at home?

To talk about how important it is that the white coat was always perfectly clean, does not make sense. One small speck on this chic outfit makes the Queen messy impostor.

By purchasing a white coat, read the accepted methods of washing. Some products can be washed in the machine in the mode for woolen clothes. The majority have to wash by hand. It is very important to thoroughly rinse the washing powder. Dry coat need in a horizontal position, hanging on a hanger.

Grease stains are removed as follows. Not a spot you need to put a piece of paper. From the inside the contaminated area is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline. After that, the stain, sprinkle with talcum powder and left for 8-10 hours. At the end of this period, the talc is removed with a brush. If the stain remains – the procedure must be repeated.

Wine stains are cleaned by using food salt, from beer – hydrogen peroxide. Tea stains first cleaned with a mixture of equal proportions of glycerine and ammonia. After that the stain should be cleaned with a solution of alcohol in water in the ratio 2:1.

What to wear with grey coat?

Cute girls sometimes unfairly bypassed for these products, mistakenly believing them to be boring. But gray coat for a touch of elegance in no way inferior to the white, especially with a skillfully selected shoes and accessories. Grey has so many shades. Many taboos regarding acceptable combinations of colors in recent years are not taken into account and the fact that a few years ago were not accepted categorically, today, at the height of fashion. So, don’t be afraid to experiment. Problem: what to wear with grey coat, does not exist. It is difficult to choose one out of the thousands possible.

So the gray coat. With what mix? Fashion designers offer a list of colors that blend with gray:

  1. Black and white.
  2. All shades of red.
  3. All shades of blue.
  4. All shades of brown.
  5. The pastel shades.
  6. All of the bright shades of green.
  7. Orange, yellow, purple.

Grey coat with brown boots are now very fashionable to wear, enjoy the moment. Brown, beige and the same color handbag also look good, depending on shade of coat. Black boots to the grey coat is a classic option, which has not lost relevance.

grey coat with brown boots

Goes well with the gray coat with a scarf of any color. But it is not necessary to turn into a mouse, connecting a coat and a scarf of the same hue. Will look especially beautiful against the background of such a coat, pale pink scarf, this combination adds charm and elegance to every woman. Bright, saturated colors in combination with grey looks gorgeous and interesting. Here, indeed, greater scope for experimentation.

What to wear with a dark grey coat?

Combine dark gray coat with dark accessories and headdress is not worth it. Although it is here perfect black boots and a handbag. But everything else must be soft, light and airy. The opposite option the images are bright and vibrant colors. This option is now in the trend.

What to wear with grey coat – photo

photo stylish gray coat what combination of the grey coat

photo stylish gray coat

in the photo the girl in the grey coat

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